It all started with one text...

It all starts with one simple text. Mollie, who reckons she is the biggest Directioner going, finally gets to meet her idols she has loved since July 23rd 2010.

(I will be writing in first person, and povs ect :* also don't forget to commentttt)

Enjoyyy (:


11. The Letter Of Honesty

When we arrived at my Auntie Sheena's house, the windows looked really clean and there was newspaper in the windows. Maybe they're just redecorating. Auntie Sheena loves decorating. I ran to the door and pressed the doorbell and hoped for the best. There was no answer at the door. My heart dropped to my toes. "Niall, I have a spare key in my bag in your car. Auntie Sheena gave it me just in case." I said to him. He ran to the car and got the keys out. He gave them to me and I tried to lock. Opened! I ran inside excitedly. "Jess, Sheena are you here?" I shouted at the top of my voice. No answer. I ran to kitchen and a note was on the fridge. I read it. 

Dear Mollie, 

                       If you are reading this, then hello! It's your Auntie Sheena and Jess here. I hope you and Niall are getting on okay and you're both well. Me and Jess both tried ringing you but it kept on going straight to answer phone. We also sent texts but they failed to send because your phone must have been dead. Now, I have some exciting news! Me, you and Jess are moving to Florida! Me and Jess are going tonight at 8pm, but leaving at 2pm to get there on time. Your flight is tomorrow at 6am! Make sure you get at the airport for 4am! 


Auntie Sheena and Jess



A tear streamed down my face. I wasn't going. I couldn't go. I couldn't just leave Niall like this! We have a connection! "Niall, you've got to read th-this, it's important.." I said sobbing uncontrollable. He took the note of me and started reading. He started crying. "Mollie. Go. It's your family. You have to; I know it's hard, but we'll get through it together. We're going to have to break up. I'm sorry." Niall said. "No Niall, I'm not going, I LOVE YOU! You're amazing, you're perfect. You're the only but the best boyfriend I've had. And no, it's not because you're in show biz. It's because you're one out of a million and I can't understand how you get hated so much in One Direction. You're amazing Niall. You're the most amazing human being I have ever met in my whole entire life. That's something special. I can't leave you after everything we've done. Do you actually understand something? You are so sp.." I burst out crying and ran to Niall and hugged him.  He picked me up and span me around. "I'm sorry honey. I'm not thinking straight. I didn't know what would happen. I love you too you're amazing, that was lovely." He said to me, while I was still crying. I couldn't bear to leave him and I wasn't going to!

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