The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


31. chapter 31

*skipping to there second anniversary* 

Jennifer''s POV

Well wear do i start , me and paige are best of friends our show is in the tops , Paige is currently dating 1/5 of one direction ! yes she is dating harry and yes 5/5 of 1D are taken Me and lou , zayn and perrie , liam and summer and niall and Sydney and then harold and paige  ! how cute is that ? I haven't talked to my mam , i skype my dad and stuff every once and a while , I text the girls a lot and Aidan i call all the time  and Kayla is almost 1 ! Oh ya and im on the plane to paris , with lou for our anniversary ! 


"So , we go to disney land tomorrow " i asked "yeah , i know you wanted to go since you were 3" he smiled "this is why i love you" i smiled pecking his lips 

"Please buckle you seatbelts as we are preparing to land" the intercom lady said . We buckled ourselfs and felt the plane land. 


We got out of the taxi , and walked up to the hotel right next to disney land "its beautiful" i smiled looking at the lobby "yeah , come on lets go upstairs shell we " he smiled as we walked up "Im so tired" i yawned going onto the bed "get some sleep we are up at 8 in the morning " he smiled as we climbed into bed since it was 11 o'clock



I woke up to louis ' alarm "Happy 2 year anniversary baby" he smiled kissing my lips "Happy 2 year anniversary to you to" i smiled kissing his lips "right up , we are going to have to get ready" he smiled as we hoped up and got ready (*Oh Jennifer is now 20 and louis is now 24 . Harry is 21 , paige 20 zayn 23 perrie 22 niall 21 Sydney 20 and liam 21 turning 22 , and summer 21 *) 


We finally were ready and it was 8 so we left , i wore a pair of jeans , boots and a blouse , i then wore a cute little lite jacket , and curled my hair . While louis wore a pair of black jeans rolled up at the bottem with a gray shirt and demin jacket with black converse with his hair the same as normal . 


We payed into the place and walked around all of the land ! "lou can we please go to harry potter land" i begged "sure lets try go on all the rides and do some games " he smiled as we ran off to the harry potter part.


We went on almost everyride ! Now we are playing a couple games "THE SHOW STARTS AT 9:00 COME JOIN ALL THE PRINCESS AND PRINCE AT THE CINDERELLA CASLE " the voice said "we going?" i smiled "yeah , thats the best part here" he smiled pecking my lips as he payed to try win me a bear

"get in there "  he shouted winning the little game "pick a teddy babe" he smiled , i picked a mickey mouse teddy and then i tried but lost "dont worry" lou smiled as we went to other games. 


We walked up to the Big Castle as cinderalla music was playing in the background , "Jennifer , at the start of this relationship , it was hard because your parents didnt want us together , but now 2 years later , we live together and i love you very much , so jennifer clarke will you change your last name to tomlinson ?" he smiled kneeing on one knee with a beautiful sliver ring with a diamond in it ! "YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES " i screamed jumping up and hugging him as we lefted me up to his waist "so you will take my last name ?" he smiled "I would love to be mrs.tomlinson" i smiled kissing his lips when fireworks went everywhere in the sky and people around us went 'aww' . I just let out a big huge small with perfect straight teeth and no braces. 

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