Is This Destiny (Harry Styles FanFic)

After multiple times of love failure, does Harry finally find the one? The boys are on break. They all decided to travel to places that they had never been before. So they take turns spinning a globe while blind folded. The place that their finger lands on is the place that they travel to. Will their vacation be a disaster? Will management agree with all of their decisions? Will Harry ever find his true love?


1. Vacation Plans


   Niall's POV:

    We have been in this room for three hours straight. When will management let us leave? They keep telling us the same things over and over again. About how not to cause bad publicity and about how not to do something stupid over our two month break. But right now all I can think about is how I haven't eaten anything in the past four hours! I'm starving! Like seriously what does a guy have to do to get something to eat around here?

   Harry's POV:

    I'm not even going to talk about management's rant towards us right now. All I can think about is how I'm going to break up with Veronica.(Veronica is Zayn's twin sister) She is nice and all, but she's just not the type of person that I want to be with. And I have no idea how I'm going to break up with her. If I break her heart Zayn will break my face. And if I continue to go out with her I'll go insane. But on the bright side, we finally have a vacation. Something to get my mind off of daily problems.


    After management stopped discussing with the boys, about the rules of going on vacation they all left the room with relief. As the boys were heading out of management's building, they all decided to go to Liam's flat to discuss what their plans were for vacation. Since they always took breaks alone they wanted to do something together for a change.

     Louis' POV:

   I can't believe that the boys finally wanted to plan a vacation together. We all agreed to Harry's suggestion. Well, all of us except Zayn. He kept complaining on how he just wanted to stay home so he could hang out with Perrie. But me being the smart and sexy guy that I am convinced him on coming with us. "Finally, were out of that stupid room!" All of the boys nodded in agreement. Niall said something but I couldn't understand him because he had his mouth filled with food. Like always. "How are we going to plan this vacation?" Liam said. "Why don't we go Paris?" Harry suggested. "But we have already been there. It won't be so great because we have seen pretty much everything already." Zayn complained. He had a point, we have already visited Paris four times. And that is more than enough for now. " Why don't we play a game to decide?" "That's actually not a bad idea." Liam said. Niall swallowed the food that he had in his mouth then said, "What kind of game?" "Um, how about we take a globe and spin it a couple times. Then while blind folded we stop it on a random place. And where ever our finger lands is where we travel to." Wow I was amazed at myself for coming up with a plan that good. "That actually sounds like a good idea! But what if we land in the ocean or something?" Harry said. "Well then you will have to spin again until you land on land." Hehe land an land. Man I'm weird. "OK, lets give it a shot. I'll Go find the globe, you guys clear off the coffee table and find a blind fold." Liam said.

     Niall's POV:

   As soon as I got through the door of Liam's flat I ran to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and shoved anything that was edible in my mouth. Three hours of sitting is hard work."Finally, were out of that stupid room!" Louis said. "Yes, Finally!" Was what I said. But with food in my mouth I guess it came out as 'kfaosfgsakn' because Louis just shrugged his shoulders and walked away.The boys started talking about vacation planning but all I could think about was my empty stomach. Louis suggested that we play a game to decide where we go. I thought it was a good idea, because I had no clue myself on what to do for two months. 


   When Liam came back with the globe Zayn had cleared off the table and Louis had the blind fold on. He wanted to be the first to have an affect on the vacation plans. The boys all gathered around in a circle and Harry started to spin the globe for Louis. Louis lifted his hand and placed his finger on .....


   Wow, I wrote the first chapter to my first fan fiction. I hope you guys liked it because I want to keep writing. If you guys have any suggestions or anything, just comment it. And I will take your suggestions. Let me know if I should continue writing. Bye! Love You!



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