вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


7. Chapter four

I opened my slowly, as I realised I was not in bed. I sigh as I look around, remembering how zayn and I got so fun yesterday..where is he anyways?

the smell of pancakes answered my question, as I smiled walking to the kitchen. "Hey zayn!" He yawn as he smiled at me. "God morning, hey get dressed up, you are coming with us" I nod, as I took a pancake and ate it playfully, and hurried upstairs to my room. I opened the bathroom door, as stripped myself naked.

 I got a good bath, till I just knew...

he slept in my home..this is bad

 I shrugged off the idea, and put a towel hugging it tight, as headed to the closet. I picked my favourite shirt, that was a pale pink, had a cute picture of a flower. I put in my black tight jeans, and my black boot. Didn't bother putting on makeup.

i walked downstairs, as zayn jaw felt down. "Wow" he looked up and down at me, as I jokingly punched his arm. He smiled, "I am going home to get dressed, then I am coming back with the guys, and take you out, ok?" I nod, "where are we going?" He smirks as he eats his pancake, "surprise"

He left, as I sat down at the couch watching random tv. Thinking of everything.

that time when it happened,

when my life got upside down,

when I knew love is nothing but broken pieces of glass,

when I met zayn,

the new guys,

land almost everything..

 I almost jumped, when I heard the bell rings. I walked slowly to it, as I opened the door to see a letter been hanged at my door. I liked confused, but scared..who could it be?!

i opened the letter, as fear run in my blood.

he can't be back..he just can't.. 

I felt down to the ground, hugging my knees, shaking from fear.


i am back, for you

soon, zayn and the lads came, I don't want share it with them..so I stood up, put on a fake smile and greeted them. I could see zayn wondering why am I acting different..

i walked to their car, as I sat between zayn and Niall. Niall seemed happy, for some reasons, god knows. While zayn is in another world, with his phone.

louis driving the car, as Harry in the passenger seat, and Liam behind me. I smiled, but it soon disappear, as I locked my eyes at him, I shake my head, a lot as we passed by him..

I amback, for you..

he is back for me..

to turn my life..

i saw his smirk..

we stopped the car, as a girl entered to the car. "Hey!" They all said in unison. Who is she?! She smiled at me, and sat at Harry lap. So she is his. 

" iam  Patricia, nice to meet you" she smiled, as I smiled back. "I am Kate" all the boys seemed happy, as I and Patricia got to know each other. She is from london, and she is harry girlfriend. she is so pretty with her brown hair, tipped with red. i feel i met her before..but where?!

she is one kind girl, I thought..maybe I would be her friend. 

We stopped the car at the cinema. I smiled widely, as we went of the car.

We all went in the line, waiting for our turn, as Harry playing with patrica hair, aww so sweet couples..sadly I can't be happy like them..

this is gonna be a nice day, I thought to myself.

be happy as you like, it won't change the fact

icame back for you..


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