The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


6. chapter 6

Jennifer's POV

Its been 6 weeks now , that i've been chatting to louis and i've told him loads ! and he has told be lots to , right now we are packing for Florida ! ahhhh


I looked at my phone and seen a message from louis

'hello jenny :) ! so where will we met when you come ?' -louis

'what about starbucks its five minutes from my hotel :) ?' -me

'sure so tomorrow i get to met you in person ! ' -louis

'finally :-) ok i have to pack so c u tomorrow :) x' -me


Oh ya did i tell you that me and louis are going to met up tomorrow ? ahhhh im meeting my idiol tomorrow ! oh and me and my mam are going to look for a dress over there for my debs*prom* ! how amazing is my life right now !!! 

"Jennifer ! have you finished packing we are leaving ! " my dad shouted "yeah one sec !" i yelled getting everything and walking down stairs. 



"we are now preparing for take off please turn off all phones and electrics " the women called as the engine turned on "im getting butterflies" i smiled to ciara "so am i , i cant wait !" she smiled


We where now up in the air and i turned on my phone and seen a Dm from louis

'hello jen :) guess what i organized " -louis

'hey lou im up in the air ! and what :D' -me

'I got you tickets to see us live and then i can met you back stage , your hotel is only 20 minutes away from the venue!' -louis

I let out a small squeal which caused looks from everyone 'sorry' i mouthed

'HOLY FUDGE CAKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!"  -me

' I know i know , your welcome :-) , i have to go need to rehearse for a interview today :) byeeee ' -louis

'byeeeeee p.s. i lovee youuuuu ' -me


"mam ! guess what !' i smiled as she was beside me "what ?" she asked i forgot i didnt tell her about louis so i just told her "i won concert tickets to one direction tomorrow night in Florida " i smiled "really !" she said shocked "yeah ! with backstage pass !" i smiled "who's going with you  ?" my mum asked "im going by myself" i smiled "no you not !" she said "Why !" "im not letting my 17 year old go to a concert in a strange country !" "mam" "no , please" i begged on the verge of crying "fine , but im bring you over to the venue where's your tickets ? " she asked oh shit i forgot !  "erm i will email them" i smiled "ok " she replied

i grabbed my phone and went onto twitter and text louis 

'hey lou lou where will i get my tickets ?? :)' -me

'paul will collect you and one of your sisters if you want and he will give you the tickets :) ' -louis

'thank you and ye sure :) ' -me


"ciara want to go see one direction with me ?" i asked "ya can i !" she asked "yeah" i smiled then turned to my mam "ciara is coming and there is a lift arranged and they will give me my tickets there " i smiled "im coming with you and then i'll walk back"she said "mam im- " "no im going with you" "fine , im going to sleep see you in a couple hours" i smiled falling to sleep 


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