The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


14. 14

~Georgia's POV~

I spent the night at Harry's and the next morning he drove me home. We now sat in his car at the front of my house. 

His hand rubbed my thigh, "You going to be alright babe?" He asked.

I nodded, "I think so, they'll understand." I said. He was worried I would get in trouble for staying at his.

"Harry, please don't worry. My Dad isn't even home and it looks like Mom isn't either. I'll be fine." I said giving him a smile.

He smiled back, his muscles more relaxed. 
"Call me if you need anything. I mean anything!" 

He pecked my lips before letting me get out.

I took a deep breath before waving bye and walking in. There wasn't anyone in the living room or kitchen.

I smiled knowing I wouldn't have to face anyone. For now.

I walked up the stairs and headed for my room. I was about to open the door when my name was called.

I took a few steps backward and peeked into Marcus' bedroom. "Yes?" 

He sat at his desk looking at his laptop, he motioned for me to walk over.

Standing by his side I waited for him to speak. "You didn't come home last night." He growled.

I bit my lip and nodded, "Yes.. I know." 

He turned to face me, "Well where were you?"

I looked down, how do you tell your brother something like this? Oh hey I almost got raped.

No. "Marcus, something happened." I said my eyes becoming watery as I relived the moments.

His face suddenly changed and he became concerned. "What? What's wrong George?" 

I wiped my eyes and blew a sharp breath. "You know Eric? On the football team?" I asked.

He nodded, "He-he like. He tried,-" I burst into tears and Marcus stood and wrapped me in his arms.

"Georgia, did he- rape you?" He asked. 
"Almost." I choked. 

Marcus' hand went up and down my back to try and calm me. "Shh, I'm so sorry George. I should've been there." He cursed under his breath.

I shook my head and looked up at him, "No, don't feel like its your fault. Harry, he saved me Marcus. If it wasn't for him-" I stopped not wanting to consider any other outcome.

He nodded, "I thought Styles was just a prick." 

I playfully slapped his chest, "Quite the opposite!" I defended. 

Marcus let go and I stood back, "I'm sorry, I should've called someone to let them know where I was." 

Marcus shook his head, "It's ok, but you need to tell mom and Dad, George."

I knitted my brows together, "No, I can't! No." I said talking with my hands. 

"I can tell them. I know, it seems embarrassing but you can't let this go." 
Damn it Marcus, why is he always right?

"Would you mind?" I asked. He smiled, "Course not." 

I returned the smile, "Thanks Marky." 

I walked into my room and took a shower and dressed in the warmest pjs I could find.

I was utterly exhausted from the past couple days.

Slowly my eyes got heavier and I finally gave in. 


When I opened my eyes I realized I had been asleep for 5 hours. It was now 8 o'clock. Damn.

I slowly rised out of my warm bed and over to my door. I quietly opened it and heard voices speak below.

"Why wouldn't she have come home?" My mother. 


"Charles we need to call the school immediately. I can't believe this. She probably wouldn't have told anyone if Marcus hadn't have been home." 

My blood boiled at her assumpshions. But I cooled off knowing she was right. I didn't even want to tell him but I knew I had to.

"She's just a little embarrassed. Well understood." Marcus' voice came into play.

So he had told him. Good, I sure as hell didn't want to. 

I heard a buzzing noise and looked at my nightstand and saw my phone vibrating.


"Hey Babe, you alright?"

"Yeah, I um, told Marcus. He told my parents and they're going to call the school." 

"Good, otherwise I'd beat the shit out of him!" His voice growing frustrated and annoyed. 

"Harry, calm down. Listen I have to go-"

"Wait! I also wanted to know if you had any plans tomorrow." His words rushed and nervous sounding.

I smiled before replying, "No I don't."

"Good, 'cause I want to take you on a date." 

"Sounds good, pick me up at 7?"

"It's a date babe."

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