вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


3. Chapter one

My past is something, I can't forget. If I just knew the answer of forgetting.. Then nothing of it could happen..

I opened my eyes slowly, to see the bright sunlight finds it path to my eyes. I groan, as I stoop up, rubbing my eyes lazily, and put on my slippers.

it was happening, before I knew I was late to school..

I entered to the bathroom, as I stumbled, and take the bath as fast as I could. I walked over to the closet, hugging my towel, and releasing it, leaving me dry. I am a fashion lover, so I dressed a casual shirt that had the sign kick me, reality ruined my life. It was pale yellow, that matches my perfect tight black jeans. I put on my nerdy eyeglasses, as I took my purple school bag, and phone. 

I ran past people, too fast that I forgot how to breathe. After reaching my destiny, I ran in the hall to my biology class. I open the door, and fell flat at my faces.

 Laughters and silly jokes were thrown at me, and hurt as I am, nobody dared to help.

I stood up, and gave Emily a nasty look. Why would she stick her legs out? Oh yeah just to make fun of me. "Eww she is giving me a death glare" she said, as the class roared in laughters. Mr.payner shouted at the class to be silent, as he pointed at my sit next to the window.

 He is the only one, who cares about me. He isn't like them. They are all disgusting.

i put my head down, as I walked to my seat, listening to the hates that are irritating me, killing me, breaking me..




"you are a whore, go away"

"why is a bitch like you even here"

"you look so stupid, god save you"

"from where you got that shirt, from lost and found?"

hates, hates, hates..

l down at my seat, gazing out the window, wondering why can't the sun shine my heart, but shine out there. I sigh, and looked down at my books. I concentrated hard in the class, focusing only in the teacher, but soon I found out about the hates been throw to me for no reasons.

they don't know me! They have no idea, who am I!

want to know about me? He you go..

i am Kate lyrin, 18 years old at my third year in this stupid high school..

my parents died a months ago cause of..simply I would state: PAST

my past..broke me to pieces..not only 2 or three..but millions of pieces that can't be fixed.

people bully me for no reason, they find me a fun game..

but they don't know how that hurts, if only they knew..

"Kate? Hello?!" I looked embarrassly, as I stood up, and saw a new student?! "Hello, the teacher said u can help me around, and what I missed." I smiled as I nod, taking my book. "Twat please leave!" I turned around to see the annoying bitch, cara. I continued packing my backs, but I heard what I never heard..

"so stop calling her names! Go and get a life!" I looked around to see the new guy standing up for me.. 

We walked in silence to the library, as I held the books close to my chest, as I looked around, hearing names been thrown at me..again.

to be honest, this new student is cute..I could easily melt in his brown eyes, and how he fixes his black hair, WAIT I AM NOT DOING IT AGAIN!

"hey, I am zayn Malik" he said, holding out his hand. I smiled, and took it gracefully. "So why do they say this things about you.." He asked looking down, maybe ashamed?

"they don't know me, but they throw hate on me.." I said, but got trailed off by cara again. I rolled my eyes, "what do you want?" I asked. Zayn stood infront of me, and I actually liked it. "Cara leave her alone! She isn't your toy!" He said madly, as I looked at his expressions. He meant. It..I am just so happy..









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