The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


2. 2

~Georgia's POV~

"Cousins?" I asked.
She nodded, she seemed so much more, hard core then Marcel! How could they ever be related?!

"That was real nice of you today." Cassie's voice broke my thoughts. 

I shrugged, "Thanks, I've been trying to talk to Marcel and be his friend but I don't think he's in to me." Cassie stiffened when I said that. 

"He's got some trust issues. Give him some time and just keep being nice, he'll be your friend." She advised. "But why Marcel?" 

I shrugged, "He seems nice and, mysterious. Why not?" 

She nodded in understand meant and then Mr.Gates started teaching telling us to be quiet.

~2 Hours Laters~ 
I grabbed my books from my locker and started for my car. The day had been long, and people kept looking at me. Was it such a shame to defend someone? Last time I checked it was just the right thing to do. 

As I opened the doors, I saw the back of Eric and his friend Matt huddled into a corner yelling. At someone. My speed quickened and I saw them torturing Marcel, pulling off his glasses and throwing his books. I dropped everything in my hands when I saw Matt's hand connect with Marcel's jaw.

"STOP!" I screamed running over. Marcel hunched over in pain. I grabbed Matt's jacket and pulled him from taking another swing. As soon as Matt's face with my direction I pulled back and slapped it as hard as I could. 

I moved between the two and grabbed Marcel and pulled him towards my black VW bug. I shoved him inside the car and spun off.

"Marcel why do you let them do that?" I asked frustrated. Rubbing his jaw that was slightly bloody he shrugged. 

"It's no use fighting back." I snorted, "Yes it is, it could save you a lot of hurt."

I pulled up into my driveway and gestured for him to join me inside. He whistled at the sight of my house. 

"Follow me, I'm going to clean your jaw up." I said. He was hesitant, but reluctantly did.

He sat on the bathroom counter and waited. 

Carefully I removed his glasses seeing his eyebrow was slightly split. I dotted some alcohol and Marcel winced at the burn. For the first time, I noticed his intense jaw line. Cleaning the cut on it, I accidentally let my fingers linger. 

"Georgia?" Marcel asked. I cleared my throat and felt the heat rise to my cheeks. I think I actually saw Marcel smirk. 

When I put the band aide on his eyebrow, we locked eye contact for a few seconds. His eyes, were as green as emerald city. We were so close, just inches apart. His breath kept hitting my face sending goosebumps all over. I broke away, embarrassed. 

"All done." I smiled. He put his glasses back on jumped from the counter. "Georgia, you know you don't have to save me. I can handle myself."

I bit my lip, unsure of what to say. "Then why haven't you?" I asked. Now he was speechless. "Marcel, I just don't want to see them take advantage of you. Ok? You shouldn't want that either." He nodded understanding.

"Can I give you a lift home?" I asked, he nodded "Yes, that'd be nice." 


~Marcel's POV~
What was this girl doing to me? She was everything I ever thought about. Usually all I think about is school. Did she actually like me? Does she know who I really am? 

I finished my homework and lay on my bed in nothing but boxers. I could beat those guys, all day everyday. Doing that would give away a lot, people would ask questions and look into things. That's not what I needed. 

Frustrated, I put on some clothes and headed to the arena to clear my mind.

"So wait, she slapped Matt Parker?" Rick asked. I nodded. 
Right, Left, hook, jab.

"Yeah, that's never happened before. I don't know Rick, she's different." 
Left, hook, jab, right.

"It's like she actually cares." 
Left, left, jab, hook.

Rick shrugged, "Alright Harry, that's enough boxing for the night. Go home man, get some rest, you have a tournament tomorrow. Don't be late." I wiped the sweat off my forehead and nodded. 
"Take it easy man."

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