Sparks Fly

It's Kylie's first year in England, and also at their Highschool. She came from America, so everything is different than what she is used to. She runs into people that end up being her best friends, and some of her worst nightmares. She isn't what would be considered very popular, so when someone comes and takes her under their wing, everything will finally change for her, but is that a good thing? What will her parents think of him? Will his bad boy name rub off on her?


10. Big Decisions


    I woke up, climbed out of bed, and walked to the bathroom like a zombie. I looked at myself in the mirror, and my eyes were bloodshot and heavy. Since it was the weekend, my plan was to invite one or two friends over, and just stay home and be lazy. I was wearing my cheer shorts, so I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair out a black sweatshirt that said 'Teenage Runaway' on it, and some fuzzy house slippers. I tied my hair back into a ponytail, just leaving my bangs out, since they weren't long enough to be in the ponytail. I unlocked my phone and saw a text from Harry.

Harry: Hey what happened last night?

Me: You tried to have sex with me.

Harry: Really? How far did we go?

Me: Really? That's your question?

Harry: Yeah? Why?

Me: uhm. I can't remember. It probably would have been further if Liam wouldn't have walked in.

Harry: Liam? Wow. Dick.

Me: Harry. you almost raped me. Liam kept that from happening.

Harry: It wouldn't have been rape if you liked it.

Me: This isn't going to work out. I think we need to take a break.

Harry: What? Why? Come on babe. I was just kidding.

Me: I have to go.

I clicked my phone off, and stared at the ceiling, to keep the tears from coming out. I felt my throat swell, and the tears blurred my eyes, until they fell out, and after that, nothing was stopping me. I cried for five, to ten minutes, before I looked at my phone, there were at least five texts from Harry. I ignored them, and texted Jade.

Me: Hey. Can you come over? I really need to talk to you. It's important.

Jade: Yeah. I'm going to pick up Starbucks on the way. I know what you like, so i'll be there asap.

Me: Thanks.

I then texted Hailey. Our last text was a few months ago. I sighed.

Me: Hey

Hailey: Hey. It's been so long since we talked.

Me: Yeah it really has. Do you still live around here?

Hailey: Yeah. Why?

Me: I need you to come over. If you want Starbucks, get some on your way.

Hailey: Ok, i'll see you soon.

I wiped my eyes, and cleaned my face off. I just went on twitter, and waited for the girls. The doorbell rang, and my mum answered it. Jade's familiar voice rang out. "Hey Jade! What are you doing here?" My mum asked her. "Oh, Kylie invited me over, she said she needed to talk to me. Where is she?" Jade asked. "She's upstairs. Just let me know if you guys need anything." My mum said. The next thing I knew, Jade knocked on my bedroom door. "Come in." I said in a quiet voice. She opened the door, and sat the drinks on my desk. "Hey. Are you ok? What happened?" She asked, sitting next to me on the bed. I didn't talk, instead, I just showed her the texts between me and Harry from this morning. "Wait, did you two break up?" Jade asked, handing me my phone. "Well, technically we're taking a break, but I really don't know if we are ever going to be the same again." I answered, looking down and my hands. Tears filled my eyes, but I didn't let them fall. I heard the doorbell ring again. "Who's that?" Jade asked. "I invited Hailey over. You two are ok with each other right?" I looked up at her. She just nodded. My mum answered the door again, and I heard Hailey greet her. The next thing I heard were her footsteps coming up the stairs. She didn't knock on my door, instead just walked in. "Hey what's wrong?" She asked. I showed her the same thing I showed Jade. She read them and shook her head. "Wow. I never thought Harry was like that. I always knew he was a player, but I thought he would have showed you more respect." Hailey said. "Well, on the upside, it's good to see you again." I said, getting up to hug her. "It's really good to see you too." She said. Jade cleared her throat. "Oh yeah, Hailey, this is Jade. I think you two might have met before, but I can't remember." I said. Jade got up and stuck her hand out for Hailey to take, but Hailey refused it, and hugged her instead. They greeted each other, before Hailey went to her bag. "So, are you up for a movie?" She asked. "Definitely. What did you bring?" I asked her, crossing my legs on my bed. "I brought 'Grease' and 'The Last Song' which one do you want to watch?" She asked, pulling both of them out of her bag. "Grease. The last song is a good movie, but the ending is super sad." I said. She nodded, and put Grease in my DVD player. "I'm going to go get snacks." I said, getting up. I hurried downstairs, and to the pantry. I popped some popcorn, then got some chips and candy. I didn't bother with drinks since we had Starbucks upstairs. The movie was ready to start when I got back up there. We sang along with all the songs, and enjoyed the snacks. They helped me forget everything that happened, or could have happened last night. We watched other movies on Netflix, until it was 6:30 at night. After we watched The Little Mermaid, which was Hailey's favorite movie, We started getting hungry. "Hey, do you guys want to go get something?" Jade asked. "Yeah, i'll drive." I said, getting my keys off of my desk. "Are you sure?" Hailey asked. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I asked, before going downstairs with them trailing behind me. Jade sat in the passenger seat, and Hailey sat in the back, but poked her head in between  our shoulders. "So where are we going to get food?" I asked, sitting at a light. "and nowhere where we have to go inside, because I'm wearing cheer shorts and a sweatshirt." I added. "How about Sonic?" Jade asked. We all looked at each other, and agreed. We ordered our food, and ate in my car. "If either of you spill anything in my car, you're dead." I stated, looking at both of their smiling faces. "Hey,do you think maybe we can have a sleep over at your house?" Jade asked. I thought about it for a second, to make sure nothing else was going on, then texted my mum. They texted their parents too, and everyone agreed. I took both of the girls back to their houses to get their stuff, before heading back to my house.

*********************************Monday Morning********************************************************

 I woke up looking a lot better than I did the past two mornings, and smiled. I went to my closet, and got my black and white Boy London sweatshirt, and some matching Boy London leggings. I slipped on my black flats, then moved to my hair and makeup. I loosely curled my hair, then did a smoky eye, which made my eyes pop. I put on a pinkish-red lipstick, then moved to jewelry. I put on a necklace that had a swallow on it, with a crystal next to it, then put on a ring with a cross on it. for earrings, I put Diamond studs in my second piercing, and sliver feather earrings. I double and triple checked myself in my mirror, then went downstairs, were my mum was getting ready for work, and my dad was drinking his morning coffee, and reading the newspaper. "Good morning." I said, grabbing a granola bar off of the table. "Good morning." My mom said, handing me my lunch. It seemed like a routine. They say good morning, give me my lunch, leave for work, then I leave for school. I hurried off to my car, and brought the top off. It was a pretty nice day, just kinda windy. I parked in my normal parking spot, then went into the school. I started heading towards homeroom, then looked at the full classroom. Every seat was taken. All but one. And that one seat, was next to Harry. I sighed, and made my way to the chair. "Good morning." He said quietly. "Good morning." I said, back, not looking at him. I opened my notebook, and started writing down the notes on the board. "You look nice today." He whispered to me. "Thanks." I responded. "You know i'm sorry." He said, more as a statement than a question.  I ignored him. He just sighed. The class dragged on for what seems like hours. When the bell finally rang, I was the first one out of the room. My other classes went by at normal speed, until I got to lunch, where I sat next to Liam and Harry. The atmosphere at lunch was awkward. Towards the end of lunch, Liam pulled me out into the hall away from the others. "Hey I just wanted to talk to you for a minute." Liam said, standing in front of me. "Sure, Liam. What is it?" I asked, leaning against the wall. "Well, about what happened on Friday..." He started. My heart fell. "I know what happened was hard for you, and I know what Harry did was wrong, and I promise, if you were with me, that would never happen. I would protect you." He continued. My eyes widened. "Liam-" I started, but he cut me off by kissing me. He pressed me up against the wall so I couldn't move. I pushed him off. "Liam, you know I like you, but I don't think I like you like that." I finished. He looked down in defeat. "I'm sorry. Jus- Just forget about it. Forget this happened." He said as he ran down the hall. "Liam, wait!" I yelled after him, but he didn't stop. I slid down to the floor, and sat there for a minute. Why couldn't I like him like that? and a better question, why did I like Harry like that? The bell rung, signaling the end of lunch, and I got up. I went to Drama, and sat next to Louis. "Hey Lou." I said, throwing my bag down on the floor. "Hey. How are you?" He asked, turning towards me. "Good I guess. Why?" I asked, turning towards him. "Harry told me about everything that happened. And, we both agree that what he did, and said was wrong, just please talk to him." Louis said. "I don' t know, Louis. I want to talk to him, and honestly, I still like him, but I don't know what to say to him." I said, looking into his deep blue eyes. He understood. "Ok. Just talk to him when you are ready." He said, before class officially started, and the teacher got up, and started talking about shadow play, and miming. The rest of the day went on, until I got to Choir, which I decided was going to be the most awkward class. I got my stuff, and stood next to Liam, who refused to make eye contact with me. "Liam, please talk to me." I said, trying to look at his face. "Why? What is there to talk about?" He asked, finally turning to me, looking me clear in the eyes. His light brown eyes looked hurt. "Liam, you know. I just want to make sure everything is ok between us. I still want you to be my friend." I said, he looked away and scoffed. "So now I'm friendzoned?  Sure. Nothing's changed. We will just be friends." Liam said, before the choir teacher took her spot in front of the class, cheerful as ever. She made us get in our groups to work on our songs. The four of us came together, silently. "Ok, no more of this silence. We need to practice. Everyone knows what happened, so let's just move past it for a moment, and work on 'Sweater Weather'." Perrie said. We all nodded. We were acting kind of childish. We put everything behind us for the period. After school, I went home, and did absolutely nothing. I had a ton of homework to do, but I didn't feel like doing it. I just played through my day. What Liam did, and what Louis said about Harry. Was it actually true? Or did he just not want to be alone. The more I thought about it, the more it hurt, because I really did like him. He meant so much to me. I don't know why I let him go over this, but what he said hurt me. He wanted to go further, even though I told him no. I sighed. Maybe I made the right decision. Maybe I shouldn't be with Harry. Maybe it's better that way.

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