Sparks Fly

It's Kylie's first year in England, and also at their Highschool. She came from America, so everything is different than what she is used to. She runs into people that end up being her best friends, and some of her worst nightmares. She isn't what would be considered very popular, so when someone comes and takes her under their wing, everything will finally change for her, but is that a good thing? What will her parents think of him? Will his bad boy name rub off on her?


2. Highschool


  I woke up wrapped up in my satin sheets, and looked over to my bright, flashing alarm clock. I pressed the button to turn it off, before I forced myself out of bed and went to my huge walk in closet, to pick out my outfit for the first day at my new highschool. Yeah, my family is rich. My mum is a lawyer, and my dad is a Chief executive at some big company. Both of them wore suits and had to look like a million dollars every single day of their lives. They wanted me to follow their foot steps, but I didn't want to sit in an office for the rest of my life, or at some court case. I wanted to be on the Tv, or the radio. I looked through my endless amount of clothes, until I found it. I pulled off the shorts I normally slept in, and replaced them with white, high waisted shorts, and took off my shirt, and put on a light blue, button down shirt on. I tucked the shirt in, to were it looked stylish, yet casual. I put on my brown, heeled ankle boots, and moved on to my huge bathroom. I started on my chocolate brown hair, and put it in loose, messy curls, that complemented the outfit. I didn't do much for make up, just some eyeliner and mascara. I went back into my bedroom, and went to my jewelry box. I put on a diamond necklace that had 'love' written on it in cursive, with a matching ring. I put on another ring, with a leaf on it, and put on earrings with a music sign on it, and topped off the whole outfit with a few bracelets. I double and triple checked myself in the mirror, before going downstairs to grab some breakfast before going to school. It was my fist year not going to a private school, so I was a little nervous. I saw my mum sitting at the table, wearing her usual black pencil skirt, and white blouse. She was drinking her morning coffee, and my dad was getting his toast and coffee ready to go. "Hey sweetie. Are you excited for your first day of highschool?" He asked quickly. "Yeah I guess, i'm a little ner-" I started before he cut me off. "That's great sweet heart. I have to go to work." He said quickly, before kissing my forehead. I sighed. "Have a great day Mike." My mum said, as she quickly kissed him before he was out the door. "Your lunch is on the counter. I'm sorry I have to go. We have a huge case at the court house today, and I can't be late. Please don't be late to school." My mum said, before quickly kissing me on the cheek, and hurrying off to work. I sighed again. "Good morning to you guys too." I mumbled under my breath. It felt so weird being alone in a house this big. The silence was almost scary. I checked the time, before I grabbed my lunch, stuck it in my bag, and got my car keys. I drove a Corvette. It's a really nice convertable, that's also really expensive. I never asked for a nice, fancy car. I would have been fine with anything, especially for my first car. I turned on the radio, and drove all the way to my new school. I parked further away from the school, because I didn't want to risk anyone try to steal, or mess up my car. I locked it, and hurried into the building. It was massive compared to my private school. I found the front office, and asked for my schedule. "First name and last initial." The lady behind that desk said. She was a short, plump lady, wearing glasses with small frames. "Kylie F." I said. "Ah. Here it is. You know, you mum represented my sister in a case once. We will never be able to thank her enough." The lady smiled. "Thanks." I said, quietly. I hated when people brought up my parents. Especially my mum, because she is a big name in law. "Would you like me to call someone to help you find your classes?" She asked in a sweet voice. I looked behind me through the big glass window. People were everywhere crowding the halls. "Please." I said, looking back at her. "Let me see who is in your homeroom class." She said, before typing some things into her computer. "Can I have Hailey come to the front office please?" She said into the phone, before quickly hanging it up. She unwrapped a piece of gum, and quickly stuck it in her mouth. I watched in amazement. Nobody was ever allowed to chew gum at my private school. Not students, or teachers,not even the parents when they came to see anyone at the small school. Before I knew it, a girl with dark, dirty blonde hair walked into the office. Her hair was kinda short, just a little past her shoulders, and she had bright blue eyes. "Yes?" She asked, walking to the front desk. "Would you mind showing our new student around the school?" The lady asked, not looking up from her computer screen. "Sure ms.Bell." The girl said, before leading me out of the office. "Hey, i'm Hailey. You must be that new girl from America, uhm, Kylie, right?" She asked. I nodded. "Great. Welcome to highschool." She said, as we walked in the huge hallway. I looked around, and tried to take everything in. There were big, muscular guys in letterman's jackets, picking on the nerdy kids, there were gothic people, standing in a dark corner, wearing thick, black eyeliner, and had crazy colors in their hair. I was shocked. This had never happened at my old school, it was all so new. We walked into a room where a teacher with brown hair was sitting at her desk. Students started pouring into the classroom. I sat in the back of the room, with Hailey on my right side, and an empty desk to my left. I watched the people come into the room. A girl with huge, thick glasses came in and sat in the front, a bleach blonde haired girl, and a dirty blonde haired boy came in, his arm around her shoulder. They sat near the middle. A boy walked in with blonde hair, that had clearly been dyed from its natural dark brown, walked in and sat next to Hailey. He whispered something in her ear and she blushed. I figured they were probably dating. A few more people came in and claimed their seats, until the only seat left was the one next to me. Right as the bell rang, and the teacher stood up, another person entered the class. He was tall, and had dark, curly brown hair. He leaned against the door frame, and smiled "Hey." He said in a deep, rough voice. "You're late." The teacher said from the front of the class. He smirked and shrugged. She rolled her eyes and sighed, before pointed to the seat next to me. The whole class watched him walk over to the chair, and set his stuff down. I tried not to pay attention to him. "Hello. I will be your Algebra teacher for this year. My name is Mrs.Martin. Please open your notebooks, then copy and solve this equation." She simply said, before returning to her desk. I opened my notebook, and quickly solved it. We leaned it  back in private school. I set my pencil down, and looked around the room. "The name is Harry. Harry Styles." The curly haired guy said quietly, extending his hand out to me. I looked at it for a moment, before shaking it. "My name is Kylie." I said, quickly letting go of his hand. "Pretty name." He said, before putting his arm around my chair. "Thanks." I quietly mumbled. He looked me up and down. "Hey, are you the girl that came to school in the Corvette?" He asked, leaning back in his chair. "Yeah, I am." I said quietly, doing everything I could to keep from looking at him. "Wow. Is that your dad's car?" He asked, scooting closer to me. "No, It's mine." I answered, still trying to ignore him. "Damn. Are you rich?" He asked, doubt in his voice. I nodded. Thankfully, the teacher stood up, and started explaining how to get the answer. I already knew it. She went on with a couple more example questions, and had some students go up to the board to work them. The bell rang, signaling the end of homeroom. I quickly loaded up my stuff, and hurried out the room. The next three classes, thankfully didn't have Harry in them. Next was lunch, and I wasn't looking forward to it. I found Hailey sitting at a huge, rectangular table, with the blonde guy, and some other people, and there were two spots left. I immediately claimed mine, and got my lunch out of my bag. "Oh, hey! Kylie! I was hoping you were going to sit with us! I wanted to introduce you to some people. This is my boyfriend, Niall." Hailey said, motioning to the blonde beside her. He had electric blue eyes, that would really stand out if he kept his natural brown hair. "Hey." He said, in an Irish accent. "This is Eleanor and Louis," She added, motioning to the people next to Niall. Louis was a guy with semi short brown hair, and blue eyes, with a brown haired girl beside him. "This is Zayn and Perrie," I looked at the people next to the open seat. Zayn was a guy with dark hair, and dark eyes to match, and next to him was a beautiful blonde girl with big blue eyes. "And next to you is Liam." Hailey said. I looked at the guy next to me. He had light brown hair, and pretty brown eyes. He looked like he was really tall, and athletic. "Hey, it's nice to meet you." He said, putting his hand in front of me. I shook it. "Hey, I'm Kylie." I responded. He smiled. We all sat and socialized, until the last fifteen minutes. Lunch was going a lot better than I thought it would, and Liam was a super funny guy, and we got along really well. "Hey guys. Sorry i'm late." Harry said, as he sat down in the seat next to me. "Ah, look who decided to join us." Louis said from across the table. Harry smiled, showing his dimples, which took away from his bad boy look. "Hey babe." Harry said, turning to me. "Don't call me that." I whispered so only he could hear me. "Fiesty." Harry said, before making some kind of cat noise. "Back off a little Haz." Liam said. I smiled at him. Harry just rolled his eyes and quickly ate his lunch. The bell rang, signaling lunch was over. "Hey, were do you go next?" Liam asked, walking up beside me. I looked at my schedule. "Uh.... It looks like i'm going to Drama." I said, looking back at him. "Oh. I'm going to History, even though I'm no good at it." Liam said, smiling. When it was time for us to part, he quickly slipped a piece of paper in my hand. I opened it. His phone number. I quickly looked up at him to see him smile and wave. I smiled back, before turning the corner to Drama class. Louis and Hailey were in that class with me. "Today, you are going to learn a simple acting skill, called improv. We are going to start off this year fun, and if you are all on your best behavior, it will stay fun. How about we start with you two." The teacher said, pointing to Louis and a girl named Lisa. They both quickly popped up, and started the game. I tried to pay attention, but all I could think about was Liam. He was so sweet and funny, he was also pretty cute. After Drama, I had choir, and Liam happened to be there. "Hey!  didn't know you liked to sing!" Liam said, full of excitement. "Yup. I love it." I said, before someone pulled me away. Harry. "What?" I asked, my voice full of sass. "What are you doing with Liam?" He asked, looking between me and Liam. "Talking. Is that ok with you?" I Asked, crossing my arms in front of me. He clenched his jaw, and looked back into my eyes. He was speechless. "Liam is no good." Harry said, looking back at Liam, who was organizing his choir book. I laughed. "And you are?" I shot back. "Well.... I-" He said, before he quickly cut himself off. I rolled my eyes, and tried to walk back into the room. He pulled me back. "Wait. I'm sorry. Liam isn't bad. But he isn't good for you." Harry said. I looked into his eyes. They were an emerald green, that went beautifully with his features. I had to admit, he was hot. No. I had to stop thinking like that. He was a jerk that was trying to make Liam look bad. "Oh yeah? Then who is?" I asked, leaning against the door. Harry looked around, then clenched his jaw, before whispering, "Me." I laughed, before trying to get back to my spot next to Liam. Harry quickly pulled me back once again, except this time, he didn't talk. "What no-" I started, before he pushed me up against the door and kissed me. I started kissing him back, before my brain reminded me of who he was. I pushed him off. "What the hell was that?" I asked, trying not to raise my voice. "My proof." He said, before walking into the choir room, leaving me standing there, confused. I quickly returned to my spot next to Liam and class started. "Ok, my young singers! Let's warm up!" The teacher said in a preppy voice. I read the scale off of my page. "There is something hanging out of your back pocket." Liam whispered. "Huh?" I asked, before reaching my hand to the pocket, to feel a small sheet of paper. I pulled it out and opened it. 'Call me' with a phone number was written on it. I looked over to Harry, and saw him wink at me. I was then filled with a strange feeling, at the thought of him reaching back there to put the paper, and me not even realizing that his hand was extremely close to my bum. I blushed. "Thanks." I whispered to Liam. "No problem." He said, before smiling at me. Choir was by far my favorite class. We didn't sing songs like some choirs did, we sang songs that were more pop, and that we all knew. It was actually really fun. I went through the rest of my day as normal, neither Harry, or Liam were in any of my other classes. The last bell rang, and I hurried off to my car. I reached into my bag, and pulled out my keys, before making it to the drivers side, where someone was leaning on my car. "What do you think you are doi-" I started, before I saw it was Harry. "Can you please get off of my car." I asked, before unlocking it. He opened the door, and waited for me to get in. I walked over to it, and stood there, waiting for him to leave. "You know, I never got your number." Harry pointed out, winking at me. I smiled, before getting into my car and shutting the door. "You realize I can still talk to you right?" Harry asked, looking in from the open top of my car. "Yep." I said, before turning it on. "I'll see you later." Harry said before winking, as I drove off. My mind started wondering, and replaying my day. So much has happened in so little time. I pulled into my long driveway, and walked inside. Both of my parents didn't get off work until later, so I was home alone for a couple of hours. I went upstairs to my room, and laid on my huge bed. I took out both sheets of paper and looked at each of them. I set Harry's on the table beside my bed, and entered Liam's in my phone. I was getting bored of just sitting here, so I decided to text him. "Hey, it's Kylie." I said, before setting my phone down to take my shoes off. "Hey :)" He replied. We texted back and forth until I heard someone ring the doorbell. I rolled my eyes, sighed, and ran downstairs. "Coming!" I yelled, as they rang it again. I looked through window, to see Harry standing at my door.

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