My hero

This story goes about Amy. She's 15 years old and has a little brother of 8 years, an older brother of 17 years, a mom and a dad. Her mom and dad decided to move to Miami, so she must also go to a new school. But on Amy's last schoolday at the school where she used to be, there's a new boy in her class.. A very special boy.


1. Last schoolday

*Amy's POV*

'Amy, get up!', shouted my mom. It was 7am in the morning and I had to get up for my last day at school where I used to be. I was very dissapointed that I have to move to Miami tomorrow, while Miami is very beautiful.. I knew that I gonna miss my best friends, so I bought some things for them. I walked downstairs and my mom, dad and my two brothers had already breakfast. I went down with them and ate my sandwich. 'You're looking so dissapointed, what's wrong?', asked my dad. 'No, nothing', I continued. 'We must hurry, we'll miss the bus!', said my older brother and I picked up my bag and I ran to the busstation.. Almost at the busstation I stumbled over my own feet and it hurt. A boy, who cycled to school, saw that I fell and helped me. He was a very helpful boy and brought me to school. Once at school he asked me my name. 'My name is Amy', I said. 'That's a beautiful name! My name is Niall, this is my first schoolday, so uhm..' He was pretty nervous so I decided to go with him to his locker. I asked him in what class he is. 'I'm in the 4th grade.. And you?' 'Me too!' I said while the school bell rang. We walked together to Englisch class. After two hours of lessons we had a little break. Niall had already found friends and went with them.



*Niall's POV*

I went with my new friends to have a little break. We went to our locker and ate something. But since I have met Amy, I can't stop thinking about her. 'Ey, what's up? You say nothing at all..', said one friend to me. 'This morning I met Amy and I can't stop thinking about her. I brought her to school and she was very nice to me.' 'Wow, I think you really like her!' 'Uhm yes' I said and I sat down. All my friends said that I have to ask her out, but I only knew her for 2 hours. 'I would love to go out with her, but I don't think she wants..' 'You must go now!' But when I was ready to go, the school bell rang.


*At the end of the schoolday*


*Amy's POV*

Directly from biology class I went to my locker. I heard that someone shouted my name, so I turned around. It was Niall. 'Hi! I wondered if-' 'Thank you that you wanted me to take me to school' I interrupted him. 'No thanks, I saw you had a lot of pain.. But I have a question: would you go out with me? I think that you're a really nice girl, so..' I doubted because I have to stay up early tomorrow. 'I have to tell you something Niall. Tomorrow I move to Miami, so I won't be longer at this school or in this town.. You can come to my house tonight, but its only for one hour then I think.' I saw in Niall's eyes that he was very sad, so I hugged him. 'Okay then.. I will come tonight at 8pm, is that alright?' 'Yes, alright. My parents are still away then, so it doesn't matter' We walked to our bike and went home.


*At 8pm*


*Niall's POV*

I quickly grabbed my bike and cycled to Amy. When I arrived at Amy's, I rang the doorbell and her little brother opened the door. 'Amy! It's for you!' he shouted. Amy walked downstairs and let me in. We went to her room and everything was empty. 'Are you happy that you're going to Miami?' I asked her. 'No way! I have my friends here and Miami is quite big. I also go to a new school, I'm so nervous for that!' She sat down on her bed and she wanted to cry. I saw it and sat down next to her. We had a nice evening, until her parents came back. She told her parents I would be here, so they made no problems. It was 9pm. I had to go home because Amy must go sleep. 'Here you have my number.' I gave her my number and she gave her number to me. 'Do you want to go to me at the airport tomorrow? My plane leaves at half past 11 in the morning.' she asked and I answered that I will come, because I have to be at school at 11am. I grabbed my bike and cycled home.





















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