Does This Make Me A Heroine?

You know that moment when its a Friday night and you have nothing to do and you are absolutely bored out of your mind? Well Lucy Reese lives that moment everyday. A small town, small school, and idiots everywhere are the perfect ingredients for a dull life. Although Lucy is the typical good girl, she strives for adventure. But on a casual trip to the store for something as simple as ice-cream she finds that her life might have just brightened. Why? Because Lucy was saved by a hero.


1. Chapter 1

Its now 7:40 in the morning and I'm running like a maniac to my school. I got in my car this morning and just my luck, it wouldnt start. My parents leave before I do for work and sense I was already leaving later than I should have, I couldnt take the bus. So, now I'm sweaty and running my heart out to get to school on time. I only live a little over five minutes away from the school, of course im usually driving on the road instead of sprinting down the side walk.

I get to school right as the late bell rings. Great. I take a second to open the school doors and then take off down the halls.

I get to Mr. Byrd,my History teachers, class huffing for air.

"Miss Reese, your late." Mr. Byrd had a bad habit of stating the obivious.

"Sorry sir, I had some problems with my-"

"I dont want to hear it,"He sighed "but sense this is your first time being late in my class I wont give you detention." He almost seemed upset that he couldnt give detention. This guy seriously needs to get a hobby.

I just nodded my head and took my seat. History had to be my least favorite subject or maybe it was the teacher. I sat in my wooden desk and pretended to listen. My mind kept dozing off to more interesting topics. I almost ran out of the class when the bell finally rang, but sense im still sore from this morning I settled with a fast walk.

"Lucy! Lucy, wait up!" I turned around in the hall to see my best friend walking towards me.

"Hey Scar..." Scarlett and I have been best friends sense fourth grade. We dont really remember how we became friends, but we know it started with her losing her princess pencil. She never did find it, but we both found a best friend. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. We chatted randomly till we got to our second period class. Physics. I trudged through the door.

The day went by slowly. Nothing new happening. Except finding out Charlie, my other friend, could stick 6 cheeto puffs in his mouth. Yep, that was the highlight of my day.I got a ride home with Scarlett and im now humming a long to the music on the radio. Scarlett leans over and turns the volume down. I could tell she was trying not to smile.

"Carter asked me to the movies." She said trying to sound like it wasnt a big deal. Which it is and I know that she is bursting with joy in the inside.

"Seriously!" I smiled. Carter Johnson had been Scarletts's dream guy sense seventh grade when he moved to our school. Hes a pretty good kid. He plays on the football team,kinda muscular, decent looking and recently took a liking to my best friend.

The rest of the ride was all about Scarlett and her date on Saturday. I was relived when I walked through my front door. I took the stairs to my room and fell on to my bed. I was tired, not just physically, but mentally. I was tired of the same old thing everyday. My life was predictable and to make things worse, I wasnt the one for risk taking or breaking rules. Which means I was stuck with my daily routine.

I live in a small town filled with idiots who like to break the law. It's seriously like a contest here. Whoever gets in jail the longest is the Top Dog or who doesnt get cought first is the best criminal out there. Like I said, Idiots. The point im saying is, I want the morons out and some fun entertainment in. Is that too much to ask?


The whole week was the same as always. Boring. Its now Friday afternoon and Im sitting on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and flipping threw channels on the television. I was completely comfortable and didnt want to move. My thick brown hair was up in a sloppy bun and I had on a rather comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt that had my favorite band on it. Most of my make up had wipped off, which I didnt wear much of anyways, and my my entire body was happy to be doing nothing. Then, my cell phone goes off. I let out a groan and unwillingly got up and went to the kitchen to answer my phone.

"Whats up?" I asked Scarlett.

"The sky."

"I was in the middle of an important date with my couch, so if you are going to be sarcastic I will be hanging up now." I said with a smirk.

"Don't get your granny panties in a wade,I just wanted to tell you I was gonna be a little later tonight."

Scarlett and I have this thing where twice a month on a Friday we would have a sleepover and pile up on junk food while watch cheesy romance movies.

"Alright, what time are you gonna be here?"

"Between 7:30 and 8:00, is that okay?"

"Yes, thats fine with me. Oh! Make sure to get A Walk To Remember."

"We have seen it a hundred times! I refuse."

"Its one of my favorites!"

She sighed. "Fine.'

I smiled. " Yes!"

"Alright, I will see you later and make sure you have the ice cream this time!" she said, yelling the last part.

Crap. Thats what I forgot.

"Yea,of course, I totally got it." I herd her laugh and say goodbye. I hung up the phone and walked back into the living room to finish my popcorn.

About a half a hour later my parents walked through the door.

"Hey sweety, how was your day." My mom said walking into the kitchen. I got up and followed her, it was getting close to 7:00, so I needed to go to the grocery store soon.

"It was the same."I sighed, leaning on the counter, resting my head on my fist.

" Well, what about grades? How are you doing?"

"I still have A's and B's."

" Good. Is Scarlett still comeing over?"

"Yea, speaking of, I need to go pick up some ice cream."

"Do you really think the two of you need icecream? The pantry is full of sugar." She let out a small laugh.

"Mom, icecream is the king of all junk food! It's a must!"

She smiled and rubbed my shoulder. " I think next time you two should rent a work out movie.'

"Hmmm, hot, muscular guys working out. Great idea mom!"

"Thats not what I ment."

I laughed and grabbed my keys.

"Be careful, there have been a lot of crimes going on lately." My mother was looking at me with serious eyes.

"Are the cops taking care of it?" Most of the time our police could catch a normal break in or a robbery. Murder didnt really happen in our town. Yes, there was the occasinal rough fight were someone was beat up pretty badly, but no one was ever bad enough to kill. All in all, if you had pepper spray, it was safe.

"Well, the news said this was something different they were dealing with. They think someone is helping out the police. There was a break in last night at the nursing home-"

"Nursing home?" I questioned, cutting her off. Im now 100% positive all criminals in this town have no brain what so ever.

"Yes, a nursing home. Anyways, when the cops got there four guys were tied up and had been beaten up pretty badly. The police claim they have know idea who did it."

"Well, I will make sure to inroll in karate lessons tommorrow." I stated sarcastically.

The clock read 7:10, so I hurried to the front door. My dad was laying out on the couch engulfed in the T.V. Im a lot like him. I laughed to myself and patted his head as I walked out the door.

My dad fixed my car, it just needed something changed. I dont remeber what he called it, to me it didnt really matter,I was just glad I wouldnt have to run in the morning ever again. I stuck the key in and headed to the closest place to buy icecream. Sallys Market of Goods. It was a small store with the best prices. The large hot pink sign that hung over the front doors had a light blown out so it read "Sallys Market of Gods." It's been that way for a few months and it still makes me laugh.

I parked my car the closest I could to the store and hurried inside. I knew exactly what isle to go to and it only took a few seconds to decide what flavor I wanted. The old lady at the cash register did not seem to be in a good mood and roughly shoved the icecream in the plastic sack. I geuss she stuck her denchers in the wrong way today.

When I stepped outside a small breeze hit my skin. Fall was right around the corner, I was glad. To me, Fall was the best time of the year, not to hot or cold. Just windy. I could handle that.

I walked to my car and grabbed my keys from my shorts pocket. I could barely see the key hole. I bent down thinking maybe I could see it better, but had no such luck.

"I still dont know why he is breaking in to these places, is he really that dumb?" I herd a deep voice ask on the other side of my car. I was still crouched down so I figured he hadnt seen me.

"Yea, I do believe he is." This voice was more playful, but defiantly came from a male.

"We need to catch him soon before he messes up the hole town." You could tell this guys was annoyed, but his voice was still really attractive. Can a voice be attractive?

I suddenly was aware that I should leave. I had no clue what they were talking about, but I was sure I didnt want to stay and find out. I tried putting the key in the hole one more time and it thankfully went in. "You couldn't have done that a few minutes ago! " I thought. Twisting my key,I slowly stood up half way. There was a small chuckle from my right and I looked up to see three men dressed in all black, each wearing a different color mask. I was frozen still.

"What are you doing?" The man in the green mask asked me, looking amused.

He recieved silence. I didnt know what to say.

"You shouldnt be out this late." This time it was the red masked man that spoke.

I ignored his statment and kept stairing.

"Look, I know I look hot in this outfit, but you have to stop stairing." The green masked man said and I couldnt help but give a small smile.

"Who are you guys?" my voice came out a whisper

Before they could answer there was a loud banging noise. I jumped and stood up straight. The blue masked man, who had been quiet this hole time, was now in front of me.

"You need to leave. I will find you later and explain. Dont tell anyone." He then shoved me in the car before I could ask him more questions.

I started the car and took off down the street going way over the speed limit. My mind was buzzing with thoughts.What did he mean "he would find me later?" I was confused, scared, and kinda excited all at the same time. The thought crossed my mind that I could have gone crazy and I just thought I saw three masked men or maybe I was a sleep and having a dream. Deep down I knew that what just happened was real, but just to make sure I pinched myself. Ow. Its not a dream.

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