The echo of an image

Some people are harder than others to compliment.

1. Images

The girl looked at the other girl, a look of uncertainty and resigned fear evident on her face in the knit of her dark brows and the slight swell and redness to her lower lip. The other girl looked at her with a mix of patience and expectancy.

"I..." The girl said, her gaze steady on the other girls eyes. "I think you're pretty." The girls eyes flicked away from the other girls eyes almost instantly, instead focusing on the other girls face as a whole, as if she were scared of the other girls reaction. "Very." She then added with a small voice, a blush creeping up her neck and face, blossoming on her cheeks.

"Thank you." The other girl said after looking at the girls face for a while. She smiled the smallest smile, and looked down at the girls mouth, which was now even more red and swollen. The other girl still looked as if she expected something.

The girl flushed an even darker red, her brows knitting so tightly together, they formed a crease almost halfway up her forehead. Her white teeth started chewing at her lip again. The girls eyes focused on the other girls eyes, before quickly unfocusing again.

"I also think" the girl started, ripping absentminded at a thread in the seam of her light blue blouse. Her eyes flicked to the other girls reassuring smile before she spoke again.

"I also think that you're very nice to be with." The girl said quickly, as if to rip a methaphorical band aid of. She instantly looked as if she wanted to take the words back into her mouth.

The other girl smiled a little wider, turning her head a bit towards the right, as if to make it easier to hear what the girl was saying. She then looked at the girls lips again, cooing her to continue silently.

The girl wet her lips with nervous swipe of the tip of her tongue and looked at her hands, still toying with the seam of her blouse. The blush became even bigger and impossibly red, almost covering her entire face. She then seemed to realize what her hands were doing, as they stopped with an aborted jerk. She opened her mouth as if to talk, but no sounds emerged from between her lips. She closed her mouth and tried again, but with no more luck. Her eyes grew damp as she looked at the other girl.

"I... I can't do it. I can't say it." The girl said, whispered, really. "I can't." She said a little louder, looking terrified and panic stricken.

The other girl smiled reassuringly, turning her head back towards her and fixing her eyes on the girls lips."Say you love me." The other girl whispered, smiling still, though it was a calming smile now.

"I... I can't! I can't do it!" The girl said with a continuously louder, though shaky, voice. Her eyes grew even damper though she still shed no tears. Her lower lip trembled slightly as she whispered "I... I-i can't... I can't do it."

"It's okay." The other girl assured the girl. "These kind of things take time. And we have all the time you could possibly need." The other girl smiled again, her head bending a little towards the left.

The girl looked with wide eyes at the other girl, as she slowly calmed down. Her eyes became dry again, and her hands relaxed ever so slightly. "Thank you." She said, her voice still a little shaky. "Thank you." She tried again, this time with an even voice.

"We'll get there." The other girl said, the smile on her face growing a little. "Yeah." The girl answered, lifting her finger to outline the contours of the other girls face. The round nose, soft mouth and angular eyebrows. She lifted her finger from the chill surface of the mirror, as she turned her back on her reflection.

"We'll get there." The other girl said as the girl walked out the door. She turned around, and this time when the other girl smiled, so did she.

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