The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


5. 5

Marcel pulled in front of my house. 

"Do, you want to come in?" I asked, hoping I knew the answer. He slowly nodded, "Sure."

I unlocked my front door and walked in. My Dad was home surprisingly home, he was a dentist and usually didn't come home till 5.

"Georgia! What happened?" He asked looking at my stained clothes. "Dad, I'm fine. Just a clumsy acciedent." 

My Dad's eyes shifted to Marcel. He looked suspcious, "Who's your friend?" he asked.

"Dad, this is Marcel Styles. Marcel, this is my Dad." 

Marcel offered his hand to my Dad. "Nice to meet you sir." Marcel smiled. 

My Dad's face softened and he smiled. "You to!" 

"Well, I have to go upstairs and wash up. Why don't you both chat?" I said running upstairs. 

Marcel have me a nervous facial expression, I sent him a reassuring smile. 


I washed my hair and put it in a sock bun and looking in the mirror walked away pleased.

I pulled out a pair of jeans and put on an American Eagle long sleeve that was royal blue.

Marcel never told me what we were doing so I figured casual was the way to go. 

Pulling on my black converse, I dabbed on some makeup and walked downstairs. 

Marcel's eyes lite up as soon as he saw me. I blushed a little as his eyes trailed me over.

"Dad, me and Marcel are going to hangout." I said, he nodded and kissed my forehead. 

"Have fun! Remember-" I put my hand up. "Yeah, Marcus I know." And then Marcel and I hooked arms and walked out.


I buckled my seatbelt and smiled. I felt like I was just floating around. "So where are we going?" I asked. 

He smirked, "You'll see when we get there." 

"Ok, so what did you and my Dad talk about?" I smiled. 

"Oh, just about Dental School. I asked him about the DAT and the things I should be studying."

I arched an eyebrow, "You want to be a dentist?" 

He nodded gripping the steering wheel, "Yeah." he blushed. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"I like that."

We pulled into a parking lot with a large building to the side with a sign that said, "Springdale Ice Skating Rink"

My mouth dropped open. "Marcel, I can't Ice Skate." I said quietly. 

"Now's a great time to learn." He smirked. 


~Marcel's POV~
I paid for our ice skates. I shouldn't be getting involved with anyone. 

But something told me I could trust Georgia. 

Trust. Felt like a weird word to use. 

We sat down to put them on. She looked really nervous, biting her lip occasionally.

I grabbed her hand and we wobbled to the rink. I stepped in first and helped her in. 

Her hands spread across she flapped like a bird trying to keep balance. I tried to hide my chuckle but she noticed and turned red. 

I stood beside her and slide my hand to her waist to help steady her. "You haven't even fallen yet, your doing good." 

She giggled, and I let go so she could try going on her own. Realising I had let go, she sent me a worried face. 

She went a couple feet and fell on her bottom. I went over to help her up. She was laughing, "Clumsy me."

I pecked her lips, "Cute clumsy you." 

~30 Mins Later~

We returned our skates and sat at a table. "Shall we order some food?" she asked. I nodded, "What would you like darling?" I asked. 

"How about a hotdog?" I smiled, "Your wish is my command!" I pecked her lips, "I shall return." 

I walked around the corner to the hotdog station but all of a sudden a hand covered my mouth and I was shoved out of a door into the parking lot.

I shoved the hand away and turned to ID my capturer. "Rick?"

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