The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


5. chapter 5

Jennifer's POV

'let the game begin ok so 1. whats you favorite song ? ' - louis_tomlinson

' i have a lot ok ... the a-team by ed sheeran , neon lights by demi llovato , best song ever by you guys :3 erm beauty and the beat by justin bieber and if you could see me now by the script , counting stars by one republic and then the classic We will rock you by queen :) ' - miss.jennifer 

'ok good choices :) alright 2. what age are you ?' - louis_tomlinson

' im 17 turning 18 in july :) ' -  me

'im 21 :) ok 3.have you ever dated anyone ? ' - louis

'nope :( but i dont really care i need to focus on school first like collage :) ' -me

'oh no one ever asked you to be there girlfriend ? :o ok 4. what is your family like ?' -louis

'ok well my family is a family of 6 ! i have 2 little sisters names ciara who is 14 and danielle who is 13 then i have a brother that is 16 :) im the oldest ' - me

'im the oldest 2 sucks you have to do everything aha ok 5. whats you favorite color ? ' - louis

'my fav color is  pink or green :) ' -me

'nice pick .... 6. whats your full name :) ?' -louis

'my name is Jennifer margaret patricia clarke byrne thats my conformation name , baptism name :) aswell ' -me

'big name  ! aha ok 7.what are you doing this summer :) ?' -louis

'i no right ?! and going to Florida , in july for a month and then in August is my debs / prom so im on the hunt for a dress and a date :/' -me

' busy summer , would you not ask one of you friends that are boys ? and JULY ? ! I'LL BE THERE ! I MIGHT SEE YOU THERE ! and 8.if you could change anything in your life what would it be ? ' -louis

'not to be ugly :/ ' -me

'YOUR NOT UGLY ! You are cute ... anyway i have to go in a hour so lets cut it down to 10 :) 9. whats your fav movie ? ' -louis

'oh thats hard , maybe what to expect when you expecting or grown ups :) i love comedy i love funny people to-me

'i love grown ups ! ok last question 10. if i gave you concert tickets what concert would you go 2 ?:) ' -louis

'One direction of course ! i love you guys ' -me

'ok one more question whos you fav from one direction :)' -louis

'erm ... you because you make me laugh , you all do but you just make me laugh :) ' -me

'oh thank you <3 ok so your shot :)' -louis

'im going to ask you the same question, caz i have to go :( soon OH AND FOREST GUMP IS MY FAV MOVIE TO :) '  -me 

'ok let me see my fav song is love the song who let the dogs out ahah i like alot of songs so ...

im 21 years young , yes a couple but most recent Eleanor calder :( we broke up but im glad please dont tell anyone this but she cheated on me :( ok and my family is like yours i have 4 sisters lottie (15) fizzy (12) and i have twin sisters to named daisy and phoebe (8) and then my mum jay and stepdad mark my mum and dad split up years ago , and i havent seen him really but i dont care mark is like my dad, my fav color is red :) my full name is Louis William Tomlinson , touring with my mates ;) erm if i could change anything in my life it would be to see my family more :) my fav movie is forest gump ! i would go to the fray :) love them and then my favourite person from one direction is them all :) -louis 

'wow thats alot ok well i have to go see you later :) ! - me 



i then went down to have my dinner when i realized louis tomlinson is chatting to me on twitter ! 


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