The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


17. 17

"What do you mean? Cassie what is going on?"
I looked towards Harry and the tension between the teenagers was obvious. 

She's sighs at my frantic self. "It's not my place to tell you."

A bell dings and the two boys inch closer. All the muscles in Harry's body tense and contract just by being in the same room as Louis. 

I have never seen him so...angry.

Louis makes the first move with his glove, Harry's dodges and hits Louis in the stomach. 

"WOO ATTA WAY HARRY!" Cassie screams beside me. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder, I don't want to take my eyes off Harry but I do.

"Excuse me, may I get through?" The lad who I know as Zayn is standing in front of me. I smiled and stepped back so he could pass.

He takes his seat beside Cassie as she whispers something to him. He eyes light up and he looks at me.

"Sorry love, didn't realize you were Harry's girl. I'm Zayn." He holds a hand for me to shake.

"Georgia." I smile and turn my attention back to the fight. I heard Zayn whisper something like, "I knew they would fight eventually."

I cheered and yelled for Harry, it seemed Louis was winning. The bell for the last round rang and Harry full on charged Louis. 

Slamming him against the gate, he made full blows to Louis' stomach. 

Both covered in blood, Louis made his last effort and swung at Harry's jaw. Not missing.

All I can remember is just running past sweaty people and staying at the bottom of the boxing cage. They picked Harry up, who was unconscious, and whisked him away.

Louis won.

Clearly irate, Zayn stormed past I assume to check on Harry. Cassie pulls me by the arm and leads me back to Harry's dressing room.

"Why don't we go to the clinic room down the hall to see Harry?" I ask. 

"He wouldn't want you to see him in that state." She said. 

I huffed and sat on the black leather couch. "Cassie just tell me about Louis." 
She shook her head, "Sorry love, that's up to Harry." I groaned. Frustrated I curled my hair around my finger till the door opened. 

"Doc said he's fine, he can go home. Just needs rest and ice the eye. He's also exempt from boxing for the next week." Cassie gasped.

"He's going to be pissed." She bit her lip. Zayn nodded, "Yep."

"Come on." Zayn motioned for us to follow him into the clinic.

Harry seemed drunk. But a painful drunk. 

"Someone needs to stay with him so that he doesn't go against the docs orders." Zayn said. Cassie shrugged, "Sorry, I have Uni finals."

"George, your up." He said while lifting a moaning Harry off the bed.

"Why not you?" I asked not pleased with these results.

"I still have boxing matches. I'll stop by during the day." He said.

I sighed. "Fine. But I'll only take him home."


With Cassie and Zayn's help, we dragged Harry into my car. "This is Harry's address, he's on to much medication to tell you himself." Zayn said giving me a slip of paper. 

I giggled because currently Harry was poking at the window asking us if we see the puppy.

"Yeah. Alright, see you guys tomorrow." I said getting in my car.

I looked at the piece of paper, his neighborhood was called Secret Cove. All the houses in there are mansions! 

I pulled up to Harry's house and he giggled, "Are you going to babysit me George?" He asked.

"Yes Harry I am. Come on, you need a shower and to get to sleep."

He wobbled out of the car and put his arm around me. "Are you going to bathe me? That would be nice.." He slurred. I elbowed him and he kept quiet.

Inside his house was all white, paintings lined the walls as well as a couple photos. 

"To the upstairs!" He pointed.

He got in the shower and I waited in his room. I didn't trust him by himself in his state.

I looked around for something to occupy myself with. I looked at Harry's night table, lots of boxing magazines lay on top.

I shuffled through the stack and found something that interested me. "The Great Gatspby." I read aloud.

I flipped through the pages, it was marked by highlighter and things written on the sides. Harry didn't seem like a novel reader. 

"Going through my stuff love?" I jumped at his voice dropping the book. His hair damp, with a towel loosely around his hips, he sashayed over to his dresser.

"No! I was just-just looking for something to read while I waited." I fumbled. 

He smiled as he slipped on a Green Bay packers tee and dropped the towel to put on boxers. "Harry!" I squealed while covering my eyes.

"It's ok, I know you like the view." He chuckled.

The weight of the bed shifted as he sat on the other side of the King bed. 

"You read, novels?" I asked.

He shrugged and nodded, "Reading about Mayweather gets tiring after a bit." He joked. 

I smiled, "This is my all time favorite book." 

He also shared a grin, "Mine too." I could tell his medicine had worn off a bit. 

"I'll let you get to sleep." I said putting away the book and standing to leave.

"George, can you read to me? A couple chapters please?" Harry whimpered like a child.
Laughing I nodded and took a spot next to him. 

"In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since...." I began.

Within thirty minutes, Harry's eyes were closed and his lips were parted. I quietly slipped off the bed and clicked off the lamp.

"Georgia, stay." He mumbled. 

"Harry, go back to sleep." 
"Not unless you stay." 

I sighed, knowing I couldn't deny the urge I felt to accept his invitation. "Fine, where's the guest bedroom?" 

I heard a muffled laugh, "You'll be staying in this bed." I laughed with him. 

"Night Harry." I walked out before he could say more. Exploring down the hall, I found the guest bedroom.

Pulling off my shoes and jacket, I collapsed onto the bed. What has this boy done to me?

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