Skinny love

"Forget the risk,and take the fall.
If it's meant to be,then it worth it all."


Rated pg-13

Content cuss words.

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1. Chapter one

Chapter One: The Job

Carmen's Point Of View

"What the hell !?Make up? Isn't skinny jeans is enough?" I shouted at Becca, who was next to me, making her flinch at my sudden loudness.

"Carmen, the money ,New York,and you will win that's all you need to think about ." Becca said, smiling slightly.

"It isn't worth it...Ugh and especially the fake lashes, I heard you can die from trying to get it on!" I said rolling my eyes at her.

"Seriously, you have no passion,I'm trying to let you win but no...and aren't you suppose to do this for their reputation?"

But to make all this make sense. It all started...

-2 Days Earlier

"Emily can you make your own breakfast today? I have to leave early." I told my little sister, as she walked in to the kitchen.

"Yeah sure." She said as she got a bowl out for cereal, out the cabinet.

"And do you mind walking to school?" I asked chewing a little piece of my apple.

She groaned quietly. "...Fine,," She muttered.

"Well you know I have this shopaholic thing well...I wanted to go shopping...Can we?"she continued.

"We'll see when you get home." I says nodding my head.

"Okay, but just saying, we better go shopping." she said sitting down next to me. I laughed. "Yeah okay I just expect a, B at least from that class...Biology right?" I tell her.

"No it's Sex Ed actually...But it's so how do you put it....Oh yeah! Disgusting!" She groaned as she stuffed her mouth with her cereal. I rolled my eyes, it sucks to be her.

I finished my small breakfast and we said our quick good byes. And I hurried out to catch myself a taxi.

25 Minutes Later

~ In central of London

"Why do we need another bodyguard?" Some boy with a high pitch voice said from the other side of the door. While I was waiting outside of Simon's office.

"Boys ,you've been mobbed way too much. Nearly killed yesterday!" I guess, Simon said that part. His voice was deeper than the others, I could just tell.

"Excuse me, Miss?" A lady asked me as my bum just barely touched the cushion. I nodded showing I heard her. "You can come in now." she said. I'm guessing a secretary of Simon's.

"Thank you." I said to her as she left. I walked to the front of the room and knocked on the door lightly.

"Behave...Come in!" Simon voiced boomed through the door. I opened it and walked up to be faced by five boys. I could tell they were pissed by now.

"Hello." I said cheerfully. I showed a big smile only to him and not the boys who I ignored. Why were they here any ways? Oh wait, Simon said he has clients and stuff...I guess.

"This is Carmen. Your new bodyguard. She's a bodyguard in training and the best." Simon said excitedly, and I knew he was trying to buy me over with compliments.

"A girl?" A guy with a weird unnatural curly hair said. And the rest nodded slightly, agreeing with him.

"Mr.Cowell we...I thought we were to have an...interview??" I said slowly.

"No. It won't be necessary, right boys?" He asked the wide eyed boys sitting in the love seats. They all mumbled something that sounded like sarcastic okays.

"Great now leave. I want to talk to Ms.Faye here." He told the boys. As they were all leaving. Grumpily may I add and muttering very colorful words about Simon. And soon they left.

"So no interview?" I asked him still surprised for what my boss called me to come here.

"No, Its simple. You'll will be One Direction new bodyguard." He stated.

"One Direction huh. Lovely guys. Bad personality" I said with my great sarcasm. To my surprise he laughed. I stared at him weirdly.

"Not a fan I am guessing." He said with a twisted grin, that I chuckled at that since I told him, when we talked on the phone.

I nodded and took a seat on the lovely seat that was now empty and I could see it was an expensive type of leather.

"I was here to be in an interview with my client and um well you...said no. So may I ask why I was called?" I questioned him.

"Well as you know One Direction, being famous they've made some haters and their fans have mobbed them quiet a bit...well basically all the time. You were highly recommend with this situation." He said leaning a bit on the desk so his elbows were now on top of his desk. But I didn't understand what he was trying to indicate. Especially since I knew their were people listening to us right now. I mean I can practically hear them breathing on the door.

"Mr. Cowell I don't really understand what you trying to say here. And can actually go somewhere where we aren't heard. To have a bit of privacy?" I asked and said a bit louder some words so they could be heard.

"Boys, if you want to listen so badly come on in. You're gonna hear it later anyways. Better save my breath." He muttered the last part. Know I was really trying to figure out what he could say to me and the...Boy band.

I heard them groan and whisper and silent shouting, that I decided I would ignore it instead. They came in one by one and stood behind me. Breathing on me. And if looks could kill I would probably be dead by now ,because they were sending me death glares, I could feel them just staring at me. Not a good feeling.

Someone cleared there throat to break the awkward silence that the room fell in. I immediately felt uncomfortable, not wanting to be stared at any longer. I squirmed slightly, moving my feet up and keeping my eyes on the great view of London outside.

Finally Simon spoke much to my relief to gather the boys attention.

"As you know Carmen will be your new bodyguard, But..." He paused and looked at all of them and then at me. This somehow that worried me a lot. "She will also work as your...." He trailed off again. I hate mystery, this is literally killing merging now to know. I hope he doesn't say babysitter because I was once and it turned out badly. I looked at him waiting for an answer.

"Babysitter how convenient"he said as it was nothing.

"But why?" I said angrily trying my best to not yell at his face.

"Miss Faye?"Simon looked at me.

"Oh ,please call me Carmen." I said trying to be polite, but coming off sarcastic.

"Be a One Direction bodyguard and babysitter I promise you I'll pay you nicely , then you can go to New York, Mark told me you wanted too, I'm actually the one helping you out here." He said..damn it why does he need to make me to make a decision, the last time I made a decision it was horrible, that cereal was the worst cereal I've ever tasted.

Anyway , should I take it, I mean sure I needed a job but taking care of 5 idiots, probably really hard? But again I need a job, and oh my god New York remembering it has the biggest bodyguard training facility. My dream is happening. I can really make this work.

"Carmen?" Simon asked, and eyes met his. "So what do you say? Do we have a deal?" He asked curiously.

This is we're I change my life. Take it or leave it..."I accept the job position." I answered the question that probably would ruin my life...Nah New York is worth it.

But everything for is New York, my dad always have wanted me to be there in the New York facility, before he died on me.

"Do you mind go outside for a little me and the boy wanted a private discussion?" he said the people behind me.

"Well okay..." I said leaving the room trying to ignore them staring at me.

"Are you crazy? At least get us a better looking girl not...someone like her." Some raspy voice said. Ouch that hurt, I know I don't wear make up and dress with girly things but am I that ugly.

"And she's a girl how the hell can she protect us from all the hormonal teenage girls! Oh how can I forget the never ending sea of paparazzi." Someone else said.

"She's one of the best bodyguards in London, Boys. And she's not that bad looking. And I saw her train, she'll protect you guys I Guarantee it." Simon calmed them.

Thank you, Simon for the compliment.

"But..." One boy tried to argue. "No but's." Simon cut him off.

"Crystal, bring me the contract in here." He called on the phone. Simon really needs a soundproof office. I can literally hear everything they just said from the right here in another room which was luckily empty.

"And call Ms.Faye outside to come in." he continued

Crystal the secretary stood up,told me to come with her to the office.

"Now that we are done with the contract you guys can leave." Simon shooed us. "And you can start tomorrow Carmen." he called out

"Okay." I said and walk out.This job is probably will ruin me.





Please tell me if there're any typos and mistake,I typed it on my phone so there're probably a lot of typos.

I changed the book to skinny love and I changed the storyline a little bit and since I felt all the other chapter were suckish...I deleted it. I'm sorry...

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