The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


4. Chapter 4

Louis' POV

I seen on twitter everywhere and it was treading 'LARRY'S OUT!' great now they all think im gay ! I went onto my Dm's and then seen a recent one

'hey louis i just seen the larry shippers , your right it is a load of bull ! there very annoying , im so sorry you broke up :( you were perf but if you need to talk im here ... i no you wont c this but if you do :) x' - Miss.Jennifer

 I decided to reply back to her 

'Hey dont say that i seen you massage , thank you finally someone who thinks im not gay ! it is very annoying but hopefully they will realize ... and if i do i will :) thank you x' I pressed send and looked at her profile picture *She looks like the girl on the cover :3* She had longish brownish blondish hair , beautiful eyes , and braces she was cute ."LOUIS YOU NEED TO GET OUT FOR SOME AIR !" zayn shouted "finee" i moaned opening the door "come on lou, get dressed and we will go out for breakfast " niall said coming in then liam then harry "right i'll get dress now is it warm out ?" i asked "louis your in L.A its very warm " liam laughed "oh right, do we have a concert tonight" "yeah so we get food then go to the venue" Harry said as i walked out to my hotel bedroom 


Jennifer's POV

"And thank you for listening" our principle said as we all stood up and threw our hats up in the air "YAY" was coursed though the room "congrats , The party will be at the round about " *its a pub* he said as we all walked to our familys where i seen my class teacher "jennifer you look smashing " she smiled "thanks ms. " i smiled as my mam and dad came over .



everyone was getting drunk while i was drinking 7up yes i dont drink and im 17 as well , "jennifer your dads bring the 2 girls home do you want to stay or go ?" my mam asked "stay , i'll get a taxi up" i smiled "alright , see you later " she smiled as she walked out , me and my friends party all night long !


*next morning*

I woke up to my siblings getting ready for school "Oh hate that " i laughed as they had huge bed heads on "shut up " ciara said going downstairs then the builders started to work again "Jen do you want to go to ikea to get stuff for your room ?" my mam asked "yeah just let me get changed" i smiled running up to my room

I grabbed my demin jeans with a blue crop top saying 'tomboy' i took my black converse , i washed my face and then did my hair ,then my makeup and walked downstairs with my ipod in mu hand , i looked though twitter when i got a dm

'Hey dont say that i seen you massage , thank you finally someone who thinks im not gay ! it is very annoying but hopefully they will realize ... and if i do i will :) thank you x'-louis_tomlinson 

'OMG you replied !?! :o and im glad your thankfull :) x' -miss.jennifer

'ahah so where you from jennifer :) ' -louis_tomlinson 

'im from ireland :) but when im a bit older im moving to london like when i finish collage ' -miss.jennifer

'oh cool , well we can get to know eachother better but now i need to get ready for our concert in L.A :) bye' -louis_tomlinson 

'GOOD LUCK :) X' -miss.jennifer


before i knew it we were in ikea car park "so what do you want in you room ?" my mam asked "oh ah i donno lets see whats there" i smiled going in 



*3 hours later* 

3 hours later we came out with 1 double bed , 2 side drews , 2 lamps with cream shades , fairy lights , and other little things we are going back when the room is finished and getting cute little things ! ahhh i cant believe this is happening! "when you go home im going in to town for the dentist so clean the bathroom when im gone " my mam said getting in to the car "mam why cant anyone else do it" "because me and your dad and paying for all your stuff first so be happy and clean the bathroom , gets you off the laptop " "but mam im only on my laptop for 2 reasons ! 1 to find a debs dress *debs or prom * " "i dont care , we will go in next week and look for some " she said then it hit me i dont have a date ! i never did but like i dont have one maybe if i asked one of my friends  , We pulled up to my house and we got out we took all the stuff and brought them in 

 "ok see you later , i want to see the bathroom sparkle from space" "i will mam " i said going upstairs to get started "oh and collect the kids from school" she add "fine" i said 


*4 o'clock* 

i drove down to the girls school first *mixed and my brothers in a all boys i went to the mixed* 

I pulled up in my car and ciara and danielle got in "wheres mam?" ciara asked "dentist" i replied and drove off to aidans school "i love this car" danielle said as i put on a cd "ya so do i " i smiled driving on ahead to aidans school , then it started to rain "come on aidan get in" i said "alright " he said getting in to the car soaked "so much for a summer " i sighed driving off . 

I parked my car outside the house and locked it while we ran into the house , i took up my ipod and got another dm 

'hi again so do you want to play 20 questions ? ' - louis_tomlinson 

'sure you go then i go :)' - miss.jennifer

'ok lets start ;) ' - louis_tomlinson

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