вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


17. Chapter eleven

I opened my eyes slowly, to see patrica sleeping in the other bed. I smiled, and walked slowly to the bathroom. I striped myslef naked, and got a perfect bath.

I put on a towel, one in my hair, and other other in my body, walking out of the bathroom, to see Niall sitting in my bed, smiling at me. "Hey,love" I nod, and sat down next to him. "Umm..I know this is too sudden..but will you go out with me?" Should I? "Yes" as he kissed me, and I closed my eyes, as he licks my lip to deepen the kiss.

after our make out section, he walked out of the room. He is so cute! I dressed in my white shirt, and green neon yoga pants. I put my hair in a messy bun, as I run downstairs, and was about to fall but louis catched me. "Woah, there." "Thanks" I said looking down. He nods, and walks away.

i walked further to see all the boys there. "So hey guys!" I said sitting next to them. "I was just telling them we are togther!" Niall said surprisingly happily, as the boys nod happily for him, except zayn...

the look of his eyes only, made me feel so bad, I feel it is getting just worse..


Three moths past, and still I feel it was like yesterday.. The memories are unforgettable with the amazing boys and girls you could ever wish for. Me and the girls bought a house togther to live in. While the boys are sharing our neighbouring house. For sure Niall is still my perfect boyfriend, but whenever I remember about josh..it makes me feel to puke. 

After Niall still didn't repair me..I guess no one can. I thought of surprising Niall with a visit, so I walked downstairs, and said bye to the girls.

i walked to their door, and knocked. Knocked again..

i found that nobody was answering, so I opened the door, and walked in. I saw something I wish I didn't see.

niall was making out with a girl in the couch. I looked at him with wide eyes, as the girl looked at me and smirked. Soon enough Niall looked at me with wide eyes. "Uh..Kate what are you doing here?" I walked over to him and slapped him hard at the face. "We are over!" I yelled as I run out of the house, and soon enough in London sstreets 

dont ever fall in love,

cause love is a ppoison 

they will always break your heart

Soon enough I met a car, and everything went black. Maybe finally I will die..



the boys thought of going to bowling. Niall said he couldn't cause he was busy in some kind of work thingy. I can beilve he took her away from me. They way she flip her hair down, tells me that's she is mine. They way her bright brown eyes shine in the dark, explains that she is fit to be mine.

as we were heading there, Harry got in first, then the rest slowly. I walked for an air, till I saw a body in the street. People surrounding it, calling for help.

i walked past the people, as my heart beats fast, and I saw..


i felt I did SOEMTHING, bad..

oh I FUCKING CHEATED ON HER! And we broke up..I can't beilve what hits happened..why did I do it. Soon enough I felt weak less falling asleep right in the couch, after I kicked the slut out of the house.

thinking of how Kate made me happy, and I ruined her life now..I wish if everything returns the way it is..


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