Sparks Fly

It's Kylie's first year in England, and also at their Highschool. She came from America, so everything is different than what she is used to. She runs into people that end up being her best friends, and some of her worst nightmares. She isn't what would be considered very popular, so when someone comes and takes her under their wing, everything will finally change for her, but is that a good thing? What will her parents think of him? Will his bad boy name rub off on her?


5. Explain

 "Uh, Hi mum..." I said quietly, looking to the floor. She tapped her foot. "Look, You need to have your friend leave, and we need to sit down and talk about this. Now." She said in a harsh tone. I nodded, and Liam slid past my mum out the door. "Sit." She said, pointing to the couch. I nodded again, and sat up straight on the couch. "Who was he, and what was he doing in our house?" She asked firmly. "That was Liam Payne. He is a boy from my school that I have a choir project with. He came over to work on it with me. I told him I wasn't supposed to have friends over without your permission, so I told him, to leave, then you walked through the door." I explained. She pressed her lips together, and held out her hand. I widened my eyes. "This isn't fair! It wasn't my fault he decided to drop by!" I yelled in my defense. "Do you want me to take your phone too?" She asked. I sighed and handed her my car keys. I got up and went to my room. I shut the door, before laying on my bed, and started texting Liam.

"Nice going! I got my car taken away."

(Liam) "I'm sorry. I should have called first. Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow and take you to school?"

"No I'll walk. My mum will probably recognize your car, and get mad again. She probably already thinks we are dating..."

(Liam) "Are you sure? The temperature is supposed to drop low tonight, and its going to be a little icy. Is it really that bad for your mom to think that we are dating?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Liam, just the other night she gave me a pre-sex talk. I don't need her thinking that I already do "it". She will go mad."

(Liam) "Ok. Sorry again. I'll see you tomorrow."

I clicked my phone shut, then went to my desk to work on some biology homework. I was about a good thirty minutes into it when my dad walked through the door. I put my pencil down and leaned back in my chair, and closed my eyes. Two minutes later, my dad's low voice rang out. "GET DOWN HERE." I signed, before turning my lamp off, and started my way down stairs. "Hi dad." I mumbled. "Who was that boy? Was he your boyfriend? Why didn't I know about this?" He said, throwing questions at me. "His name is Liam, no he is NOT my boyfriend, and I didn't even know he was coming over until he walked in." I said quickly. "Walked in? How did he even get in here?" He asked, pursing his lips. "Uh, I accidentlly left the door unlocked..." I mumbled quietly. "WHAT?" He yelled. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I said. "You better bet it won't happen again. You will get your car back on Monday. You can either walk to school, or find someone to drive you, as long as it's not that Liam boy." Dad said. I nodded before heading back up stairs to my room.I finished my homework, then went downstairs to get dinner. The table was silent. I finished my food quickly. "May I be excused?" I asked, before putting my dish in the sink. My dad nodded silently, and I ran back upstairs. My night after that was pretty uneventfull.


 I woke up early the next morning, and got ready for school. Liam was right, and it was cold outside. I put on a vanilla colored sweater that said "Follow your heart" on it in floral print, and had matching floral leggings on. I went into the bathroom and put a light natural looking eyeshadow on, and some lip gloss. then I went to jewlery. I put on a necklace with a heart-shaped key, a feather ring, and some studs in the shape of a rose. I left my naturally curly hair in a pony tail, and put an off-white, lace bow in my hair. I put my brown combat boots on and headed down stairs. My parents were already gone for work, so I grabbed my backpack, and my lunch and started for school. A cool blast of air struck my face, and I could feel my nose turning red. I avoided the small amounts of ice on the ground, and made my way around the corner, where the sunlight met my face. It was warm compared to the ice around me. I finally made my way up to the building when I was sure my hands were going to freeze off. Harry ran up beside me. "Hey! Did you walk to school?" He asked looking at my red face. I nodded. "You must be freezing!" He said, grabbing my two hands in his huge gloves. I nodded again. "Come on, let's get inside. I'll walk you to homeroom. In the mean time, why did you walk to school instead of driving your car?" He asked. "Liam tried to come over to work on the choir project. I tried to rush him out of my house when my mum walked in and saw him. She got him out of the house, and made me explain. I told her everything, and she took my car." I explained. "Wait you said everything... Did you tell her about me too?" Harry asked I shook my head. "Ok, good, and for the rest of the week I'm picking you up to go to school, and starting today I'm taking you back home too." He said. I nodded. Anything was better than this cold. "Oh, and I'm going to give Liam a piece of ,my mind too." Harry said as we made our way to our seats.

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