The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


4. 4

Marcel, kissed me. He was my first kiss! I fell back onto my bed completely dazed. Was I, falling for him?

I shrugged, I was OK with that. 

He was so sweet, he had taken me to his, and doctored me up! I felt giddy all over again! Then, I remembered Eric. 

I would have to face him tomorrow, along with everyone else who will stare at my black eye. 

*knock knock* I jumped at the sound. "Come in."

My older brother Marcus walked in. His jaw dropped when he saw my eye and swollen cheek.

"Holy shit Georgia! What happened?!" He asked sitting beside me getting a closer look. 

"I ran into a door at school." I mumbled. He gave me a 'Do I look stupid?' Face. "Georgia. 10 seconds before I go tell Mom and Dad." 

I groaned, "This guy beat me up, him and his friends. But I'm ok cause a friend of mine took care of me." I said really fast.

"Why did they beat you up?!" He yelled. I shoved my hand on his mouth.

"SHH! Because, I humiliated Eric Branham by saving the nerd from his fist in front of the whole school! Now what did you want?" I said growing frustrated.

"Dad took away my car until my grades improve, so I need you to drive me to my boxing match tomorrow at 7." I nodded. "Ok, one condition." 

His eyebrow arched. "No telling Mom & Dad, AND, get me an ice pack please?" I smiled sweetly. 


I practically ran to Marcel as soon as I saw his slicked back hair and hipster glasses. "Hey Marcel!" I smiled. The corners of his mouth pulled back showing his perfect smile. 

"Good morning Georgia, I've got something I'd like to a-ask you. You don't have to answer right away, b-but, will you go out on a date with me tonight?" He stuttered. 

I kissed his cheek, "Does that answer your question?" He blushed violently. "After school?" I asked. He nodded as he reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze as we walked into the building. 

Marcel decided to walk me to History, as we neared closer, I saw Eric standing outside the classroom talking to friends. 

I tensed up and instinctively got closer to Marcel. "He won't hurt you ever again, as long as you have me babe." Marcel whispered into my ear. 

I felt a wave of comfort hit me as I remembered Marcel defending me the other day.

We kept getting closer and then before we got there Marcel spun me around to face him. "See you at lunch, OK?" He kissed my forehead sending a pulsating pleasure throughout my body.

Giving him a reassuring smile I turned on my heels and walked into class not even looking at Eric.


My next class was English and that flew by because all I could think about was him.

I ran into the cafeteria and got in line. I spotted Marcel in his usual spot, with his eyes plastered on a book.

As soon as I paid and walked away from the cashier, a hand slapped the bottom of my tray making my new outfit mystery meat and mashed potatoes.

I looked around to accuse someone, and I laid my eyes on Matt. 

People were laughing, pointing fingers, and glaring. But that didn't bother me.

What bothered me, was that he dare do that. I didn't have a chance to say a word before Marcel had pushed Matt against the wall.

"WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?! I'm going to-" *crack* 

Matt stumbled around dazed by Marcel's blow. Marcel lifted his leg back and launched it into Matt's stomach.

Grabbing Marcel's pulled back fist I stopped him before he could offer another hit. 

He looked into my eyes and gave me an 'Im sorry' look. Straightening his sweater vest he grabbed my hand and stormed out. 

He drug me out to the parking lot and to his car. "Marcel stop!" I said pulling my hand free of his grip. 

He turned and I saw his eyes had turned a darker, stormer green. I held his hand and pulled him into a hug.

"It's my fault." He said. I broke the hug and stared him in the eyes. "No, it's Matt's. It's ok, I'm ok and the world is still turning."

He turned around and slammed his fists into the hood of his car.

"NO! If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have done that, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have a black eye." He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

I walked up to him and planted a passionate kiss on his lips, "And if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be the happiest girl in the world."

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