Maybe it was meant to be

This is a story about a girl named Crystal and her bestfriend Makenzie (Mak).There just ordinary 17 year old girls who live in California and go to Bridgeway Highschool.Mak is a hug fan of One Direction and one night she goes to one of there concerts begging Crystal to go with her.Crystal isn't really a fan of them.She likes there music but she doesn't fangirl over them 25/7 like Mak sometimes does.She ends up going to the concert with Mak and after the concert ends they end up stay loosing Maks bag and having to go bac inside.Will the security guards let them back in? Maybe they'll end up meeting the boys inside...who knows?

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2. Concert

Liam’s POV

I was sitting in a chair next to Harry waiting for him to answer me about what him and Niall were talking about. At first I saw him chasing Niall for his phone then Niall talking to him about something and Harry didn’t seem to happy about it. ”So are you going to tell me?” I asked him fiddling with my fingers. He sighed then opened his mouth to speak but closed it and shook his head. “It’s nothing important.” He said going back onto his phone. I had a feeling he was lying but it seemed he didn’t want to talk about it. But it looks important so I’m gonna keep pushing him till he tells me. “Harry please tell me, it seems pretty important to me.” I said sitting up straight. He sat up and put his phone in his back pocket then looked at me. I raised my eyebrow waiting for his response. “I saw a girl in the audience and I kinda like her but I just left it because I knew I could never get her so I walked away but Niall stopped me and told me to ask her out but I told him no, that’s all we were talking about.” He said then sat back in his chair. Did he seriously think h couldn’t get a girl. There’s more then 1 thousand girls out there that go crazy over him. Maybe he really likes her. “Well why don’t you at least try to ask her on a date?” I asked then shrugged. I got up and walked away not wanting to get on his nerves more. He’s 19 for crying out loud he can’t be lonely for life. I wouldn’t want that too happen. I walked back to grab something to eat and while on my way there I saw Louis and Eleanor. “Oh Liam wait I have a question!” I turned around and saw Louis dragging Eleanor with him towards me. “Yes?” 

“Okay El thinks that-“  “No I don’t think anything it’s what he thinks” Eleanor said cutting in between Lou’s sentence. Louis covered he moth with his hand and laughed “Okay back to what I was saying and I guess what I as thinking okay so don’t you think that we should-“ “Boys your on stage in 10 get ready!” I heard Paul yelled at us. I chuckled that Louis hasn’t got to finish his sentence yet. “Well I’ll just tell you later then” He kissed Eleanor on the cheek “I’ll see you later babe.” He smiled and she smiled back walking to the side of the stage where she would watch us. So much for getting to eat. I grabbed my ear piece then my mic. Well I hope this concert goes good.

Crystal’s POV

It was really loud in here with everyone talking. The boys come on in about 5 minutes and everyones standing up waiting for them to come on stage. Mak was literally about to start crying in joy. She’s been jumping up and down since we’ve got in here. While I have been sitting down doing completely nothing, wanting to go home and for this to be over with. Everything thing went black and everyone started screaming it was louder now much louder “Are you ready for a good night!!!” I heard someone yell then Liam came up on stage continuing with the rest of the boys. Everyone was going crazy. There was a girl crying and screaming in my ear. I pretty much wanted to punch her right about now. Mak was actually more calm then I thought she would be. All she was doing was screaming and smiling. I really thought she would be crying right about now. I looked up and saw Niall staring at something I looked at Mak then back to Niall they were staring at each other. He winked and I could hear Mak scream so loud. I covered my ears while looking beside Niall was Harry he was looking at me and I gave him a confused look. He smirked and walked to the other side of the stage. Oh okay then. “Crystal did you just see that! Niall winked at me! At me!!” She yelled in my ears that were now unplugged because she pulled my arms down. I smiled wide at her. “And did you see Harry he was totally checking you out!” She said tugging on my arm and I rolled my eyes. This is going to be a long night.


Niall’s POV

“Thanks for all of you coming out tonight the fans, the parents we really appreciate it. We had lots of fun with you guys. We love you!” Liam said and we bowed then waved goodbye walking off stage. The crowd was great tonight. I love it, lots of fun. The best thing about it is I got to see that girl the whole time. I winked at her and she went crazy. It was cute though. I smiled to myself walking to the fridge back stage to get something to eat. I haven’t ate all day.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sorry it was so short again but I’ll update soon I promise! I didn’t proof read it so sorry if there a lot of mistakes! If you liked this Chapter Comment, Like, and Share if you want to ! :) xx

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