The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


9. chapter 9

Jennifer's POV

I woke up at 9 and started to get ready , i got into the shower and washed my hair 

I got out then go into a pair of shorts and a tee , i got my flipflops and then did my makeup and hair , i looked at my phone and had a massage from a unknown unumber 

'Hey its louis :) so noon ?' 

i changed his name to lou and then replied 

'ya im ready now so im going to start walking c you in a bit :) ' 

'okey i'll be there in 5 :)' 


Louis' POV

I got dressed and then went out to starbuck when i got a call from ... management

"hello?" i said into the phone

"hello , louis the head wants to talk to you and the boys for your outburst yesterday the meeting is at 2 " she said 

"can you push it to 4 ?" i sighed

"no im afraid not goodbye"

"bye" i sighed

i walked in to starbucks where i seen jen sitting at the table "hey jen , im sorry im late i had a phone call and stuff " i sighed "its ok" she smiled "to say sorry im getting the drinks what do you want ?" "can i get a caramel mocha frappeuccino  please" she smiled "sure be back in a bit" i smiled going to the counter "what would you like sir ?" the women said "can i get 2 caramel mocha frappenuccino please" "yes that will be $13.50 " I handed her the money and she went to make it , she came back a while later with them "thanks" i smiled going back to jen 


"thanks , listen im so sorry about my mam , i havent talked to her all morning " jen told "its fine , dont ruin your holiday " i smiled "your so kind" she smiled "its what i do , so i have to go to a meeting over what i did on tuesday saying i love you and larry is bulls-" then i had her perfect lips on mine , her lips where wet but not to wet , and were perfect "im so sorry " she said "dont be " i smiled  kissed her back as i felt sparks fly everywhere "that felt so right" i laughed "it did" she smiled going red "do you want to walk to the park ?" i smiled "sure" she said as we got up and walked out to the park. 


We sat on the bridge as the sun beamed down "your more beautiful in real life then in your twitter icon" i smiled "so are you , but not beautiful hot" she laughed "i really like you , i know its only been a couple weeks and only met yesterday but i really really like you , Will you be my girlfriend ?" i asked "YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES" she smiled hugging me "i know it isn't romantic but i'll make it up to you i promise" i smiled "i dont care if its not , its perfect my crush just asked me to date him " she smiled hugging me "this feels awesome " i smiled crashing my lips on hers , then her phone rang "i have to take this" she sighed "its fine " i smiled as she walked over to the trees to talk . I CANT BELIEVE SHE SAID YES THIS FEELS SO RIGHT!

"Lou , im going to have to go , me and my mam are going to go look for a dress , i'll see you later ?" she asked "yeah come to the concert with me like you can meet the boys" he smiled "i would love to, good luck in the meeting" she smiled "hey i'll walk you back" i smiled taking her hand , after a minute she held mine


We finally made it to the hotel "ok so let me tell my mam and dad let them sinking it in that im friends with you let alone dating " she smiled "ok , so we have to keep out of the media for a while ?" "yeah " she sighed "ok well i see you later i'll pick you up just text me " i smiled kissing her cheek "sure bye lou" she smiled going up to the doors "bye" i smiled back  


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