Is This Destiny (Harry Styles FanFic)

After multiple times of love failure, does Harry finally find the one? The boys are on break. They all decided to travel to places that they had never been before. So they take turns spinning a globe while blind folded. The place that their finger lands on is the place that they travel to. Will their vacation be a disaster? Will management agree with all of their decisions? Will Harry ever find his true love?


5. Spain


     Niall's POV:

   I went to bed at like 10 last night. But I was to exhausted from the flight and shopping to wake up early. It was 11:57 when I woke up. "Ugh bakjshykd." I grunted as I stretched while on my bed. I got up and went to the mini fridge to grab a snack. I opened the fridge and grabbed a can of coke and a packet of crisps. "Why hello there sleepy head." Zayn said in a seductive voice. I swear I jumped like 5 feet in the air. "Holy shit Zayn! You wanna give me a heart attack?" "Did you forget we're sharing a room?" He said while laughing. "I think that was a record for your jumps." Zayn said while still laughing. "Shut up." I said while rolling my eyes. "Has Liam texted you the plans for today?" I asked "No. I doubt he's awake yet. Me and you are the only ones awake right now." Zayn said. "But isn't it like 12 noon?" I asked while picking up my phone. "Yea it is. That's weird Liam is usually the first awake." I said. "Yea you got a point there. I don't know what were doing but I'm going to get dressed because if everyone isn't up before 2 I'm leaving." Zayn said. "Yea I'm about to take a shower now, matter fact. Wait. Leave where?" I asked. "Sight seeing. I just want to walk around today." "Oh. Well if no one else walks up or is ready by 2, then I'm going with you." I said. "Alright." He replied. I walked towards where I put my suit case, and brought it over to my bed. I put it on top of my bed then opened to see what I was going to wear for the day. I picked up my phone to check the weather. It's 82 degrees out. So I picked out some khaki shorts with an orange and white stripped tank top. And then zipped up my suit case and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I got in and closed the door. Then I started to strip off my clothes. I got one of the bags that they keep in the bathroom for the dirty clothes and put my under wear and socks in it. I turned on the water to a perfect temperature than hopped in. As I started to wash my body I slowly slid my hand down to my dick.( A/N naughty naughty ) I gripped it then started to trust back and forth. Man it felt good. When was the last time I jerked off? I kept pumping faster and harder by the second. Until my body shook and I let it all out and down the drain. "Man that was good." I whispered to myself. I scrubbed my body down once more than stepped out of the tub. I dried myself off than got dressed. After I was dressed, I stood in front of the mirror and started brushing my teeth. I started humming to the song 'Everything About You' for no particular reason. ( A/N real reason ... I'm listening to that song right now >.< ) After that I styled my hair up into my usual quiff with some gel. I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my phone. I pressed the home screen and I realized that I had recieved 4 text from Louis and 2 from Liam. 'Hey Cap you up?' 'Hello are you up?' 'I think Niall died!!' 'One more text without a reply and im coming over!' I laughed at Louis' text. Then right than and there was a banging on the door. "Hey Zayn, you wanna get that?" I asked. "Nope." He said popping the'p'. "I'm going to go take a shower. You open." He said. The naging continued. "Ugh. I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming jezzzz." I opened the door and there was a very relieved Louis. '' Oh thank the Lord. Since yoou weren't replying to my text I thought something happened to you." He said while sighing. "Didn't you think of the possibility that I was um I don't know sleeping? Or in the bathroom?" I said. "Actually no I' didn't." He said while we walked inside my room. "What do you want to do today?" Louis asked. "Erm well I was just going to go sight seeing with Zayn. Are Harry and Liam awake yet?" I asked. "Yea Harry is dressed and watching TV. Liam Last time I checked was taking a shower." Louuis said. "Oh." I said. "Where's Zayn?" Louis asked. "He's in the shower well since the water isn't running any more he's probably out already." "Oh ok. Well I'm going to go tell the others to be ready at 2 and meet in here so we can go sight seeing together." "Sounds like a plan." I said. "What sounds like a plan?" Zayn asked while coming out of the bathroom  in jean shorts and a plain red tank top with red vans. "To go sight seeing at 2." Louis replied. "Oh ok. Oh and tell the others that I declare van day today. So make sure the others are wearing vans." Zayn told Louis. While I walked over to the closet where my shoes were. I put on white vans and then went back to the mini fridge. "Aye aye Captain." And with that Louis walked out of the room. 

  ~~No ones POV~~

   The boys all got ready and went sight seeing. By the time they got back it was 7:42 p.m. They all decided to get ready and go to a spanish restaurant. They left the hotel at 8:30. After they ate and came back to the hotel it was 10 p.m. They all headed to their rooms and called it a night.


   ~Skip to Day 7 of trip~ (A/N cuz I'm that damn lazy)


   It was now the day that the boys have to head back home to the UK. To decided their next destination. They got on their plane which was at 8 in the morning. After the 6 hour flight they were finally home. They all decided to go their separate ways. And meet the next day in Niall's flat to plan out their next vacation trip.


     (A/N) Sorry for the short chapter. Will get mor interesting and longer along the way >.<

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