It all started with one text...

It all starts with one simple text. Mollie, who reckons she is the biggest Directioner going, finally gets to meet her idols she has loved since July 23rd 2010.

(I will be writing in first person, and povs ect :* also don't forget to commentttt)

Enjoyyy (:


7. Moving In

Mollie's POV

When we parked in the garage leading up to Niall's house, I already knew how posh the house was going to be. Niall led me into the house through the front door. The view of the opening of the front door was really posh! There was really grand stairs leading up to four rooms. "I'm going to take you on a tour of the house! First stop... Living Room!" Niall says in a cute way. He takes my hand and pulls me to the living room. It's a really nice colour in there. It's like a beige colour and the sofa is like a Giants sofa! The TV is on the wall and its the biggest TV I've ever seen! "The TV is 3D so we can watch movies and stuff on it if you like. If you're wondering one day how to set it up, just ask me, I'll do it all for you." Niall says. "Thanks Niall! I love the living room! I can't wait to see Despicable Me 2. Maybe we can watch that tomorrow?" I say back to him. He nods and pulls a face at me. "Now, for my favourite part of the house, the..." He didn't even get to finish his sentance and I quickly blurted out "KITCHEN!" All the way to the kitchen we laughed. When we arrived at the kitchen, Niall opened the fridge and shown me everything that was in there. I was gobsmacked! There was so much food, probably the most I'd seen in my whole life. "Wow!" I say, trying to sound polite. "We can have spaghetti bolonaze for Dinner tonight if you like? With champaign?" I nod, it sounds delighful! I can't wait to eat it! I'm a very big eater like Niall, that's something we definitely have in common! "Can I take the to our chamber, my princess?" Niall says in a shakesperian voice. I laugh and nod. He runs upstairs, with me trailing behind him. He barges through the door and jumps on the bed. The colour of the room is amazing! It's a mint green colour and I love that colour. "This is our room, babe. Is that okay?" Niall says, anxiously. "Is it okay? It's amazing! It's everything I could possibly ask for! I have you in it! YOU! The most amazing person in my life!" I say back to him.

 I go to kiss him. He hugs me and the kissing starts.  

We go downstairs and sit on the sofa. Niall turns to me and says "Mollie, I have a surprise to you... go upstairs and on the bed I have put something underneath it for you with a note, go and read it, then get dressed in what I've got for you and come down. I love you!" Niall says to me. What could it be? I run upstairs excitidly and try to remember what Niall said. I looked under the bed and got the pyjamas he bought me. They were so cute! They were little kitten pyjamas. So cute! The note said:

Hey Babe, I love you. I hope you like the pyjamas I got for you! Now, come downstairs and your surpirse will be on the sofa waiting for you. <3

From Nialler x



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