Letters from Summer

Summer and Winter are from different sides of Transylvania. They are, strangely enough, vampires. Summer is a obviously a Summer Vampire and Winter is a Winter Vampire. Summer is assigned for a pen pal from across Transylvania.



3. 5-12 & 5-13

A/N Anything that looks like this is a thought by Winter or Summer



Dear Winter,

Thank you! You don't sound that bad yourself! It's fine. My birthday is September 11. My last name is Jones. I was supposed to be a winter child... but IDK went wrong. I was wondering if you've ever been bullied? It's not that I'm being cause I'm not being bullied it is my friend.

Actually I am being bullied.

Summer :)



Dear Summer,

I have never been bullied I'm known as "The Popular Guy" Everyone knows my name. I have seen bullies and usually they just are mean because something bad in their life has went wrong and it has affected them and made them mean. Other times it is because they saw someone else bully and sided with the bully. I suggest trying to make friends with your bully... Wait a min, that would make them your friend. So just try to be friends with them.





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