School Nobody

Hailey sees a crowd of people and runs over to see whats going on she sees two guys Zach the snobby jock and another unfamiliar guy who was really cute!


4. Memorys

Haileys POV

I couldnt believe what I had said. I couldnt just see him again and forgive him. "Does that mean you forgive me"

"never said that"I said back "anyways really I have to go" I said going back to my car. I drove home. I went to my room and cried at the memory. I stopped and looked around my room mostly Zayn posters and alot more Zayn things. I guess still do like him I went in the bathroom and took off my mascara. I heard Bien come in "Hailey Im back"She yelled

"ok"I yelled back I ran downstairs 'you wanna order pizza" I asked

"Ok" we called for pizza. "Oh Hailey Zayn told me to give it to you so he can atleast explain all of it" I moan in annoyance "Hailey I can tell he wasnt lying he was super depressed after you left Paul had to make sure he stayed at the meet and greet and he didnt really smile in any picture I think you should forgive him"

"I saw what I saw and I thought he was a great guy diffrent from Zach and here he is trying to get me back ugh"

"It has been 2 years and for the fact he remebered your name and still want back proves he's hurting give him another chance"

"I gave Zach chances to and look where I am single"

"Well Zach was a jerk Zayn isnt!" Her phone rang "Its's  thinking negative.....positive memorys thats a challenge........challenge accepted bye"she hung up "Hailey what about before he 'cheated'"

"I was happy he never went on his phone he would always cuddle with me kiss me unexpectedly" I smiled at those memorys.

"Well dont  you want those moments back"

"Well yeah"

"Then forgive Zayn he made a dumb mistake he's misarble"


Zayns POV

I sat in my hotel room repeating 'why did I let her go' to myself pacing around trying to figure how to make her forgive me. I heard my phone ring I looked at who it was Niall I declined the call I just wanted it to be Hailey calling. A text came up from Niall it read 'Hailey and Bien are coming' I smiled I made sure my appernce was exeptable which it was. I heard a knock I opened it to Niall Bien and a annoyed Hailey. I let them in. "Hailey let me explain what happened"

"why else would I be here" she could be stubborn but I didnt care. I expplained it all Hailey looked up from staring at her hands.

"Will you forgve me" I finished

"One last thing why were you eyes closed?"

"Because I was stupid to kiss back"I admitted

"I told you I knew what I saw"She said towards Bien and stormed out the room.


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