Sparks Fly

It's Kylie's first year in England, and also at their Highschool. She came from America, so everything is different than what she is used to. She runs into people that end up being her best friends, and some of her worst nightmares. She isn't what would be considered very popular, so when someone comes and takes her under their wing, everything will finally change for her, but is that a good thing? What will her parents think of him? Will his bad boy name rub off on her?


3. Hide

 I just looked at him for a moment. I was so confused. He knocked again, so I opened the door. "What the hell are you doing here? Better question, how did you even get here?" I asked, giving him a look of confusion. "I followed your car here. I wanted to see you." He explained. "You followed me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "It sounds worse than it actually is. Can I come in?" He asked. I thought about it for a moment, before deciding to open it more, so he could come in. "Thanks....This place is massive!" Harry said, looking around the living room. He was right though. That's the reason I let him in. I hated being alone in here. "Can you show me around?" Harry asked. I looked at him for a moment, before nodding. "Well, that's the living room." I said, pointing to the room next to where we standing. "You could fit half my house in your living room!" Harry said, exploring it. I looked at the living room. It had white carpet, with three black couches in a sorta square shape, with the giant flat screen mounted on the wall, making up the fourth side. There was a huge table in between the couches, and some video game sytems. Next we went into the kitchen, with the color scheme still black and white. "Your parents must be very modern." Harry said, noticing the lack of color. "Yeah. They like it simple and clean." I said, looking at our stuff with him. I showed him the downstairs bathroom, before heading upstairs. First I showed him out media room, where we watch all our movies. "You have a fucking movie theater in your house." Harry said, sitting down in one of the huge, reclining velvet chairs. "Come on. There is still more to show." I said, pulling him up off the chair. I had to admit, it was pretty entertaining for me. I see this place all the time, but there were things i've never noticed about it, like how plain, and clean it was, or how many things there were in it. Next, I brought him into our 'game room' where we had a pool table, dart board, pinball machine, ect. "You house is like every kids dream. It is impossible to ever get bored here." Harry said, looking at every single one of the games. "Ha very funny. My parents are very strict. If one thing is moved, somone is getting in trouble. It's more like teasing them." I said, looking at the pool table. Next I showed him the four guest rooms, and finally, my room. "Ah, finally some color." He said, cheekily. He was right, my room was the only room with color. It was red. He walked around my room, and looked at all of my pictures, and trophies. "What's in here?" Harry asked, grabbing the doorknob. "That's my closet." I said, as he opened the door. He walked in, and turned his head in all directions. "Dude, you have freaking shelves for you shoes, and the shelves light up." Harry said, walking over to it. I turned on the closet light, and it lit up like a store. "Whoa." Harry said, amazed. I laughed. "What else is there?" Harry asked. "Uhm, there is my bathroom." I said, turning off the light. I opened the door, and he wondered in. "Your bathtub has jets." Harry said, leaning over the tub. I stood in the door way, as he explored the walk in shower, and everything else in there. "I'm scared to ask, but is there anything else?" Harry asked, looking at my sink. "Well, there is my parents bedroom and bathroom, my dad's office, a library, and my music room." I said, thinking of all the rooms. "Can I see the music room?" Harry asked. I nodded, and lead him back downstairs, all the way down the hall, to the last door. I opened it, and his eyes lit up. "I take it you love music." Harry said, looking at my equipment. "Yeah, it's like my life." I said, watching him look at the microphone. "Do you want to try it?" I asked, pointing to the microphone. "Can I?" He asked, widening his eyes at me. I nodded, and turned it all on. "Actually, can I start with the drums? I love them." Harry said, pointing to the drumset. I nodded, and handed him the drum sticks. I sat in a chair, and watched him play different songs for a while, until I wanted to play one of my instruments. I grabbed my guitar, and started playing a little. "Can I try one of your guitars?" He asked, getting up from the drums. I nodded. He walked over to our guitar rack, and looked at all of the guitars. "Which one can I play?" He asked, looking back at me. "Which ever one you want, besides the last one." I said, looking up from my guitar. He picked a blue one, and came over to me. "Why not the last one?" He asked, looking at the guitar. "It was my older brother's guitar. Before he died." I said, looking back at my guitar. Mine was white, with gold design on it. It was my special guitar, that I never let anyone else touch. Ever. We played a couple songs, until Harry said he wanted to try the mic. I nodded, and put my guitar back. "What song do you want to sing?" I asked, sitting on a stool. "Hmmm. How about 'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder." Harry said, winking at him, reminding me who he was. I nodded, and looked at my computer, until I could find the karaoke of the song. "No, I want to sing it A Capella." Harry said, before I could start it. I shrugged, and closed the song.

"Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful, isn't she precious, less than one minute old. And I never thought, through love we'd be making one as lovely as she, but isn't she lovely, made from love."

"Wow. You are amazing." I said, short of words. He smiled, showing me his dimples. "Thank you. See, i'm not such a bad person, huh?" Harry asked, raising his eyebrows. He reminded me of his bad boy rep. "I don't know yet. We will see." I said, turning off the equipment. "Fair enough." Harry said, getting off of his stool. "So when do your parents get home?" Harry asked, watching me turn off the equipment. "Uh, what time is it?" I asked, unplugging the last of the mics. "Uhm, it's about 7:55. Wow, I can't believe it's already that late." Harry said, looking at his watch. My eyes widened. "What? I completely lost track of time! Harry, you have got to go. My parents can't see you." I said sternly. We got out of the room, and Harry went to get his jacket, that he left in the kitchen. *Click* "Shit. Harry, get down. Don't let them see you." I whispered. "Mike, can you go into the kitchen and start the pasta?" My mum asked. "Shit!" I said, leading Harry into another room. "Kylie! What are you doing sweetie?" My dad asked. "Uhm, nothing dad, do you want me to help you with the pasta?" I asked. Harry hit me on the back of the leg. I ignored it. "Sure princess." My dad said, before walking into the kitchen. "Dad, do you know where mum is?" I asked. "Uhm, she went to go change out of her work clothes. Do you know who's car is in our driveway? You know we don't like you having friends over when we aren't here." Dad said. My eyes widened. I looked back at Harry, who just smiled innocently. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not sure. I can go check it out if you want." I said, hoping he would say yes. "No, I think it's better if you help me in here. Plus we turned the alarm on, and we don't need the police showing up at our house." My dad yelled from the kitchen. I cringed. "Dad, I forgot, is the alarm also on the windows?" I asked, crossing my fingers that he would say no. "Yes baby. We have to make sure we keep our little girl safe." He said, pouring water into the big pot for pasta. "Ok, just making sure. uh, dad, i'm going to go change out of my school clothes. I'll be right back." I said, grabbing Harry's arm and pulling him quickly up the stairs. I brought him in my room, and quickly shut the door. My heart was racing. I locked the door, which was against the number one rule in our house, no locking doors, unless you are in the restroom. "What the hell do we do now?" Harry asked, sitting down on my bed. "I don't know. We wouldn't have to worry about it if you never would have followed me home." I said, rubbing the sides of my head. I went into my bathroom, and took a couple of asprins. I heard a knock on my bedroom door. "Kylie, honey, you know our rule, no locking doors." My mum yelled from the opposite side. "Uh, sorry mum, i'm changing, and I guess I just forgot." I said, grabbing my shorts and tee shirt. "Ok, well, can you open the door? I need to talk to you." My mum said, knocking again. I widened my eyes. "Get under the bed!" I whisper yelled. Harry nodded, and got under the bedskirt. I quickly took off my shirt, and replaced it with my sleep shirt, so it looks like I was actually changing. I looked at the bed while I changed, and saw the edge of the bedskirt lifted up. I pulled my shirt down, and walked over to the bed so I could kick him. "You are going to pay for that." I leaned down and whispered. I hurried over to the door, and unlocked it. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lock it." I said, as I opened it. "It's ok. It happens. I just need to talk to you." She said, walking over to my bed. "come sit." She said, pointing to the spot next to her. I walked over and sat down. "Now I know this is your first year at a public school, and you are around a lot of different people now." She started. I slowly nodded. "And, your dad and I also know, that you are going to start liking boys..." She added. My stomach flipped. "Uhm, mum, do we really have to talk about this now?" I asked, my body stiff. "Yes, we do, before you make bad choices. Anyway, you are going to start liking boys, and sometimes, those boys are going to like you back, and maybe they are going to try to pressure you to do something you don't want to do.... Like sex." She continued. "Oh, mum. Please don't give me 'the talk'. There is sex ed for that now." I begged. "Yes, but they don't tell you everything, or go into detail." She explained. "Oh please don't go into detail." I begged. She sighed. "My main point is, it is something that is supposed to happen between a husband and wife. You father and I don't want you catching an STD or something." She said in a warning voice. I groaned. "Can we please talk about this later? Like maybe when I actually get a boyfriend?" I asked. She looked at me. "Can I just say one thing?" She asked, crossing her legs. "Sure." I mumbled. "Just don't 'do it' until you are married, or at very least completely in love with him, just in case you get pregnant or something, because your dad and I aren't raising another baby." My mom said, strictly saying the last eight word. I nodded. "May I please finish getting ready for bed?" I asked, changing the subject. "Sure sweetie. When you are done I want you to come downstairs and help your father and I cook dinner. And no more locking this door." She said, pointing to the doorknob. I nodded, and closed the door. I waited for the sound of her footsteps on the stairs. "You can come out now." I said, moving away from the door. He crawled out from under the bed with the biggest smile on his face. "I swear, if you say anything, I am going to hit you." I said, grabbing the rest of my clothes. He started laughing. I swatted at him with my shorts. "Hey! I didn't say anything!" He defended. "Yeah but you laughed." I said, walking to the bathroom. I slid my shorts off, and replaced them with the sleep shorts. I walked out of the bathroom to see Harry laying on my bed. "So, once again, what are we going to do?" Harry asked, staring at the celing. I couldn't believe I was about to say what I was going to. I clinched my jaw. "It looks like you are going to have to sleep over." I said, bringing my headache back.  Harry smiled at me. "And you are sleeping on the floor." I added, pointing to the other side of my bed. His smiled faded. "Why? You have four guest rooms!" Harry said, pointed to the door. "Yeah, but my parents check the guest rooms at night, because all of them have one of my brothers things in them, so my parents go in them to remember him. I don't think they would approve of a tall stranger sleeping on the bed." I said, a bit of sarcasm in my voice. "Ok, fine. But what about your bed? You can fit like four or five people on this!" I said, patting the bed. "And what if my parents come to check on me? I don't think they would be ok with a guy sleeping on my bed, ecpecially with the talk my mum just gave me!" I shot back. "Ok, fine. What about food? I have to eat too!" Harry said, his stomach growling to prove his point. "I'll try to see if I can convince my parents to let me eat in my room, but no promises. You might be stuck with crackers." I said. Before I opened my bedroom door. "Wait! Where are you going?" He asked, still sitting on the bed. "I have to go help my parents with dinner. Don't break anything, or do anything that makes noise." I warned, before going downstairs. "Ah! There you are! Can you get the plates out?" My dad asked "yeah, sure. Uhm, dad? Is it ok if I eat dinner in my room tonight?" I asked, grabbing the plates out of the cabinet. "Why?" He asked, a confused look spread across his face. "I have a lot of studying to do, and I feel the best doing it in my room." I said, thinking about the books sitting on my desk. "Ok, sweet heart, but if you have any trouble with your studying, promise me you will come and ask me for help." He said, before getting back to the food. "Ok, I promise." I said, standing up on the tips of my toes to kiss his cheek. He smiled. "Ok, it's done, do you want to go ahead and get yours?" He asked, stepping away from the pot. I nodded, and loaded up on pasta and broccoli. "Are you sure you are going to eat all that?" My dad asked, disbelief on his face. "Yeah, I didn't eat very much today." I said, before grabbing a huge cup and filling it with tea. "Make sure to bring your dishes back down when you are finished." My dad said, as I headed back upstairs. "Ok, I will, I promise." I said, before closing my bedroom door. "Oh thank goodness. I was hoping you were coming back." Harry said, coming over to me.  I giggled. "We are still going to have to keep it down, because my dad thinks i'm studying. Lucky for us, they know I study with music, so we won't have awkward silence." I said, setting the plate and cup down on my desk. "How are we both going to eat with only one fork?" He asked, looking at the plate. I thought about it for a second, until an idea popped in my head. I hurried over to an old toy box, and pulled out my old 'tea party' set. I opened the little box, and found a little pink, plastic fork with hears all over it. I held it up to him and laughed. "No way. It's not happening." He said, looking at me. "Fine, don't eat." I said, taking a piece of broccoli in my mouth. "Ok, fine. I'll use the fork." Harry said, looking at me with defeat. I smiled, and went to the bathroom to wash it off.  "Here ya go." I said, handing him the fork. I twisted some of the pasta up on my fork, and brought it up to my mouth. "Ah shit. I dropped my fork." Harry said, getting on his knees to pick it up. "Kylie.." My mum said, opening the door. I used my foot, and pushed him under the huge wooden desk, causing him to hit is head. I quickly opened a book. "Kylie, please don't kick your furnature." She said, coming to the side of the desk. "Sorry, I didn't realize I was swinging my foot that far." I said, looking down at my book. "So, what are you studying?" She asked, looking at my book. "Uh, Science." I said, looking at the words in the book. "Oh, ok. I just came up here to ask you to turn your music down a little." She said, turning the volume down on my laptop. I nodded. "I'm sorry, I didn't know it was that loud." I said, looking down at my pasta. "It's alright. Just finish studying. You're doing good." She said, softly patting my back. I heard her go down the stairs before I brought Harry back out. He was rubbing his head. "Ouch. Did you really have to do that?" He asked, getting up to wash his fork of in the sink. "Yes. Do you want to get caught?" I asked, watching him wash the fork off. "True. Your parents are really strict. I can have people over when I want to, including girls, eat in my room if I want to, and blast my music if I want to." Harry said, coming back over to eat. "Don't rub it in my face." I mumbled. "Sorry." He said, spinning the fork in the noodles. I brought my fork up to my mouth and started eating. I read a paragraph of the book, and got really in to it for some reason. Something about animals always got me interested.. Before I knew it, I felt something right in front of my face. I turned my head, only for my lips to meet Harry's. I broke the noodle with my teeth, and moved away."What are you doing?" I asked, giving him a weird look. "Ha, we are lady and the tramp!" Harry said, smiling like a child. "You're so immature." I said, smiling. We finished our food with no more interuptions. I took the dishes back downstairs, and washed them. "Hey, are you going to watch a movie with us?" My dad asked, grabbing a bowl of popcorn. "Uhm, I don't think so. I have volleyball try outs at school tomorrow, so I think i'm going to go to sleep. Are you guys watching it in the media room?" I asked, grabbing a glass of water. "Yeah. Do you want us to come in your room to check on you when we go through the guest rooms?" He asked. "No thanks. I'm just gonna sleep. I need all my rest. I hope you two enjoy the movie though." I said, heading back to my room. "Get in the closet while I set this up, just in case one of them come in here." I said, pointing to the closet. He nodded and went in there. I got some blankets, and made a place for Harry to sleep. "How many pillows do you need?" I asked through the door. "Eh, two I guess." He said.  nodded, and threw two pillows on the floor. I turned the lamp by my bed on, and turned the main light off. My dad opened the door and stuck his head in. "Good night Kylie. Good luck on your volleyball try outs tomorrow. I love you." He quickly said. "I love you too dad. Good night." I responded from my bed. He smiled at me, before closing the door. "Ok, I think it's safe." I whispered to Harry. "Volley ball? I didn't picture you as a volley ball girl. I saw you more as a cheerleader." Harry said, winking at me. He quietly opened the closet door, and ran to the side of my bed. "Are you ready for me to turn the light out?" I asked, forgeting what he said. He moved around a little bit before it went silent. "Yeah. I'm good." He said. I nodded, and flipped the little switch. "Good night, Kylie." He said, breaking the silence. "Good night, Harry." I said, before falling asleep. *I saw him. My brother, standing on the corner of the street, right under the light. It was dark, and the street was empty. He was on the phone. "Yes. I love you too." He said, smiling. He started walking towards me. Then I saw them. The person in the black hood. The one who took my brother. I started yelling. Trying to get his attention, to warn him, but it's like he couldn't hear me. He walked, and talked on his phone. I watched the person in the black hood come closer, something in his hand shined under the light. A knife. I started running towards him, but it was too late. The hooded person raised the knife above their head. My brother turned around. "What are you doing?" He asked, worry in his voice. He started trying to run, but his awkward angle caused him to fall on the sidewalk instead. He kept moving backwards, as the man in the hood moved closer, until he brought the knife down upon my brother, killing him. My legs gave out, and I fell to the concrete. I just witnessed my brothers murder. I sat there, staring at his body.* I woke up crying. I looked at Harry who was holding me in his arms, petting my hair, and rocking me back and forth. I was trembling. "Shhh. It was just a dream. You are ok..." He kept whispering to me. I started to relax, until I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I fell into a dreamless sleep, in Harry's arms.

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