The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


30. chapter 30

Jennifer's POV

*1 week later (Sat) *

I woke up , and checked my twitter when i got a load of hate like 'im glad you lost that ugly child of yours !' or 'That wasn't louis baby , you slut' i started to cry a lot because im still not over it 

"Jen , whats wrong" louis asked with his crooky morning voice i just showed him the tweets and cried more , i seen angry in his eyes and then he started to rub circles "dont mind them babe " "i cant lou , i feel like there is a chunk of happiness taking out of me" i cried "come on im bring you back to your family , you need to tell them and forgive them " he said still rubbing my back "o-ok" i smiled "we leave today until Wednesday , oh and jen ?" he asked "yea?" "your off for the week to , we are going to pairs on Wednesday night for a couple nights " he smiled As, i ran and got packed for two countries


We pulled up to the airport , and went past the crowds , we got on the privet plane and took off



It was 4 o'clock here so we went straight to my mam and dads house.


I walked up to the garden and knocked on the door , when my mam answered the door and almost dropped her phone "i'll call you back" she said into the phone and ran over and hugged me "i missed you" she smiled hugging me tightly "i missed you to" i laughed with tears in my eyes "come on " she smiled bring us in "Hi pat" louis smiled "come here" she said hugging him "Were's your bump ?" mam asked "about that , i lost the baby a couple weeks ago" i said feeling the tears form "oh baby" my mam said hugging me "im so sorry" she said "its fine , i just have to get over it , like lou said maybe we weren't ready to become a family" i cried "Jen. im so sorry , you needed me and i wasn't there for you" she cried hugging me tightly  " mam , its ok  , louis and the boys and perrie helped me" i smiled "i got a show on the radio " i smiled "really !" my mam said shocked then a baby started to cry "She ran upstiars and then brought a little baby girl down "meet your niece Kayla " my mam smiled handing me a little baby girl smiling "she is so cute" i smiled holding her "Isn't she " lou smiled as i let lou hold him "she is beautiful how old is she ?" i asked as lou baby talked to her , which kinda broke my heart "3 months" "you didnt tell me ? " i asked slightly annoyed "we didnt think you want to be apart of the family " my mam said "YOU DIDNT THINK SO ! WELL MAYBE IF YOU WERE MORE SUPPORT OF TO ME AND LOUIS THEN I MIGHT OF WANTED TO BE" i shouted walking out of the house with my suitcase and sat on the bench "jennifer what was that about?" louis asked "that sound be my baby were holding and smiling at " i cried "oh jen , come on " "no , i want to see my dad and aidan ,zoe , and the girls then im leaving" i cried "Jen , come on your mum needs to talk to you" louis said holding my hand and bring me in "They are in the US for the week" my mam said "why didnt you go" "because lou told me you were coming over , after they left " she said "YOU WOULDN'T OF TOLD THEM THAT YOU DAUGHTER THAT IS HEARTBROKE IS HOME AND NEEDS HER OWN FAMILY ! NO YOU DIDNT DID YOU" i cried leaving again "Jen , im sorry , but me and your dad separated " my mam said that caused me to brake down   "AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME ! , IM DONE WITH YOU TELL THE GIRLS AND AIDAN , IM SORRY SEE THEM SOON BUT NOT YOU I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN !" I screamed as louis brought me out and we drove back to the airport 


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