My hero

This story goes about Amy. She's 15 years old and has a little brother of 8 years, an older brother of 17 years, a mom and a dad. Her mom and dad decided to move to Miami, so she must also go to a new school. But on Amy's last schoolday at the school where she used to be, there's a new boy in her class.. A very special boy.


2. The trip to Miami

*Amy's POV*

I woke up with the thoughts that I'm going to Miami today. The only thing that could make me happy was the fact that Niall was coming for saying goodbye. I really gonna miss him and all my other friends. Though I've only known Niall a day. 'Pack your bags and come downstairs, the taxi is almost here!' My mom came into my room and she was very stressed. I packed my bags and went downstairs. Everyone was ready, except me.. I grabbed my phone and texted Niall. But when I was about to text Niall, the taxi arrived and brought us to the airport.


*Niall's POV*

It was half past 9 in the morning and I woke up. I had overslept! I dressed quickly, brushed my teeth and grabbed my bike. Once at the airport, I didn't know what gate Amy was, so I texted her. She didn't answer back.. I ran through the airport and finally I saw Amy. I grabbed her back and cuddled her. 'Hey! I'm so happy that you're here!' She smiled.


*Amy's POV*

I was quite emotional, I was so happy to see Niall, but at the same moment I was very sad.. This was the last time I could see him. I got the tears in my eyes. 'Come Amy, we have to check-in' said my dad and I looked to Niall. 'So yeah.. It's time to-' Niall came closer and kissed me. 'I'll be coming back for you, trust me, I really love you' I said. 'I love you too. Let me help you with your bags.' Niall packed my bags and put it on the rolling tire. He gave me a last hug and whispered in my ear: 'I hope to see you soon.' I checked in and waved at Niall, he waved back. I walked around the corner and I was away.

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