my life as ariana grande book 1 unknown

hi my name is ariana grande-butera people only call me ariana grande i am popular the one at school my best friends are Victoria justice and jennette mccurdy but one thing that put me down how that my parents keep fight every and everyone put me down and even thought im popular even makes me cut myself and ex best friend liz gillies makes it worst this is me ariana grande and this is my life


5. chapter 5 of unknown

after i told nette everything she say ari boo i love you i say i love you too i kissed her hard on the lips she say what are we going to do for the summer i say im away and my parents invited you she say yes that what my parents say that im going away i say what are we gonna do when we are away she say beach at night and watch the sunset together i say very romantic she say i know but where are we going i say my parents haven't told me she say okay she kissed me   

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