Is This Destiny (Harry Styles FanFic)

After multiple times of love failure, does Harry finally find the one? The boys are on break. They all decided to travel to places that they had never been before. So they take turns spinning a globe while blind folded. The place that their finger lands on is the place that they travel to. Will their vacation be a disaster? Will management agree with all of their decisions? Will Harry ever find his true love?


4. Drama and Complications

   Niall's POV:

   When I was falling asleep, I heard someone call my name. "Niall!?" Rebecca asked. I shot up in my seat furious and confused. What the hell was she doing here? "What are you doing here?!" I snapped at her. " I am human. I can ride on planes you know!" She replied with the same attitude. "Why can't you leave me alone?! I already told you that I didn't want to be with you. I don't like you and I never did! And I never will. When will you get that through you head Rebecca?!" I yelled at her. Now everyone on the plane was staring at us. I didn't even care if anyone was looking. I was too mad to care about anything right now. The only thing that I cared about was that I had to spend 6 hours on a plane next to this women. "Yes Niall, I still do love you. And I wish you would give me another chance to make it up to you. But to tell you the truth I'm not on this plane for you. I'm on this plane because I found someone better. Someone that would actually care about me. And someone that wouldn't mind the extra phone calls or text that I send. That's why I'm moving to Barcelona, Spain. If that's what you wanted to hear than there it is. You now know why I'm here!" She said calmly almost in tears. Now even the flight attendance ladies where staring. And one even coming over to us. I really didn't care. "Yeah a few phone calls and texts. My ass. More like stalking my life. You wanted everything to revolve around you. Because you're a selfish UGH!" I slammed myself into my seat furiously. The flight attendant lady came over to us and said," Ma'm and Sir, you're going to have to be quiet and seated or the plane can't depart. Ma'm if you would like there is an empty seat towards the front of the plane available if you would like it. It's number 13B." "I would gladly move. Thank you for the offer." Rebecca answered. I was glad that she was finally out of my life for good. After everything had settled down, Harry came and sat in the empty seat next to mine. "What was that all about?" He asked. "It was my ex-girlfriend. She's a total bitch. I'm glad I broke up with her and she's finally out of my life. For good this time." Hopefully I thought to myself. "Well if it makes you feel any better she was pretty hot." He laughed. "Harry stop. Just fucking stop." I rolled my eyes and pulled the blanket that I had over my eyes. "Well I just wanted to make you feel better. And just wanted to know if you were alright. I want you to be calm so none of these people report any of this to paparazzi. Or management will make our vacation end early. And you know that." Harry told me. "Harry, please just stop and go away. I know you're trying to help. But I'll talk to you when I feel like it so just go away. Please." I replied a bit more calmly. "OK. What every makes you feel better mate. Just know I'm here if you want to talk." And with that Harry returned to his seat. 


   Besides the incident that happened in the beginning of the flight, everything else went pretty smoothly. Except for Niall constantly complaining to the flight attendant that he was still hungry. He kept telling the flight attendant that two bags of crisps and a bottle of soda was not going to hold anyone's stomach. ~6 hours later~ The boys finally landed in Spain. After they got out of the plane they headed toward the conveyor belt to get their suit cases. 

   Louis's POV:

   After we got off the plane, we all started walking around the airport trying to find the correct conveyor belt. Who knew there could be so many? "Where the hell is my suit case?!" "That's a really good question mate. Everyone else has their suit case. What if someone took it? Or what if it went to another place?" Harry said. Now he was worrying me. Only because I put my name and phone number on my suit case. So if someone finds it, for example a fan. I'm dead. "Great I have to be one week without out my stuff. I will have to buy all new things for this trip." I whined. "Well I guess we have something to do after we check into the hotel." Liam said. "Yea I guess. But I was hoping on just going swimming when we got to the hotel. But I guess I will have to compromise." We started walking towards the exit of airport so we could go to our limo. When all the boys started mumbling curse words. "Shit seriously." Zayn said. "For fuck sake." Harry said. "You gotta be shitting me." Niall said. "Fuck." Liam said. I was just completely confused. I had no idea what was going on until I heard screaming. "Oh... now I get it. RUN!!!!!" I yelled. We all ran for our lives towards the limo. As soon as we got in, Liam told the driver that we needed to go to The Linwood Hotel. The driver told us it would take about an hour and a half to get there. We all nodded our head. We were exhausted from the run and the flight to even speak. Niall and Harry ended up going to sleep on each other. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Sometimes I question my sexuality. When we got to the hotel Me and Liam were the only ones awake in the limo. Liam being the grown up that he is just walked out of the limo and went into the hotel to check us in." I'll be back to get my bag. Just wake up the rest of the guys while I go and check us in." I nodded in agreement.  He left the best part to me. I had to think of a fun way to wake each of them up. I decided to wake Zayn up by slapping him. Before I did so I rubbed my hands together like a super villain. "Muahahahaha" I whispered Then I lifted up my hand and 'BAM!' I slapped Zayn so hard he just stood up slapped me back and walked out of the limo. With my hand mark on his face. "OW!" I yelled. He slapped me pretty hard because my eyes got all watery. "AHH HAHA HA HA" I heard Niall laugh so hard he was turning red. I guess I don;t have to walk him up. "Shut up! it's not funny!" I told him. "Yes it, ha ha, is funny. AHH HAHA" And with that Niall walked into the hotel. Now only Harry was left. I turned around and he was just shaking his head at me. "Ugh maybe I should think out my plans better before I do them." I said to no one in particular. "Ya, think." Harry said. "Come on lets go inside." I said. We walked to the back of the limo and grabbed the suit cases from the trunk then walked inside. "Niall what the hell do you have in your suit case, that's so heavy?" "I possibly, maybe, might have, put food in there." Niall said blushing. "Come on lads lets go up stairs to our rooms to drop our bags off." Zayn said. "Yes good idea. That way we can settle who's in which room." Liam said. "I CALL BEING WITH HARRY!" I yelled while running towards the elevator. 

    Harry's POV:

   "Erm- uh I guess I'm with Lou?" "Duhh." Niall replied. We went in the elevator and Liam pressed number 4. I guess we're on the fourth floor. Once we got there Liam told us who's in what room. "Ok I reserved 3 rooms. Each room has two queen beds. Harry and Lou in 423, here's your room key. Niall and Zayn in 424. And I will be in 425. Don't lose your room keys. Oh and drop off your stuff then meet me in my room in 15 minutes." Liam said. "Hey that's not fair that you get a room all to yourself. I should get one. My hair stuff and clothes takes up more than you and your stuff." Zayn whined. "Zayn Louis was supposed to get his own room because he picked going to Spain. When it's your turn to pick a place to travel to you will get your own room. Now go drop your bags off and be quiet." Liam replied. I was exhausted from the flight and the limo ride and now we have to go shopping. Ugh. I dragged myself and my suit case to my room. Opened the door than threw myself onto the bed. "Can't we just go swimming and go shopping tomorrow?" I asked Lou. "No because, it won't be fair to me because I don't have any swimming trunks. Did you forget that my suit case got stolen?" Lou snapped back. "Actually I did forget. Well lets go to Liam's room to meet up with the others. Off to buy trunks!" I said pretending to fly out the door. "I'm Superman! I should be the one flying!" I heard Louis yell behind me. I was laughing so hard I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going. I tripped and landed at the feet of some girl. "Watch where you're going." She snapped. "I'm soo sorry. I was playing around and didn't see you." I said while standing up. Now we were face to face. She was WOW. She had green eyes like mine. Shoulder length curly hair. And was super fit with huge boobs. As soon as I was about to open my mouth to say hi. She started screaming right in my face. "AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH!!!! Harry fucking Styles! LOVE ME!" She scream. I got so scared I just ran towards Liam's room and started banging on the door. "Jezzz what's your problem?" Niall asked. "No time for explaining move!" I pushed pass him and ran into the room. Louis tripped me. And I ended up landing straight on my face. "Thanks a lot Lou. If I would have fallen any harder I would have broke my nose." I snapped. "Harry what were you running from?" Niall asked. "Well, When I was coming out of my room to come here I walked a little to far down." "A little? You went all the way down the hall." Louis laughed. "Shut up Lou. Anyway I ended up tripping and landing at the feet of this super fit chick with huge boobs." I tried to give an example of how big her boobs were and I just ended up getting slapped by Liam. "OW! What was that for?" I asked. 'For being a pervert." Liam said. 'You still haven't told us why you ran." Niall said. "Oh yea. I ran because right when I was about to open my mouth to say Hi. She looked at me and than screamed at the top of her lungs. Then got on her knees and yelled 'love me'. So with my natural instincts, I ran like hell." "That has to be the craziest but funniest things I have ever heard that  a fan did." Zayn said.  "Can we just get going? I want to go swimming before the pool closes." Louis complained. "Don't worry, I reserved the pool from 7 to 9" Liam said. 


   And with that the boys all headed down to the lobby to await their rental car. When it came they all go in and typed the address to the mall into the GPS. 20 minutes later they were at the mall. The first store that they all went to was Holister. Louis bought mostly all the clothes he needed for the week from there. After that Niall wanted to go to Aeropostale so that's where they went. Louis finally finished buying what he needed. After they were all done going in and out of stores they all had about 10 bags each! After they got back to the hotel they all threw their bags into their rooms and headed to the pool. It was their reserved time to swim. When the clock struck 9 the janitor came and told the boys they had to get out so he could clean. They all got out and headed back to their rooms. They took showers and headed to bed. All exhausted from the days troubles. 6 days left to their Spain get away.



   Yay! finished yet another chapter. Took me a while. Who knew taking of 4 kids and a dog at the same time and trying to write a fan fiction was hard work? Well loves you Bye :) Please vote and comment. And if they're are any mistakes please let me know. :P


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