School Nobody

Hailey sees a crowd of people and runs over to see whats going on she sees two guys Zach the snobby jock and another unfamiliar guy who was really cute!


5. Decisions

Haileys POV

I went home unsure of what to do at least was honest to much. I hated having to think so hard I get frustrated.

Zayns POV

They all left me alone. My door closed I fell to my knees and buried my head into my hands. Im so stupid why did I even kiss her. I let a a tear slip sitting there thinking why did I kiss her unsure myself.

Haileys POV

I found a box filled with jewlery and one was a charm braclet Zayn gave me I read what was inside the heart 'I love you forever always' I slipped it on remebering when I wore it all the time and in the very back of my closet was his jacket he lent it to me during the winter right before I saw him kissing her (Delilah she hates my guts) I grabbed it and the memory came back I smiled as a tear slipped out my eye it was the first happy tear in my life I had to forgive him. I heard someone coming upstaris I put it all away and forgot the braclet and pretended to be crying. Bien came in "Hailey the guys just left I can see your upset.....wait is that the braclet he gave you you still love him dont you" Bien smiled I sighed.

"It doesnt matter anymore does it their gone"

"Well actually their still here packing their taxi's to go come on maybe we can catch them." Bien said I slid the bracelet into my pocket. We got in her car and drove to the hotel. She parked "I cant do this I'll just call him" But it was to late Zayn spotted us and was coming over to us. Bien got out and I got out to practically like I was forced I didnt what to do. I put my hand in the pocket with the braclet and remeberd azactly (sorry terrible speller) what it said Zayn finally stopped in front of my I kept looking at the ground unsure of what to say I bit my lip I always bit my lip when I was nervous."Hailey stop biting your lip you came here for some reason what is that reason"Zayn said genetly.

"I cant" I said and walked away I went to a park I pulled the braclet out of my pocket a tear slipped from my eye why couldnt I just tell him I pulled his number up from my phone 'I just couldnt say this to your face but I want to forgive you but I couldnt face to face Im just not as strong as I was before' I hit send feeling like a idiot about just leaving him from saying three simpal words, I forgive you, I started to walk home and played with the bracelet that was in my hands. I bumped into someone I looked up "Im sorry I was just texting someone back" He said as we both looked up it was Zayn I was unsure of what to do I mean like what do you do when you bump into someone while your playing with a braclet that they gave you and their texting you. "Hailey is that the braclet I gave you"

"Yeah" I said looking at bracelet that was still in my hands. He lifted my chin.

"Hailey can you actually tell me face to face you forgive me"

"I forgive you" I said he took the braclet from my hand and slipped it on my wrist.

"I love you Hailey forever and always"

"I love you to"

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