The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


29. chapter 29


We just finished our food ,and were all talking a joking around while i just stared at paige "HAROLD " louis shouted "LOUIS" I mocked back "do you want to play truth or dare ?" he asked "sure" i said as we went to the sitting room. 


We got in and it was jen's turn first "hazza truth or dare?" she smiled her look that said 'pick wisely' "dare" i smiled "ok i dare you to admit   you like paige or you dont like her answer honestly " she smiled . DAMN ! "Ok , paige i really like like you" i smiled she just looked down and blushed "i like you to" she whispered still red 

"Ok jen , truth or dare?" i asked "dare" "dangers one here, ok have a full on make out session with louis or as you say loubear " harry smiled "got it , now i have a reason  " she smiled sitting on his laps and got graph "TO GRAPH" liam shouted as they both laughed and held hands , i want to be like that with paige . 


After the game we just talked and drank until we were real drunk even perrie ! "Lads me and jen are going to bed there is rooms here so you staying here ya ?" he said and walked up the stairs with jen asleep in his arms. 


"im going to go , night " i said walking down the hallway when i nearly fall but paige caught me "you need a good night sleep" she smiled to me bring me to a empty room "Sleep with me , im scared" i mumbled "ok" she said yawning and falling asleep on the bed , i wrapped my arms around her waist and fell asleep.



I woke up to a strong smell of breakfast , then i seen paige in the bed "did i ?" i asked myself "no" she laughed bring herself up a bit "oh , well good morning" i smiled as i stood up to starch

"erm , paige would you like to go to dinner with me on friday night?" i asked "harry , i would love to but i have work , im not finished till 9 , Saturday ?" she smiled "ok" i smiled hugging her 

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