вŕόķέή ((1D fanfic))

I am broken, can you hear me?
Kate an 18 years old teen, meets her destined mate..Zayn Malik..
But what happens when her broken feelings regain power?
Will love be a matter of past?

Read out to find out.xx
I am new here!


12. Chapter eight

The doctor coughed, as he sat down at his chair looking at each of our eyes. "Well, cause of the beating she got, which surprisingly had nothing for her black out, is getting better. The problem, is it didn't do anything to her black out." He sighed as he drank some water

"This always happened to her, as I read in her old files, maybe it is cause the one who beat her up, remembered her something of the past, or something that cause for her a breakdown"

we all looked at each other with wide wides. What did he mean by past?! I need to help her! I walked in the room, and sat down next to her. "Hey,love" I said, bushing her hair off her face. 

Zayn came in, sitting next to her in the other side, caressing her hand. "Bro, we should deal with this"


i felt someone sitting next to me, brushing my hair, as another  person caressing my hand. I couldn't open my eyes, it felt heavy. "Bro we should deal with this" deal with what?! "She will be mine zayn, don't steal every girl I have!" The Irish voice rang around the room. I guess Niall and zayn. But the sad part is, I am broken they can't fix me..

 "No mate, she is mine, go find somewhere else to play with" zayn screamed, which cause me to open my eyes.

"for now, I will be with nobody" as I stood up, but felt huge pain eating my back. Niall put me down again, as zayn looked away. "You heard us" was all he said. I nod my head, and made myslef comfortable in the cold bed.

"what happened to you" Niall said, as my face went blank again. "What is the thing you don't wanna tell us?" I looked away, as I breathed in. "Time tell, but not today" he nods, as he kissed my hand. Zayn took my other hand caressing it with his thumb. 

How did I be lucky to have such guys..but I can't..I just cant 

"babe, umm..are you hungry? The doc said you can go out today." I nod, as I said, "iam dying, here from hunger" the room filled with laughters. "Such like nialler" they said in fit of laughters.

niall looked happy, while zayn well..he was sad. I hugged zayn, "hey bro, don't be mad" his smile soon fades away. "Bro,huh?"

i broke from the hug, as I looked away. I stood up from bed, and said, "I gotta dress, everyone out please" they nod, as they went. I sigh, looking for something to wear.

i found my clothes, as I out them in, with pain eating the skin that touch the clothes. I smiled and opened the door, to see them waiting for me.

patrica run to me, with her hair flying in the air, hugging me tight. "Never leave me" I nod, and hugged her back as giggle left my throat.

as soon we came back to home, I was welcomed by Harry's mother, which name still I don't know. She hugged me, and apologised for her daughter. "It is fine, really" as I walked upstairs, to see Gemma looking down, "why aren't you dead" was all she said before she turns away and closes the door shut.

the question is how she knows?!

josh and everything..

I shake it out of my head, and went to bed. Thinking of a conclusion.

i can't run out of everything,

i need to have a boyfriend, and forget about it.

how simple it is told, but hard to say.

who will I choose zayn or Niall?!

niall for now..zayn maybe just a brother.







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