my life as ariana grande book 1 unknown

hi my name is ariana grande-butera people only call me ariana grande i am popular the one at school my best friends are Victoria justice and jennette mccurdy but one thing that put me down how that my parents keep fight every and everyone put me down and even thought im popular even makes me cut myself and ex best friend liz gillies makes it worst this is me ariana grande and this is my life


2. chapter 2 of unknown

i woke up to my mom and my little sister fighting down stairs it 7am i know i got school to day but cant they just wait till im up i run down stairs i yell shut the fuck up now they didn't head  me i yell even louder shut the fuck up my mom and my twin sister or should i say little sister and then my mom say honey we are sorry Lena say i am not sorry bitch i yell back at her slut my mom say stop with the fighting today i say i know im sorry and i know your 8 months pregnant but were brain she say at work he should be back now i say what time did he work mom she say 12am i say he must be tired he say who would be tired i looked away from my mom and looked at the door i say you he say yes i am how are you i say fine thanks brain by the way don't talk to Lena unless you want to course a fight then year he say what wrong with Lena i say don't know but someone woke me up at 7am and now i am in a bad mood he say don't take your bad mood on mom she 8 months pregnant with your baby sister i say what i didn't know at this he say i know but we want to tell you i say i know mom wanted to wait till you got home but i don't want another baby sister he say i know i cut him of but have you seen what Lena does it goner be 10 times worst er he say we got the point ari i say i know i was like that he say go and get change kiddo i say hey don't quote Spencer from icarly he say what time are the girls picking you up i say in hour he say okay i walk up to my room and went to go and get changed  

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