Is This Destiny (Harry Styles FanFic)

After multiple times of love failure, does Harry finally find the one? The boys are on break. They all decided to travel to places that they had never been before. So they take turns spinning a globe while blind folded. The place that their finger lands on is the place that they travel to. Will their vacation be a disaster? Will management agree with all of their decisions? Will Harry ever find his true love?


3. Boarding and Landing


     Liam POV:

   *alarm clock rings* Ugh four in the morning. Why did I have to schedule the flight for so early? Note to self, 'No more early fights.' I sat up in my bed and stretched. I grabbed my phone and texted the rest of the boys to get up, because our flights leaves at six. I put my phone back down, and stretched again. I stood up, and walked to the bathroom to go take a shower. Before I even reached the door to the bathroom Loki was tugging on my pajama pants. (I am very aware of the fact that Liam is single and Danielle has Loki. But in my story they are together.) I picked him up and walked toward the kitchen to pour some food in his bowl. After I did that, I walked back to the bathroom. I made it successfully without any distraction. I closed the door behind me and started to strip off my pajamas. I turned on the water on and got in. I love to take hot showers because they make me think. Come to think of it, where is Danielle? I haven't seen her in about a week. She hasn't called or texted. I should call her to see if she's alright. And with that I got out of the shower. Crap! I forgot my towel in my room. I grabbed my pajamas and threw them in the dirty clothes bin. Then ran like hell, butt naked to my room. "Well there's a bright side to Danielle's absence." I said to myself. I got dressed into some sweat pants and a sweater. I was not planning on being uncomfortable during this 6 hour flight. I grabbed my phone and made a six way call with all of the lads. I waited until each and everyone of them answered the phone before I started to talk. Niall was the one that took the longest. He has always been a heavy sleeper. I thought to myself while shaking my head. Hey finally answered so I began to talk." Hey lads, are you all packed up for Spain?" "Yeah." All five of them said in chorus. "Ok, very good. Now I want all of you to be at my house by 5:10. Not a minute later. It takes 20 minutes to get to the airport and I don't want to be late." I said. "Who's taking us to the airport?" Zayn asked. "I'm going to drive the big black van to the airport. And pay the stay in the parking lot. So when we come back we have something to drive back home in." I replied. "Oh, OK." Zayn said. "Ok, now don't forget to come to my house at exactly 5:10. Bye." "OK." They replied. I looked down at my phone and it was 4:45. Ok Liam, 25 minutes to spare. I decided to text Danielle and tell her that I was leaving with the boys for a week. To Danielle xoxo:

  Hey Babe. I know its early but I just wanted 2 tell u that I am leaving with the lads for a week. Make sure 2 feed Loki. Bye I love You! <3

After that I went to the kitchen to find me something to eat. I was looking around and found nothing that I wanted so I just settled for toast. I made the toast and then went to sit down and wait for the boys. 4:53 only 27 more minutes.

   Harry's POV;

   It was 4:02 when I received Liam's wake up text. I grunted then stretched my arms. I hit someone in the face. I got so scared that I fell out of bed. I looked up and saw Veronica still sound asleep. She was snoring so loud, it reminded me whale noises. Wait.... didn't I break up with her? I closed my eyes and shook my head trying to remember. When it hit me. I didn't break up with her I just thought I did. I was to scared; still am to scared to break up with her. I stood up realizing that if I didn't hurry I was going to be late. I grabbed my towel and some sweat pants, and walked toward the bathroom. I took of all of my clothes and just threw it in a corner not giving a damn. I hopped into the shower and started washing my body. After like 10 minutes I got out and got dressed. I brushed my teeth and flipped my hair, and then headed for the kitchen. I needed some milk. Chocolate milk. I started looking through all of the cabinets trying to find the Nesquick chocolate powder mix. I finally found it and made me some chocolate milk. Right when I took a gulp, my phone rang. 'Liam' I slid the touch screen and answered the call. "Hello?" I said. "Hold on Harry, I'm still waiting for Zayn and Niall to pick up the phone." Liam replied. "Oh, alright then." I just stood there for a while, then I started pacing back and forth, fro no particular reason. Just cuz. "Hello?" I heard Zayn say. "Hold on Zayn we're waiting for Niall to answer." Liam told him. Niall finally picked up and Liam began to talk.." Hey lads, are you all packed up for Spain?" Liam asked. "Yeah." we all replied in unison. "OK, very good. Now I want all of you to be at my house by 5:10. Not a minute later. It takes 20 minutes to get to the airport and I don't want to be late." He's always so pushy. I yawned very awkwardly into the speaker. And Louis started to laugh. "Ok, now don't forget to come to my house at exactly 5:10. Bye." Liam said. "OK." We replied. And with that the phone call ended. I threw my phone onto the couch and started pacing even faster inside the flat. I started to think of ways I could break up with her. But I just decided to keep going out with her until I found someone better. Some one that I would truly like. Possibly even love? Who knows. I finally decided to sit down. I picked up and started to play temple run until it was almost time to leave. ~10 minutes later~ I heard shuffling coming from my room. Veronica was probably awake. She came into the living room looking like a hot mess. Her hair was every where. She looked so scary I screamed. "AHHHH!" "Harry darling it's me baby. Why did you scream?" She said getting closer to me. For every step she took forward I took one backwards. My back reached a wall, the beast was getting closer. She started getting closer to me so I hunched down and tried to get away. But she grabbed my shirt and turned me around. "Shit." I whispered to myself. "Whats wrong Harry babe? Why are you avoiding me?" She questioned. "Nothings wrong. I just erm have to leave." "Leave where?" Fuck why is this women asking so many questions? What is this, 20 questions? "I'm going on vacation with the boys for a week. Bye." I started to walk towards the door when she asked, "Aren't you going to give me a good bye kiss?" "Uh-erm yeah sure." She closed her eyes and started to lean in. I started to lean in too. I gave her a 2 second peck on the lips and headed out the door. Her kisses are just awful. Well to me because I fell no spark, no connection. Nothing. 'Would Liam mind if I was early?' I thought to myself. Well we will just have to see.


   Harry drove to Liam's flat. He just stayed there having small talk with Liam until the other boys came. When they were all there Liam told them the seating arrangements. Harry with Louis. Niall with Zayn. And Liam with a stranger. After Liam told hem the plan and all of the rules they headed out towards to airport. They got to the airport 35 minutes before 6. They went in and went through security check and all. 20 minutes later they were already seated in their seats inside of the plane. Zayn was telling Liam that he wanted to sit with him so that they could talk. And Niall gladly agreed to sit with a stranger. Last minute passengers were boarding the plane. All the boys were starting to get comfortable. While Niall was already starting to drift of to sleep. The pilot told everyone to take their seats because the plane was soon departing.

   Niall's POV:

   I gladly agreed with Liam to switch seats on the plane. I didn't mind at all. I got in my seat which happened to be a window seat. I sat down and got comfortable. I leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes. I was so tired that after 5 minutes I was already falling asleep. When I was falling asleep I heard someone call my name. "Niall!?" .....



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