The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


32. Chapter 32 (last chapter :'( )

Jennifer's POV

Its a year since we got engaged ! yes a full year ! , we are getting married on our anniversary 2nd of july ! . Paige and i are now like sisters ! and her and harry are a year together and are very in love , niall and sydney are so cute together ! and liam and  summer as well so we are all best of friends ! and of course perrie and zayn they are engaged !  And dont tell zayn or anyone , but perrie is pregnant ! shh you didnt hear it from me ! Oh and my family is coming over to the wedding. i haven't really talked to them as much as i like but , we can sort everything out hopefully !



"Jen , its 7 time to get up ! " the girls shouted as did louis' sisters and mum "Ok im up bridemaids" i laughed . My bride of honor is Paige and my bridemaids are Perrie , sydney , summer and lottie and fizzy. The twins arn't sadly because i have no more space left for them , but they dont mind , there going to be my mini bride of honors . And then my niece Kayla is going to be the flower girl , i have her dress sent over to them with a message on it 'Im sorry for lose of contact ... here is a dress for the perfect flower girl x -jen & lou '


"Right , shower , hair , makeup dress " Jay said checking the inadvisable list  "what about food?" i joked "oh yes ,breakfast is on the table" she smiled as i ran to the kitchen to see a lovely note in louis' writing "Hello angel xx happy anniversary :) cant wait to see my beautiful bride xx' "NAWW" I said very loudly "eat up we have the mass at 11 ! " she said as i ate my fry up well some "i feel sick" i said clenching my stomach "its nerves love" jay smiled rubbing my back. 


I finished my breakfast then got showered , i got my tracksuit and then went out side for my hair to be done...

Louis' POV

"Oh man im so nervous "i said taking deep breaths "dont be , your marrying your love of your life " liam said as i ate and then got ready. 


I put on my black suit and lou did my tie "your 25 years old do you not know how to tie a tie" she joked "Oh lou , im stuck in a 25 year olds body im really just 5 " i laughed as she then done my hair.


Jennifer's POV

I finally had my hair done ! it was in a high bun with curls neatly in it then at the side to curls falling loosely , they then did my makeup it was a natural look that was beautiful !


I got on my long silk dress with a long trail and the dress was a little bit of a puff . Lets just say it was beautiful

"right come on church" jay called as we drove off to the church . We got in the back way and got a look at all of us "you guys are beautiful" i smiled looking at there royal blue silk dress with a one shoulder design then i seen the flower girl "oh my god kayla" i smiled lifting her up , then seen my dad "daddy" i called hugging him "hey baby girl" he smiled hugging back "i missed you" i laughed as jay handed me my blue rose's . I looked up the aisle , the carpet was red and the ribbions were the same blue as the dress and then at the top i seen my groom "ready?" jay smiled "yep" i smiled as kayla walked out throwing a hand full of flowers each step until the middle "ALL GONE" she shouted then started to walk as the church irrupted into laughter , then perrie and summer went the  sydney and paige then me and lottie and fizzy behind .

I looped my arm around my dads and walked up the aisle , i felt my heart thump as i got closer then i seen the love my lifes face smiling at me . My dad let go and i walked up to him 


"You look smashing" he smiled "not bad yourself" i smiled 

"I gather you here together to join families with louis tomlinson and jennifer clarke" the priest began


"Louis were do i start its been a roller-coster but i enjoyed every minute of it , you were there for the ups and downs and i want to say i will be with you until the end of our roller-coster we call life " i smiled tears forming , he wiped them away and then said his "Jennifer , you are the love of my life , and its quite funny who we met , i followed you on twitter and now we are here , taking my last name , im quite glad , and what you said about the rollercoster i will love every single moment of it" he smiled

"Do you jennifer margaret  clarke take louis william tomlinson as your lawfully wedded husband" "I  do" i smiled "Louis william tomlinson do you take jennifer margaret clarke as your lawfully wedded wife" "I do" he smiled sliding the ring on my finger "then i now pronounce Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson" he smiled "you may kiss the bride" he smiled as louis kissed my lips , i kissed back then we finished everyone cheered ! Me and louis smiled as we walked down the isle arms wrapped around eachother "Im mrs. tomlinson" i smiled "Yes and your my beautiful wife" he smiled 



"I would like to say a tossed to my new son-inlaw Louis , You have really been there for my daughter and are not what i expected ! Its funny how She used to fangirl as she called it when you would blink" he laughed so did everyone "Now she is married to her love of her life ! thank you " he smiled sitting down 


After we ate it was time for our first dance 


We got up as give me love played , we danced slowly cheeks against cheeks i decided it was the right time to tell him "Louis im pregnant" i smiled as he stood back and had the most beautiful smile you could think off "im going to be a dad!" He yelled 



Thank you all so much for reading liking faving , and commenting , i loved writing this story but i want to thank paige :) she is my internet friend and is so kind she has gave me a couple idea's that i have used and twisted around :) x thank you paige ! 

If you want more just comment below if you are going to read it and i will tell you the name now if you want it to be published :) its called 'My life as Mrs.Tomlinson' I hope you have all enjoyed this story ! i loved writing it , its probably my fav fanfic i have made so far :3 THANK YOU SOO MUCH AGIAN <3 love you all ~jennifer  

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