My hero

This story goes about Amy. She's 15 years old and has a little brother of 8 years, an older brother of 17 years, a mom and a dad. Her mom and dad decided to move to Miami, so she must also go to a new school. But on Amy's last schoolday at the school where she used to be, there's a new boy in her class.. A very special boy.


4. First schoolday in Miami

*Amy's POV*

Today was my first day at my new school. I was nervous and I felt sick. I put my books in my bag and cycled to school, no breakfast for me. Once at school I walked to the concierge to get my locker key. The locker was very big! It was like a typcial American school locker haha. I threw my coat and a few books in my locker so that I wouldn't have a massive bag. The school bell rang and I ran as fast as I could through the corriders of the school, because I thought I was late. But then I bumped into a boy. He looked angry so I walked further. Once in the classroom, I was about to sit but then a girl walked up to me. 'Hello! My name is Brooke! Nice to meet you! I heard you were new here so I was wondering if I might sit next to you?' 'Yes, of course you may!' The boy I bumped into was also in my class. 'Psst, Brooke.. Who is that guy there in front of class?' 'Oh you mean Sean? He is the dangerous one of the whole school, you shouldn't have problems with him..' 'Why not?' I asked shocked. 'Even if you touch him, he gets mad and does strange things to you. He has also been a few times in prison, because he kidnapped and abused girls.' 'No what!?' I was afraid. 'I bumped into him before geography class.' 'Augh, you better watch out now.. I'll stay with you so nothing can happen with you.' Brooke said.


*Niall's POV*

It was evening and I was worried about Amy, because I didn't hear anything from her. But I knew she was in school. I will ring her later this evening. An hour later my mom yelled that is was dinnertime, but I couldn't take my phone downstairs because it was empty. And I was still waiting for a phone call from Amy. I knew her school was out now so she could call me every moment.


*Amy's POV*

When my school was out, I went to my locker with Brooke. She had her locker beside me, so we could walk together. I was looking in my bag for the key but I didn't find it. 'Hey Brooke, I can't find my key, do you know where it is?' I asked. 'Uhm no I don't know, sorry!' Brooke said. 'I think I go back to the classroom, maybe that my key is there, I hope..' 'Yeah I hope that it is there! But I have to go now, see you tomorrow!' Said Brooke when she walked away. I walked to the classroom and took my key. Luckily it was there. Then I went to my locker, again, and took my books, my jacket and my phone. I walked with my phone out of school and I was about to call Niall. When I was by my bicycle I called Niall. He didn't pick up. I spoke the voice mail in. 'Hey Niall! It's me, Amy! I miss.. AAAHHHH! HELP! AAHH! LEAVE ME ALO..' *phone falls on the ground*. And that's where it happened.

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