jenny and mia are walking home when they notice a black van following them. Next thing they know they are tied up in a dark room. Who are their kidnappers? What happens when they find out who their kidnappers are? What happens when they fall in love with them?


3. Chapter 3

Jenna's P.O.V.

When I woke up I was tied up. I was also on a dark room and my head really hurt. I saw Mia last night. She looked sad and tired. She was awake and I think they were going to cloth her again like me. Man I feel so bad for us. I heard some one walking toward the door . Then they turned the light on. 

Well hello there. He said. I couldn't really see him cause my eyes were adjusting to the light still. He sounded Irish not British like the guy before. My eyes adjusted and I looked around and I saw Mia in the corner of the room like me tied up. But she had bruises and little cuts. Tears swelled up in my eyes and they spilled out. Then I looked at the guy. I studied him carefully. He had blonde hair in a quiff and blue eyes. They looked like blue crystals. Stop Jenna he's your kidnapper. Then he started to untie me a little but not all the way . He took the duct tape off.

"Hello my name is Niall as in Niall Horan." He said. Wait the Niall Horan. OMG!!! That's so cool and mean too. 

"Why would you kidnap me?" I asked. 

Oh well I'm the one who did kidnap you but I did it cause Harry loves you. He said. Oh Harry likes me.

"Ok well why did you kidnap Mia?" I asked.

"Because Zayn likes her". He said. Oh that's surprising.

Also I forgot, but I like you too, but Harry doesn't know. He said. Oh man. I have 2 boys from one direction that like me. This is going to be soo bad. Now I REALLY want to go home. Somebody help me!!!

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