It all started with one text...

It all starts with one simple text. Mollie, who reckons she is the biggest Directioner going, finally gets to meet her idols she has loved since July 23rd 2010.

(I will be writing in first person, and povs ect :* also don't forget to commentttt)

Enjoyyy (:


2. Waking Up.

When I finally got my vision back and I didn't feel so dizzy anymore, I opened my eyes. I was on a really comfy bed with a baggy T-Shirt over my hoodie. "Ur,urm, hello where am I? Is anybody there?" I whisper but try and shout. I hear footsteps. The door opens gently. "Hey Mollie, are you okay?" An irish voice says in a soft cute tone. It appears to be Niall. I was right It was Niall. "I took you to my place. You're in my house. I got Paul, our body guard to ring your Auntie Sheena to take Jess home. I didn't want to let you go. So I offered to look after you. I think your beautiful. He bends down and hugs me. He gets into the bed with me and cuddles me. I burst out into tears. "Thankyou Niall, I'm s,so glad you think im beautiful. I think y-you're beautiful too you have been my favourite in 1D s-since you we're created.. It's just.." I mumble. "It's what? Niall says in a really gentle, soft voice. "Me and my little sister Jess ran away from home when I was 10 and she was 2. It's really hard and I haven't got a job or money to pay for food anymore. We live in flat. It's really hard." I bury my head into Niall's chest. He hugs me tight. "I won't let you down, Moll. I know it's hard but I will make things better. I love you. I haven't ever felt this way about a girl before. Ever. I will drive you home if you like? You can come to my place tomorrow and we can hang out. Sound good?" I nod my head trying to smile. My mascara had ran down my face because of the tears. Niall carried me to the car and placed me into the front seat, right next to him. Niall's car was really big and nice. It was posh aswell! I didn't really get to see the house because I kept my head buried in Niall's chest because I was crying. I'm sure it's spectacular!

Niall's POV

I think she's beautiful. The most beautiful girl I've ever see in my whole entire life. I want to ask her out but I don't know how she'd react. She's too nice to let her be scared of me. I'm going to ask her for her phone and I can save my number in her phone book. I'm going to text her as much as I can. I might ring her aswell..


Mollie's POV

I think he's beautiful. I can't believe he's chosen me out of all the celebrities he could've chosen. Wow! "Niall do you think I'm beautiful for real?" I mumble. It was so hard to get it out without stuttering. "Yes, I do. I promise. I think you're the most perfect girl I've ever seen. I didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw you!" He smiled at me. I blushed a little. I found that the cutest thing ever. Especially hearing it from someone who saved my life. I forgot to tell him that. "Niall? Can I tell you something? Keep it a secret?" He nodded. "Did you know something? I used to get bullied all the time because of my height. I badly wanted to kill myself. But I never. Because I needed to watch Jess. She's be devastated. You saved my life. When Little Things came out, I listened to your solo. Over and over. It made me cry. It made me feel beautiful. I believed in myself. I no longer got bullied. I learned to stick up for myself and be more outgoing. Thanks, my hero." 

Niall's POV

That was the most touching thing ever. I can't believe I saved her life with just one solo. It made me feel proud of myself and her. "Aww, Moll. Thank you. I'm so glad you're here now." I said, tearing up. I think I've found my soul mate for life. She's so cute, beautiful. Her personality is great so far. I think we might have a connection. 

Mollie's POV 

We arrived at my house where my Auntie Sheena was minding Jess. It was 11.30pm, so I was guessing Jess was definitely asleep. Then I remembered something. "Hey! What about the concert! Did I miss it?" I started to cry. If I missed it I wouldn't ever forgive myself. Why did I faint in the first place! "No! Of course you never! I refused to do it. I wanted to look after you. The show is on next week. You still have your tickets. Hey, give me your phone." I was so relieved but felt bad on all the other girls because the concert had been postponed. I passed him my Blackberry. "Hey I've got exactly the same phone as you! Good choice!" I giggled and smiled at him. He passed my phone back over to me. "Thanks. I better go Niall it's getting later, see you tomorrow!" He waved at me and waited in the car until I was inside. Jess ran to me as fast as her little legs could possibly go. "Mollieeeee!!! I missed you it's just not the same without you! I love you!" She hugged me tight. I picked her up and span her around. "Aww Jess! I love you too!" I put her down and and went to bed. I followed her up too. Auntie Sheena stayed the night and went home in the morning. 

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