One Direction Imagines

One direction imagines.


2. Harry for Mia

It was almost 11:00am when you woke up. The hot sun and city lights from outside your window shun on your face as you push your body up and sit in bed. You clear your eyes as you pickup your phone, hoping there will be a text from Harry, because it was your guy's 3rd year anniversary. Sadly there was no text, but it didn't surprise you because you knew he was busy on tour. After sitting in bed for an extra 2 hours, you finally decide to push yourself out of bed and do something. You got up out of bed, and then threw on one of Harry's jacket that was 2 times bigger on you than on him, and pair of skinny jeans, and some white converse. You throw your long, dark brown hair up in a messy bun and put alittle make up on, then get out your computer. After hours of watching One Direction videos on Youtube, your phone dings. You pick it up and read:


Happy 3rd anniversary. You are my best friend and the love of my life, so it breaks my heart to know that I'm not with you on this special day, but I wanna make it up to you. Head to the recording studio on 32 East Jumpwood street. Go to the Killmin Arena then go to the stage. Looooooovvveee youuuuu :)) :)))))


You instantly smile after reading the text, because Killmin Arena was where you and Harry first met.  Once you get there, you head to the stage as Harry requested. You're confused once you get there and all the lights are off, as if no one was there. Suddenly, you feel someone grab your waist from behind, and hug you. You can tell by the smell that it's Harry, and you instanlty hug him back. After you let go, he turns the lights on, only to reveal a picnic set up on the stage. He lights some candles and sits down next to you, handing you some Tulips, your favorite flowers.

"Happy anniversary, Mia. When I said you were the love of my life, I really meant it. I want to be with you for the rest of my life" he said getting down on 1 knee,"Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" You say kissing him.


A year after you two go married, you had a child named Darcy, who followed in her fathers footsteps and auditioned for the x-factor 15 years later. She was then put into a group with 3 other girls, forming a legendary band known as, White Eskimo.



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