The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


7. chapter 7

Louis' POV


"the interview starts in 5,4,3,2,1" the camera man said 

"hello America ! im here today with the one and only ONE DIRECTION " the interview smiled

"hello" we all said "ok so louis you first is it true that you and eleanor broke up ?" she asked

"yes it is true , it was time to " i sighed "im so sorry ... so is larry coming out ?" she asked "ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS LARRY ! LARRY IS BULLSHIT AND ME AND HARRY ARE JUST FRIENDS IF IT WAS GIRLS DOING WHAT WE USED TO DO IN VIDEO DIARYS THEN IT WOULD BE OK ! I REGRET DOING IT BECAUSE WE MAINLY BROKE UP OVER LARRY SHIPPERS WHICH CAUSED US TO FIGHT!" i yelled walking off the stage the boys followed and they cut to the brake "what was that !" liam said "im sick and tired of   larry shippers ,im not gay im in love with jennifer i never met her but she is so kind and funny and doesnt talk to me like im famous she just acts normal!" i shouted a bit loud "this is great put that on" the interviewer said  "put it up im in love with Jennifer clarke byrne !" i yelled causing everyone to be shocked . 

i grabbed my phone and realized jen will get hate if they put it out there ! SHIT , i went back in and begged them not to put it on t.v "im sorry but it was live" she said "you fu-" i just took a deep breath and paul brought me to the SUV "i didnt mean to " i sighed "i know its just getting to you " paul said along with to boys "what will i do she will get hate i need to tell her " i sighed taking out my phone 


'im so sorry jen , i didnt mean to say it out loud and i didnt want them to show it live , they brought larry up and im so sorry -me

Louis its fine ! its sweet :) but theres one thing ...-jennifer 

what you are ok with saying i loved you on live telly ! - me

WHAT ! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME! i was talking about the concert tomorrow , my mam is coming with me instead of my sister she doesnt trust me but WHAT ! - jennifer

Ya , I really like you , im so sorry i will sort it out i promise -me

louis <3 thats sooo sweet ! i really like you to but we need to met eachother before anything ,im still on the plane so tomorrow i will see you and you will see me :) <3 -jennifer 

Ok and you like me :D ? -me

Yeah i always have but now i feel like i really now you :) -jennifer 

thank god , but i will sort everything out promise i need to go so bye :) -me



"SHE LIKES ME BACK!" i yelled "thats great louis but you never met each other " zayn said "i know but we are meeting tomorrow after the concert " i smiled "oh ya " harry said "LOUIS AND JENNIFER SITTING IN A TREE K-" niall began "shhhh a bit loud , fans everywhere" liam said 

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