The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


13. 13

I coughed at his toxic breath.

"Sorry I'm not a tutor. Can't help you." I hissed yanking my arm out of his grip.

I wasn't fast enough and it was soon in his grasp again.

"Eric what is your problem?" I asked. 

His eyes were glazed over and I figured in his drunken state he might spill.

"The prick got you. I wanted you! I wanted you to be mine! Someone to fight for! But HE got you! A nerd over a jock?!"
His voice raised as he spoke. Eric interested in me?

Please, don't humor me.

"Why would you think I would be interested in a bully?" I spat

He yanked me closer, "Don't call me that!" He spit on my face.

I whinced with pain as his grip tightened. "Let's go study." he said pulling me to the back of the library.

I dug my heels into the carpet trying to exhaust him from my objection. 

"HELP!" I screamed at the top if my lungs. "No one willv hear you this far back." He laughed. 

I sighed knowing he was right. 

He threw me against a bookshelf making one fall on my head. It made me a little dizzy.

"Don't do this." I said through grinding teeth. 

He shook his head, "I'll do what I want and right now I'll I want to do is you."

I felt the bile rise in my throat at the images going through my mind. I wanted to be comitted to Harry.


How I wished he'd come save me. I sucked in all the air I could muster and screamed, "HELP!"

Eric's clamy hand went across my face. He started undoing the buttons to my pants.

I felt hot tears burn in my eyes and trail down my cheeks. 

"GEORGIA?!" His voice familiar. Harry.

Before I could respond a hand covered my mouth. "Don't speak." Eric commanded. 

I bit his finger with all I had, his yelp gave away our location. "HARRY!" I screamed.

Footsteps hurridly approached us, soon I was wrapped in his arms and the world melted away.

"Babe, what happened?" Harry's voice shaky but stern.

"He tried-tried," I gasped trying to speak through sobs, "Rape me." I squeaked, 

I could hear Harry's heart speed up and was beating relentlessly.

He let go and walked up to Eric, he threw punches left and right. 

Eric was trying to fight back but he efforts were useless. 

Did he know Harry was a pro boxer?

I buttoned my pants and wiped the tears off my face. Slowly I approached Harry and pulled his arms back. 

"Let the school handle him not you." I whispered. Harry's muscles relaxed with my touch. He yanked out of my grasp and pulled Eric by the shirt to a bookshelf as Eric had did me.

"Don't.You.Ever touch her again. Next time, no one will stop me from beating the shit out of you."

He growled grabbing my hand and leading me out of the library.


We pulled up to Harry's. I didn't argue cause I had no intentions of going home. 

He lead me up to his room and he sat on his bed, his tears rolling down his cheeks. 

~Harry's POV~
It was happening all over again. 

I wasn't able to protect the people I cared most for.

I bent down between my legs and let the tears fall. 

The bed collapsed beside me as I felt Georgia sit beside me. Her small hand rubbed my back.

"It's not your fault Harry." she said. 

Ha. If only she knew.

It was my fault. It was my fault I stole Eric's girl all that time ago, it was my fault she was killed, my fault he now wanted to hurt any woman I had in my life. 

I looked up and wiped the tears and turned to Georgia. 

"Babe you don't-" I was stopped with the contact of her lips on mine. 

Stunned at first, I caught up and deepened the kiss. Letting my lip swipe her bottom lip for entrance and the gates opened. 

She pulled away. "We aren't going to far." She said quietly. 

I'm such a dick, she almost got raped and we almost had sex.

I crawled behind her and leaned against the backboard of my bed. 

I patted my lap wanting her to sit there and let me just hold her. 

She smiled and took her seat on my lap letting me snake arms around her back and front knitting them together at her side.

She leaned her head on my shoulder and soon I heard her deep breathes.

"I will never let anything happen to you ever again." I said my hand going down her hair. 

And I meant it. 

*~Sorry I didn't update yesterday, it was my birthday! So enjoy!~*

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