вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


14. Chapter nine

I opened my eyes, as I saw patrica enters our room. She sat down next to me, and smiled. "Are you fine?" I nod, and opened my phone surfing the Internet.

Soon she stood up, and exclaimed, "cammy is coming today!" I gave her my confused face, as she explained," Liam girlfriend"

 I nod, as I went to the bathroom, striping myslef naked, and took a good hot bath. I hugged the towel and came out to see..

"NIALL WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I asked surprised, as I hide behind the door. He can't see me with my towel! "Sorry I invited him in!" Patrica yelled from downstairs. I sigh, "close your eyes" he nods, as I opened the door and took a plain red shirt, and my yoga pants. I entered to the bathroom. "You can open them now" 

I dressed as fast as I could, and came out to him. After admiring me, he sat down patting the place next to him. I soon sat next him, as silence ate us. "So..." I asked looking at his bright blue eyes, that looked so amazing. "I ..love you" he said looking at my deep brown eyes. I looked away. What shall I say?! Yes or no?! "Me too" I whispered, as a smile plastered all over his face.

Our faces were soon inches away, as our lips touched, but soon was interrupted, by a knock in the door.

I looked away and opened the door, to face patrica and a girl with deep blue eyes, and a long beautiful brown hair. "Hi I am cammy, call me cam" she stretched her hand, as I took it gracefully. "What the hell?!" I said as I joined her in a hug. She giggles, and Niall got out of my room winking at me. I looked away blushing.

Maybe he wasn't a bad idea..

 I sat down as cam sat next to me in my right side, and patrica in my left side. "So today we thought of some girls shopping time!" I giggle, as she expressed it with her hands. She looked down probably trying to not to laugh.

We all stood up, hand in hand, and walked downstairs. "We are leaving!" Patrica said. Harry came and kissed her, then Liam kissing cam check, and lastly surprisingly to everyone, he kissed me.

Everyone looked at me then to zayn. Zayn stood there like a frozen statue, his eyes looking straight at my eyes, with deep of sadness?! I gulped as we girls left them alone in frustration.

We walked to the shops, as we picked some clothes and put them on. We made a funny fashion show and laughed our heads, causing me to forget about almost everything..


It hurts to see zayn Hurt..

But she is mine, and this is the end. Zayn finally said, "I am going upstairs" we all tried to comfort him, as he went upstairs, closing the door shut. Everyone looked at me. "What was that?!" Liam asked, arms crossed waiting for my answer.

"She is mine" I shrugged, as I turned away to the kitchen. "Woah wait there" Harry said, turning me around to face Liam, an angry Liam..

"You know he found her first!" Liam said, with an angry tone. I looked away, "he is to slow" Liam raised his hand to slap me, but Harry stopped it shaking his head.

I walked out of the room, to my room thinking..

Thinking that I won at him..that I won..


We all sat down at the restaurant, admiring the place. "So..would you mind explaining of you and Niall" patrica said, probably annoyed that I didn't tell her. I sigh, as cam made voices while drinking the milkshake. 

She is funny and kind..but really funny

I smiled at the thought, but got interrupted by patrica. "Why don't you trust me?" She looked sad, and I don't want this to happen..

"Me and Niall are togther for now.." I said looking away. Maybe that way I will forget about the past that is haunting me.

"Okay" she said smilingly and at her sandwich. I took my juice as I drank it slowly, listening to cam jokes. They were so funny, and in other time well..not funny..

After all the fun and chat, we walked back home, hand in hand. When we entered, we three went upstairs to my room. I smiled, as cam went to her room, sharing it with Gemma. God save her from Gemma..she is just so weird.

I changed to my tee shirt, and my normal yoga pants, as I walked to Niall room. Before I could knock the door, I could hear the yells..

"She isn't yours! I met her first! I loved her first!"

"I don't care mate! She chooses me!"

"G to hell" as the door opened, and I saw an angry zayn infront of me. His eyes mixed with emotions. He walked past me, as I saw a very red Niall, he was angry, I turned to walk back to my room, but Niall stopped me.





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