Skinny love

"Forget the risk,and take the fall.
If it's meant to be,then it worth it all."


Rated pg-13

Content cuss words.

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3. chapter 3

Carmen's pov

"Get your ass into the damn store!" Becca said with gritted teeth, and face was bright red from embarrassment from people stares, but it was her fault for not understanding my stoical anxiety with half naked women.

"Well I would if it wasn't Victoria Secret!" I said tugging Becca towards me.

"And as you can see, I don't need bras, I barley have...well anything to show..." I said my hand motioning at my chest.

"Still...come on, you don't have to try it on." Becca wined and she looked like she was about to cry, and the last thing I wanted was to make a bigger scene we were doing now. I bowed my head in shame of giving up so quickly and Bec squealed dragging me behind her.

"Well you finally made it to Hell. Welcome." Emily greeted us as we went to the panties section. And as much as I wanted to scream and cover my eyes, but also laugh at the ridiculous graphics on the underwear were, I held a blank face.

"Shut your face." I said, pushing her away with my hand on her face. "Hey?!" she yelped trying to fix her hair. "I just did my hair!" she complained.

"Well next time don't annoy me with your idiotic words." I said taking a seat on one the bra tables.

"Great lets get started...Emily pass me those bras over there..." Becca said with a grin. And I could just feel the whatever she was think would completely give me nightmares.


"This color looks good on your pale looking self body structure. But so does the red one..." Becca said after exactly 42 minutes and 57 seconds and counting, of choosing from the variety of bras and endless amounts if underwear.

"Whatever you say, just buy me whatever you like...Its not like I'll be walking topless." I replied with a monotone voice, completely bored out of my mind.

"Well every girl need some neutral so I'm just gonna go and grab a black and a nude." Becca smiled, ignoring what I said before.

"So that means we're done here? Can we go to Primark now? I'm feel awkward in here." Emily grimaced at the picture if a woman exposing half her body to everyone.

"Well at least we agree in one thing, but I still hate your face." I said covering my forehead from a slight head ache of the annoying song that sounded a bit too sexual.

"Stop being so mean, it hurts my heartless soul." My sister said still looking at her phone, not lighting her eyes to me. I wonder what has her so intrigued.

"Well let's go check out and we can finally go on to another store." Becca clapped her hands smiling.

"Thank the Lord we can finally go." Emily said rolling her eyes at Becca .

"Well Emily you know what you need some new undergarment too we can stay here and pick out stuff for you!"Becca teased Emily.

"Hell no!" She replied almost immediately.

"Watch your language" Becca giggled.

"Um.....I'm sixteen" Emily scowled at Becca.

"Well are you going to check out or not?"I said frustratedly, agreeing with Becca's was a big mistake.

"Sure.....okay,"Becca answered.

"Are you going to get in line with me are just standing there?" she continued.

"I'm good."Emily sarcastically smiled.

"I'll go"I sighed.The line was only two people anyway.

"Hi how are you today m'ams?"

the sales assistant asked scanning the barcode on the tag of the undergarments.

"That would be 42 pounds" she smiled.Becca handed the sales assistant her credit card and she swiped it.

"Thank you!Have a nice afternoon." She said with so much energy in voice,I'm wondering how can sales people be so energetic everyday.

"You too!" Becca replied taking her credit card and put in back in her wallet.

"Let's go to primark!" She said


Primark was a freaking mess the clothes weren't neat on the table or the racks where they supposed to be,there were so many people in line for the fitting room and the check out line,and there was like this huge giant yellow board hanging on top and it saids "SPRING SALE EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF".Well that explained the mess and the people.

"Oh my god everything is 50% off!" Becca exclaimed loudly.

"Yes I can see that I'm not blind"I said pointing at my eyes

"Well,I'm gonna go waste all the money I saved up now" Emily smiled and got lost into crowd.

"Come on,let's go !" Becca said pulling me into the jeans/trousers section.

"These seems nice" Becca said handing me a pair of light wash skinny jeans.

"But they're skinny and light wash" I faked a pout.

"Darling that was the reason we went shopping,for you to not looking like an Emo-hobo" Becca said diving in a mess of clothes on top of what looks like a table.

"I but I like wearing black it's just you know me......." I said trailing off went Becca handed me a pink blouse.

"Becca no pink and no blouses" I told her.

"Well um.....let see." She took the blouse back and put it on her arms.

"How about a maxi skirt?" She asked me .

"Also no skirts" I said.

"'ll think of an outfit" she said.

"A white v-neck with that light washed jeans for a casual outfit, and a cropped sweater or a crop top......." I cut her off

"You mean those slutty half shirt?"

"It's not not half shirt" she replied.

"Anyway or a cropped sweater and a pair of high waisted jeans,Oh and also a beanie would be so cute!" She blabbered about how shell style an outfit which bored the hell out of me.

"Sure, whatever" I replied blandly, not knowing what else to say.

"Okay! Let's go grab you those things and I'll think of another outfit for you." She said excitedly.

" Not for this 50% off entire store then I wouldn't even have at least one outfit." I said, scolding at the price tag of a shirt near by.

"Shut up!" She yelled at me.

"Where the hell is Emily?" I asked as I started to miss the annoying comments she would make.

"You're suppose to know that, she's your sister, but I think she's somewhere in the fitting room or the checkout line." She said looking through the hideous blouses on the racks.They were all see through and with weird bright color.

"Come on are you done getting those things for the outfits you though of?" I asked in great annoyance at her, is this how you feel when you go shopping with you mum?Really I wouldn't know my left me years ago. Anyway Becca ended up with an arm full of clothes on her arms and I bet mine is only a half of that.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna die from not-having-enough-oxygen-to-breathe." She said finally getting out of the store, and I'm not even going to tell you how long the line was,but I will say that my leg is "unwalkable" if that's a word.

Emily checked out about 20 minutes ago so I bet she was sitting in the bench doing something involving her phone, teenagers these days, and yes I am not a teenager nor is Becca we're 22 but act like 12.

I was right , me and Becca found Emily sitting on a bench with two bags full of clothes and playing some kind of game in her phone, well I'm glad I'm not the one who pays her phone bill.

"C'mon let's go home, I'm starving" I groaned. I have to say shopping is more tiring than going to the gym or when I was trained to be a bodyguard.


After 20 minutes of driving we got home, Emily went straight to her bedroom and shut the door, I'm wondering what she's up to, but I'm just too tired for that so I decided to go and lay on the couch filled with shopping bags.

"Becca I'm hungry can you order take out or something?"I yelled so Becca could hear me from the bathroom.

"Get your ass up to the fridge there're boxes of frozen pizza in the fridge just put in the oven!" She yelled back.

" Ugh.......but that involving standing up and walking" I said turning in the Telly.

"Can you please just do it for me please" I said flipping channel to channel. This piece of crap have nothing for me to watch I thought as I continued to flip through the channels and ended up on some type of "Star Gossips".

"Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner had broken up already?Find out after the break!" The lady with her face which was caked with make up said smiling.Which creeped me out.

"I'm still being nice , do t get in my bad side,you've been there remember?" I continued watching some random commercial about baby powder.

"Ok,you lazy ass" she replied.

15 minutes later she ran out with a towel wrapped on top of her head with her obnoxious onesie on.

"So what pizza do you want? Sausage, cheese or pepperoni?" She asked me looking through out fridge which were packed with frozen food.

"Cheese." I shortly answered.

" okay" she replied popping the pizza in the oven and turning it on.

"Is One Direction coming out with a new perfume named "that moment"? Yes Directioners be excited the new perfume will be in stores on April and now we'll be back with Keller for the weather report." The lady said as they zoom her out.

"These news have nothing else exciting to talk about so they have to talk about that boy band." I remarked sarcastically.

"They are wonderful." Becca said emphasized every words.

"Yeah, ok...sure, anyway us my pizza done?" I asked Becca finally getting off the couch.

"No bitch starve" she replied.

"Emily, dinner!" I yelled, ignored what Becca said earlier.

"Oh my good I was starving to dead and about to munch on Phil"she said referred to our hamster Phil,I really don't know why she named it Phil but.....

"Get a plate!" Becca interrupted my thoughts about Phil the hamster which I do not know the gender of it .

"Well lucky for Phil then" I said grabbing myself a plate which were those plastic plate for party since me ,Becca and Emily are just too lazy to do the dishes.

We finished our dinner and Becca started a random movie one Netflix, I was watching it for the beginning 15 minutes but I just felt so exhausted so I decided to go take a shower and go to sleep.

" Peace, I'm going to take a shower and possibly go to sleep too." I said getting off the couch where we're watching

the movie.

" Okay, but remember to wake up early tomorrow because I'm getting you ready for tomorrow." She said.

"Ugh, does it have to be tomorrow?I need my beauty sleep." I groaned as I turned around.

" Yes because first impressions count " she replied still watching the movie.

"Um...not really, because I ruined the first impression,but whatever you say!" I said walking to my room and shut the door.I Just need a shower and sleep right now.


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