School Nobody

Hailey sees a crowd of people and runs over to see whats going on she sees two guys Zach the snobby jock and another unfamiliar guy who was really cute!


2. The Nobody

Haileys POV

It was Friday I got up I took shower did my make up and put on a white loose tank a gray leather jacket red skinny jeans and high heeled black sneackers and some bracelets my hair dried and I flattened it prom was in 2 weeks and I needed a new date I already had a dress and shoes and how I was going to do my hair down the drain if I didnt get a date. I got in my car and started to drive to school. I got there Zach kept trying to talk but I ignored him "Zach leave me alone"I said annoyed he left. I went to class and the guy Zach was fighting with was there. I walked to my seat which was apperently next to his talk about bad luck.Since class hadnt started yet we could talk my friend Bien was behind me "so what are you doing for prom now" she asked.

"find a new date instead of crying my eyes out over a jerk"I heard the bell and we turned to face the teacher today we were writing down some notes or as I call doodling and ignoring the teacher I was one of his best students so I was good with tests. I start to doodle and I hear the teacher ask me a math quistion I answer correctly no one caring and I doodled along. The bell rung I went to my locker and the guy who sat next to me came over "so you and I both dont have dates to the prom"He said.

"Oh you know what else we have in common we dont know each" I said.

"Ok Im Zayn Malik and Im 17"

"Im Hailey and Im 16"

"you know your accent is really cute"He said

"Heard like a million of times"

"now will you answer the quiestion"

"I dont know yet" I replied closing my locker. He walked away.

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