The Person You Are (Marcel Fan Fic)

Marcel is just a nerd. Right?


12. 12


I fluttered my eyes open to see Harry. 


Not Marcel.

I smiled and then worry charged through my body. 

I looked at my clock, 7:30.

"HARRY! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" I stumbled out of my bed and went for the bathroom.

Stopping at the door I turned around, "How'd you get into my room?" I asked. 

He smirked, "You should lock your windows. Some creep could sneak through."


We pulled into the school parking lot. I could hear my heart in my ears.

What would people think when Harry walked in? 

Was he in any danger? I bit my lip frustrated, but I felt electricity shoot through me when a hand landed on my hand.

"Babe, stop worrying. Nothing bad will happen." His voice soothed.

What is he a damn mind reader? "How do you know?" I asked.

"I don't." He answered. He chuckled, "Only teasing love. I promise nothing will happen."

We were now walking to the front of the school and people were whispering.

Who is HE?

He's really hot. 

No, it couldn't be. Not Marcel. 

I laughed at the last one, yeah I was shocked just as much as you.

He gripped my hand as we walked through the doors sending us more glares and confused looks.

"Babe, don't worry about them. Let the fuckers think what they may." He whispered. I swallowed and nodded.

He was so right. I shouldn't worry about what others think about my relationship.

I just didn't want to get beat up again.


Harry and I took our seats in the back of Biology. He still had the habit of getting to class early.

Mrs. Rush our bio teacher walked up to us and shared a smile. 

"Hello dear, what's your name?" She said looking in Harry's direction. I tried to surpress a laugh, but a small squeak came out.

"Erm, it's me Marcel. But now I go by my first name Harry now." He said quietly. 

Mrs. Rush's cheeks flared red. "Oh! Marcel, you look so...different."

"But good different! I'm glad to see you breaking your shell!" She added quickly.

When she walked away I let out my laugh. "What does she mean 'different'?" He asked joking.

I shrugged, "Hotter?" 


The rest of the school went well. People didn't talk to me much, no questions.

I happened to see Cassie leaving a class and ran up to her.

"Hey you!" I said tapping her shoulder. 

As soon as she saw me she smiled and we embraced. She was wearing a leather jacket and black boots.

A biker look. I now saw the relation between Harry and her. "How are you and Harry?" she asked.

I beamed at the thought of him, "We're good. Great really. I'm actually going to watch him practice boxing after school." 

She smiled, "Good well I'll see you there!" She smiled and walked away. 

I to was about to meet Harry at his car when I realised I needed to get a book from the library for my book report. 

There wasn't anyone in the library. It was really quiet and dark. I turned to leave but ran into a firm body. 

"I could use a tutor. You up for it?" Eric's intoxicating drug breath hit me. 

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