Skinny love

"Forget the risk,and take the fall.
If it's meant to be,then it worth it all."


Rated pg-13

Content cuss words.

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2. chapter 2

-Carmen's pov-

Chapter: Trouble


After the so call interview that literally screwed up my morning, I called Becca to pick me up. Because I really didn't want to pay for another stupid, expensive taxi ride.

I walked over to the lift I just came from maybe twenty minutes ago. I pressed the down button, and waited impatiently for the lift, that no matter where, took forever.

When suddenly the, people I now worked for, appeared behind me . It's the best signal to, Welcome to Hell. My foot stopped moving rapidly up and down and I stared at them, who were behind a wall of bodyguards.

I could always take another one, but it know Becca would be here any minute now, since if course, this was also her favorite band so maybe even seconds.

I let them stepped in then I step in and pushed the button to the lobby and the doors closed. No going back now.

It was so quiet that you could hear the annoying music in the background. Even their breathing and the smell of man cologne literally filled my senses. I bit my cheek and held my breath trying not to sneeze or cough, even though I knew it would annoy them that a person would spread diseases in this space. I knew better then making a bad impression on my "bosses".

I looked ahead at my reflection and of the bodyguards who held a strong guard standing side by side. The other...People were talking quietly. And finally the moment of silence broke with a quiet ding and the opening of the doors.

I did a small sigh of relief and stepped out thanking they were going at the same place as I was so I didn't have to wait any longer. I walked out quickly and made my way the the front desk where I recognized the same lady who greeted me, typing away. She didn't notice me this time, but I stepped beside her desk and pulled out my phone.

I need to make sure Becca is still picking me up or else I would have to ask the...People to give me a ride. And at the rate we were going in, that would never happen.

As I was about to call her, the band grabbed my attention as they were about to go though the front, tinted glass doors, that were know filled with a a sea of heads that I could hear the cheers from the closed doors. I paid attention to what the bodyguards were going to do to safely escort the people through the crowd.

I mean soon that was gonna be me and I wanted to see how well they were trained. The way I learned was to have the first lets say six body guards make a clearing, then at least two at the car to protect them from any fans, and finally the superstars were to walk with one bodyguard close by as they singed or took pictures if necessary. But did they do any of that? Nope.

Instead three other bodyguards joined the ones that were already there and grabbed one boy and slowly made their way to the doors. My mouth fell slightly open, not believing that they were actually going to go with that plan. It was completely unsafe. And I was ready to walk over there and slap sown senses to them and kick their ass back to the academy to freaking learn how to do this crap.

But I didn't move a muscle, I stayed there and shrugged.

I don't work till tomorrow.

Instead of calling Becca, like I planned, I received enough messages to load up my notification bar. All from Bec, trying to convince me to take a picture of the her "Idols". I rolled my eyes, the butt side of them was good enough to send her to high land of never land. I took a single picture of them standing there and sent it to her with, "I hope you pick me up ass hole."

She sends a message almost immediately, claiming that she blessed me and my amazing perfect skills and she'll be here in any minute. I could get use to this type of treatment if it meant spending time with them. Well at least it made it a bit worth it.

I looked back up, to see my bosses going through the doors and being swallowed by cheers and hands of the crowd. It looked like a scary movie from here, and I wondered if it was fun to do that every time you left a building.

"It's crazy huh isn't it?" The lady from behind the desk asked, noticing my staring. It almost scared me since I was in my own world, but I turned around and nodded. "It is actually...Do you think it's worth it getting mobbed?" I asked, I couldn't help asking, I was curious. Wondering if they got hurt or trashed around...even molested.

"I think it is. They smile all the time, have fans to support everything they do. I think them getting mobbed isn't the best thing, but..." She shrugged looking at the doors again. I looked at her with a smile. "My name is Carmen, I'm their new bodyguard." I said introducing myself at the nice stranger. She laughed and put her hand up for me to shake it and I did.

"My name is Brittany and as you can see I sit around all day." She smiles and twirls in her spinning chair. I laugh at her as her perfectly blonde curled hair flips to the side, unlike mine that's always untamed. She's really pretty, but I know she's older than she looks.

Interrupting me mid-laugh, my ring tone for my phone rings in my hand. I pick it up knowing it was Becca.

"Hey are you here-" Before I could finished a huge screams sounded to the speaker making me remove my phone from my ear. My eyes widen and Brittany laughed, "I think she's outside already." she said nodding her head to the door. My eyes followed to the doors. The black top of a Mini Cooper could be made out from the crowd next to a black van.

"Holy shit! Can you hear me! I can't see a fucking thing! Better yet I can't see mah people!" She screamed over the phone. I laughed at how she didn't seem fazed by the crowd since she works as TV stunt double with famous people.

"I can hear you, perfectly well." I say laughing again. "You think I can make it there without dying?" I ask humorously. "You can try the back door, but then again this One Direction fans we're talking about. I think you might have to wait a while." Brittany said to me as she put her head on her tan hand.

"You heard that Bec?" I ask, "it'll be while and-" she interrupted me again with shriek. "Are you crazy I just freaking left work because of you and I'm not gonna just go back because you can't get out of a damn crowd! Me and you both know what the hell you've done before! This should be nothing. So I give 5 stinking minutes to get your ass in my car." Becca said and I could tell by her voice she was challenging me to a bet with no prize. Yet I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever you say. I'll see if can step over some heads, yeah." I said before hanging up. I looked at Brittany. "And that's my ride." I say and she laughs quietly that I can barely hear it with the noise outside.

"Well better get hopping then." She said with a big grin, I really like her. She's all nice going and I can tell she's a person to keep around. "See you tomorrow then?." I say putting my phone in my pocket.

"How you like your coffee? I'm sure you'll need some with..." she gestured to the crowd, "A double supreme, even though I have no idea what that is, but it sounds fancy in movies." I laugh and wave over my shoulder.

I head to the doors. This is it. I might die. From People who will claw me apart for sure. Yet that makes me go for it, the danger.

With no second thought I burst though the doors and go straight into the crowd where their are less people because they are following my "bosses". I get shoved and nearly pushed to the ground if it wasn't for me pushing the bitch back and then running to where my ride stood. This was nothing new, yet it felt like the first time, with the danger any where near. But that's why I became a bodyguard in the first place.

When I finally burst though the girls who just behind me, I'm slightly out if breath and I'm sure I have claw marks in my arms. I take fresh air in my lungs again and go over to Becca's car and on to the passenger seat by the side of the road.

"3 minutes and 48 seconds. Not bad." She says as I sit down.

"Well hello to you too." I say my breath regulating it self back to normal. She smiles as she beings to drive out to the busy streets of London.

"My dear boys are still in the crowd and I'm sure you're working for them so I'll just wait till I meet them personally to ask for each of their hand for marriage." She say confidently as she take a bite from her sandwich.

"You're a horrible friend. You can't just use me like that bitch. And you don't even ask how the damn interview went? Well aren't you just wonderful." I reply with a playful glare.

"Well then, entertain my ears." she says motioning with her free hand to continue.

"To begin with, it wasn't even an actual interview, they introduced me to the bunch and made me sign a contract. In which stated I start tomorrow." I say counting each thing with my fingers.

"And you're not excited?!" She said looking at me as she stopped for a red light.

"Yeah, believe it or not, the whatever they are called don't like me already. Like they freaking think I what to work with them!" I rant to Becca.

"Yeah because you're such a likeable person." She rolled her eyes at me.

"Shut up now will you! And for your information I am actually." I scowled.

"So back to the subject we never started. You starting tomorrow? Is it a bit too soon?" Becca asked, bring us back to point.

"Yeah I thought so too. They must be desperate for my amazing skills." I joke. "But, you know I have to do what I have to do." I continued, frowning a bit.

"Well poor wittle Carmen." she said pouting her lips.I groan.

"Can we move on to another subject like...I'm trying to ditch Emily who's making me to go to the mall with her?" I said hoping Veronica will move on from this nonsense of a subject.

"Come on! You haven't gone to the mall for ages! I mean you literally wear the same outfit everyday." she wined looking over at what i was wearing and cringing slightly.

"What? I love these loose jeans and my comfy shirt,and for your information I heard loose jeans is trendy this year." I replied putting my feet on the dash board.

"Please don't talk about trendy with me." she said shaking her head.

"Well if you would be lovely and buy me new clothes, then be my guest." I challenged her knowing for sure she wouldn't actually spend her money on me.

"Well I actually would. I just got my pay check as well...This is a fashion emergency, if you're working with my men." she smiles proudly.

"Really?" I asked her out of shock, Becca was really a cheap person when it came to shopping for other people, except herself of course.

"Well now will you accept the clothes I buy you and put them on at all cost? In matter of sickness and in health?" She asked with tearing smile.

"I do. As long as I get some expensive shit." I replied with a smirk on my face.

"And make up." She added, knowing that I would probably never accept, but I still want my free clothes.

"Yes I actually would." I agreed at her bet.

"Um...I didn't know what to say I didn't even think you're going to accept my challenge so..." She trailed off thinking of the possibilities. She flashes a big smile my way, and I knew it was trouble.


"Come on don't be a bitch, come inside already." Veronica said trying to pull me out of the car.

"I don't care, I will be a freaking adorable-bitch-ass-cat." I replied regretting that I accepted the challenge.

"Oh my god,I'll buy you food." she begged me.

"Do I look like a fucking 5 years old?" I said glaring at her.

"Pretty much." she said pulling me out of the comfy car seat.

"Seriously? You better come out! The mall is closing in 2 hours and I am not leaving without bags of clothes on my arms!" Emily yelled at me, standing next to Becca and me.

"Oh yeah I forgot you're here too." I said sarcastically, she was being an ass the entire time coming here.

"Come on help me pull your fat ass of a sister into the Mall." Becca said smiling.

"Fine, fine I'll go as long as you don't make me try clothes or under garments on ." I said giving up.

"Ugh! God how the hell can I buy you clothes without you trying it on." Becca sighed.

"Well think outside the box, hun." I smirked.

"Let's go then." Emily whined impatiently, starting to walk towards the building.

"Well first thing is first. Victoria Secret!" she clapped her hands and dragged me to the building behind Emily.

"What!? No! Please no! I thought you loved me!" I say but she doesn't listen.


Hi guys I know I haven't update in forever but here it is chapter 2,I'm so bad at updating I'm gonna put up a book trailer for skinny love soon so watch out for that and the names of people who appears more in the book is down below just for you know FYI(kk love y'all)

Harry styles-Harry

Diana Argon-Carmen

Katie Findlay -Becca

Stefanie Lavie Owen- Emily

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