вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


26. Extra:

Zayn walked as slow as he could, carrying the flowers to her grave. It been 20 years, he is married, got kids, but never forget her. The first love he had, but sadly...

not the last.

Her smile, was something to treasure, her laughs, everything about her. Zayn will never forget her, but that didn't me to not move in..

the boys never forgot her...for she teaches them all a lesson,

how to treasure someone, cause it might go away within seconds..

she loved him, he loved her...why not forever togther?!

life is harsh...

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